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abc rake season 4 episode 8

Rake Season 4 Episode 8 Recap

When the 8th episode begins, Cleaver heads into a radio station and gives an interview, in which he says very little. He does admit however that he is simply running out of spite of his sister. Despite saying very little, Cleaver’s twitter follower count skyrockets, after the interview concludes. Outside of the studio, Jack (Tasma Walton) tells Cleaver (Richard Roxburgh)… Read more →

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Rake Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

  When the 7th episode begins, Barney (Russell Dykstra) packs up the kids and prepares to go for a drive. They begin to pull out of the drive and are immediately stopped by Nicole (Kate Box) and Cleaver (Richard Roxburgh). Cleaver stays with Barney and attempts to comfort him. Barney admits he sometimes wishes the balloon would’ve kept going and… Read more →

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Rake Recap S4 E6

When the 6th episode begins, Nicole finally has sex with Bevan and Cleaver prepares for his opening speech for David Potter’s trial. Cleaver intends to ridicule his nemesis relentless. He receives a call from David, who knows exactly what Cleaver is up to and attempts to talk him out of his rash decision. After their fun ends, Nicole tells Bevan… Read more →

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Rake Recap Season 4 Episode 5

When the episode begins, we’re introduced to two big stars, Kyle Mannix (Alex Cubis) and his wife, Star (Harriet Dyer). The pair attends a sporting awards show, where Kyle loses. During the awards ceremony, photographer Reggie (Kim Gyngell), sneaks into their mansion and begins staring at a photograph of Star. When Kyle and Star return home, they discover Reggie wanking… Read more →

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Rake Recap S4 E4

The 4th episode starts off precisely where episode 3 ended. Lydia (Beth Aubrey) remains on the stand accusing Cleaver (Richard Roxburgh) of receiving drugs inside of a vase. Cleaver attempts to defend himself, but refuses to remove himself from the bar table. Huntley-Brown (Miriam Margolyes) stops proceedings to bring Wendy (Caroline Brazier) to the stand, so she can clarify her… Read more →

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Rake Recap Season 4 Episode 3

When the 3rd episode of Rake’s 4th season begins, Cleaver Greene is taken to the biker gang’s hideout and prepped for torture. Stig (Andrew Ryan) and his pal nearly torture Cleaver (Richard Roxburgh) to death, before he is saved by a phone call. Meanwhile, Edgar Thompson (John Waters) gets a visit from his lawyer, Huntley-Brown (Miriam Margolyes). They chat about… Read more →

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Rake Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

When the second episode begins, we find Cleaver Greene (Richard Roxburgh) hiding out in a country town and disguising himself as a writer by the name of Murray. He attends church and chats with the locals about meaningless things, before spotting a friendly face, Allie (Justine Clarke). Once the chatting ends, Cleaver heads out to his rusted up vehicle and… Read more →


Rake Recap Season 4 Episode 1

  Criminal barrister Cleaver Greene is back and he hasn’t lost his luster or boyish charm. The first episode of fourth season starts off where the previous season left us. Cleaver (Richard Roxburgh) and Barney (Russell Dykstra) are stuck in their hot air balloon. Cleaver hangs on with his leg, before he is flung through a window and onto a… Read more →

Rake Season 3 Review

The third season of Rake starts off right where the second one ended, with Cleaver Greene (Richard Roxburgh) locked up in prison. He’s got old enemies pushing him around, including Cal McGregor (Damien Garvey), who has taken up religion and is now running a prison gang. Col Mancusi (Steve Le Marquand) remains a major part of the action, but is… Read more →

Rake Season 2 Review

In the second season of Rake, Cleaver Greene (Richard Roxburgh) is pretty much up to his old tricks, which primarily involve getting into trouble, keeping people out of trouble and ticking people off. Of course, the season brings new and old enemies alike, including Harry, Sorry, David Potter (Matt Day) and Cal McGregor (Damien Garvey). This time around, Mick Corella… Read more →