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Z Nation Season 2 Finale Recap

As the final episode of season 2 begins, we see Citizen Z (DJ Qualls) burning paperwork and speaking about aborting the mission. His radio makes a noise and this gives him a little hope. When it does nothing else, he tosses it in the fire. Then, we see 10K (Nat Zang), Murphy (Keith Allan) and others waiting. Murphy complains about the waiting and admits he just wants to get it over with. Inside, Vasquez (Matt Cedeno) checks out the building, while Warren (Kellita Smith) enjoys a drink. Auntie (Jayne Taini) urges Vasquez to sit down for tea. After checking the place out, the others are invited inside. Auntie chats with the group about the outside work and the Z population. Seconds later, bounty hunters arrive outside. One of the men enters and asks Auntie about Murphy.

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The men uncover a chained up zombie and claim they’re there to claim their reward. Auntie stalls and offers the men drinks. They do not complain and instead try to get Warren’s group involved in the celebration as well. The boss doesn’t take no for an answer. He strolls over to the group’s table and suggests buying drinks for everyone. One of the bounty hunters gets a little too close to Murphy. He tries to send the bounty hunter away, but each of his moves is translated through the chained zombie. The boss quickly learns the truth and the guns are immediately drawn. Murphy removes his hat, before the boss demands he remove the dress too. Murphy makes a distraction giving his team enough time to kill the bounty hunters. Once the dust as settled, Auntie has everyone at gunpoint. They follow her orders and drop their weapons. Auntie seems pleased to finally meet Murphy.

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Seconds later, it is revealed that 10K has been shot. Doc (Russell Hodgkinson) and Addy (Anastasia Baranova) attend to him. Auntie rushes outside and fires off a flare. She insists she is signaling Dr. Merch (Lisa Coronado). Murphy grabs the binoculars and spots a submarine emerge from the water. Back inside, Murphy tries to acquire information from Auntie. She insists it is all classified. Meanwhile, Citizen Z packs up his belongings and is dog. He prepares to flee the base. Heavily armed men gather around Auntie’s shack. Captain Matheson (Robert Shampain) enters and asks about Murphy. Merch also joins them seconds later. She is unable to definitely identify Murphy, since she only saw him for a minute before the evacuation. Murphy gives her a good reminder.

z nation s2 finale auntie

The Captain orders Murphy to head for the sub. 10K is loaded on a stretcher and hauled away as well. Warren strikes a deal with the Captain to ensure Murphy is treated humanely. Murphy says goodbye to his friends. After clearing out Auntie’s bar, the area becomes surrounded by Zeros. La Reina (Gina Gershon) calls Warren’s name. La Reina demands Murphy. The remaining group is pinned down by a hail of bullets. The group is force to retreat inside. Dr. Kurian’s (Donald Dorren) head is unveiled. La Reina confirms he has proven to be valuable. Inside, the group discovers their ammo is basically running dry. 10K and Murphy are transported to the sub. 10K receives medical treatment almost immediately. Murphy speaks with the Captain and Doctor about Zona.

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The Captain explains that Zona is the future. Murphy notices that those controlling the sub have glowing blue eyes. Meanwhile, the Zeros continue demanding Murphy. Vasquez fires a shot, but misses La Reina. This only ticks off the Zeros. They pull out their machetes, stab their allies and use their bodies as shields. Auntie takes out a few Zeros, but is eventually shot. She quickly transforms into a zombie. Doc manages to take her out with a little help from a Zero. Murphy is strapped down, before Merch begins taking blood samples. He learns that the eye change is a side effect of the early vaccines. He quickly discovers that the Captain isn’t really concerned about saving humanity. When Merch turns around, Murphy gets up and tells her he thought she would be different from Kurian.

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Murphy explains he will not become a human blood bag for a few billionaires in Hawaii. Meanwhile, Le Reina prepares to enter Auntie’s home. A well-dressed Zero enters and prepares to square off against Addy. He quickly destroys her weapon and knocks her to the ground. She gets him where it hurts the most and Warren finishes him off with a bullet. La Reina enters next. La Reina explains she is unarmed and just wants to speak. She encourages Warren to join her and help find Murphy. Warren explains it is too late, since Murphy has been handed over to the CDC. A scuffle begins. La Reina gets on top of Warren, but is surprisingly brought down by Escorpion (Emilio Rivera). He refers to himself as Hector, as La Reina passes on. Meanwhile, Citizen Z continues his journey through the snow.

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Warren gets help up from Escorpion. Vasquez blindsides him and tries to kill him. Warren tries to save him. Escorpion explains that Kurian’s vaccine caused them to become nonhuman. He also admits he is ready to accept responsibility for what he did to Vasquez’s family. However, he also admits the old Escorpion is dead. Vasquez leaves him alive. He speaks with Warren and confirms he couldn’t do it, because of Warren. Then, he shows her a picture of his family. Vasquez urges Warren to go on without him. Outside, the group grabs guns and continues onward. 10K gets up and looks around. Doc, Warren and Addy are approached by Hector in a truck. He offers them a ride, food, ammo and weed.

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They quickly jump inside. Hector reveals they’re headed for the beach. Vasquez continues looking at his picture, while the building becomes surrounded by zombies. He lures the zombies towards him and makes his escape. The others make it to the water and see the sub smoking and burning. The Captain rushes away on a speedboat. The sub explodes. Murphy drives the speedboat. This gives the others concerns about 10K. Jets fly overhead. Doc admits they do not look American. Foreign soldiers surround the group seconds later. On the boat, we see that Murphy has turned the Captain and Merch into obedient zombies. Citizen Z sees someone in front of him, but it is impossible to see who it is.


Z Nation Review

The second season of Z Nation went out on a high note. The departure of Murphy brought the emotions. We also got plenty of action with the showdown between Warren’s group and La Reina. The return of Escorpion was certainly unexpected. Could Hector now become a key asset for Warren and her team? Fans of Z Nation will definitely want to stick around for season 3 to discover the truth about 10K’s fate. The episode deserves a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Z Nation now.

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