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z nation s2 finale auntie

Z Nation Season 2 Finale Recap

As the final episode of season 2 begins, we see Citizen Z (DJ Qualls) burning paperwork and speaking about aborting the mission. His radio makes a noise and this gives him a little hope. When it does nothing else, he tosses it in the fire. Then, we see 10K (Nat Zang), Murphy (Keith Allan) and others waiting. Murphy complains about… Read more →

Z Nation Season 2 Murphy red suit

Z Nation S2 E13 Recap

The 13th episode starts exactly where the last one left off. Vasquez (Matt Cedeno) has a gun to his head and a needle to his neck. Warren (Kellita Smith) attempts to talk La Reina (Gina Gershon) into allowing him to go. She manages to convince the Queen to force Dr. Kurian (Donald Corren) to try the vaccine. Dr. Kurian tries… Read more →

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Z Nation Recap S2 E8

When the episode opens, the team scours through their belongings. When Doc checks on Murphy (Keith Allan), Murphy dreams of Doc’s brains. Murphy wanders into the woods and gets caught in a zombie trap. He isn’t alone. Murphy screams for the others, but it does no good. Warren (Kellita Smith) and the team go on the hunt, while Murphy trains… Read more →

Zombie Baby Daddy

Z Nation Recap S2 Episode 6

The 6th episode opens in Springfield, Illinois and it appears that 10k (Nat Zang) is back to his normal self. Murphy’s (Keith Allan) abilities fail him, while holding the baby, so he throws it to Doc (Russell Hodgkinson), who runs into a school bus. Unfortunately, the bus is overrun with Abraham Lincoln zombies. Warren (Kellita Smith) and Addy (Anastasia Baranova)… Read more →