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Victoria Recap Episode 1

At the beginning of Victoria, we are given information regarding the current circumstances. It is 1837 and the monarchy is in crisis. William IV has been forced to retreat to Windsor and his heir to the throne is his young niece Alexandrina (Jenna Coleman). Word is passed along that William has died. The Steward of the Household quickly delivers the… Read more →

one of us recap finale

One Of Us Finale Recap

At the beginning of the finale for One of Us, Claire (Joanna Vanderham) speaks with Bill about the video tape. He insists Adam was having an affair and he tried to stop it. Claire quickly denies it and insists Adam wasn’t that type of person. Claire remains suspicious, before departs without taking it further. Meanwhile, Maddy and Juliet (Laura Fraser)… Read more →

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One Of Us Recap Episode 2

At the beginning of the second episode of One of Us, Detectives Andrew (Steve Evets) and Juliet (Laura Fraser) head towards the family’s farm. Claire (Joanna Vanderham) is still hesitant about the arrangement, but Louise (Juliet Stevenson) is ready to move ahead full steam. She admits she doesn’t regret the death of Lee Walsh (Owen Whitelaw). The group prepares to… Read more →