actor xavier samuel seven types of ambiguity

Seven Types of Ambiguity Episode 3 Recap

As the episode ends, we see Simon Heywood (Xavier Samuel) being arrested for kidnapping Sam (Harrison Molloy). Then, Angela (Andrea Demetriades) knocks on Simon’s door. Simon answers and invites her inside. Angela steps inside and see Sam on the floor drinking chocolate milk. Simon returns to Sam and continues playing cards with the boy. Angela seems a little weirded out… Read more →

miriam attar fearless episode 5 recap

Fearless Episode 5 Recap

At the beginning of the episode, Emma Banville (Helen McCrory) is still locked in the prison cell. One of the soldiers calls and notifies Heather Myles (Robin Weigert). Also, Logan Bradley (Jonah Lotan) is contacted. After the call with Logan ends, the power is shut off to the facility and Emma is escorted out of her cell. She meets with… Read more →

the loch episode 5 field trip

The Loch Episode 5 Recap

DCI Lauren Quigley (Siobhan Finneran) begins the episode asleep in her office. She is disturbed by a noise nearby. Seconds later, she finds herself attacking Blake Albrighton (Don Gilet). Blake is patched up, before he asks whether or not Craig Petrie (Alastair Mackenzie) plans to press charges. Blake offers his assistance, but Quigley quickly turns it down. After Lauren departs,… Read more →

lara peake born to kill

Born To Kill Episode 1 Recap

As the series begins, we’re introduced to Sam (Jack Rowan). The boy speaks to himself about smiling and his father, who apparently died while serving in the military. Seconds later, Sam speaks with his mother, Jenny (Romola Garai), downstairs. They chat about the patients at the hospital where Jenny works. Sam serves his mother breakfast, before heading to school. As… Read more →

broken finale chloe gambling machines

Broken Series 1 Finale Recap

As the episode begins, Father Michael (Sean Bean) gives a sermon to his congregation. He experiences flashbacks throughout. Afterwards, Michael visits Chloe Demichelis (Lauren Lyle). Initially, she is hesitant to let him in. When he insists he is not going away, she has no other choice. Michael helps the kids clean up their home, while also offering them vouchers for… Read more →

laura fraser the loch

The Loch Series 1 Episode 4 Recap

As the 4th episode begins, Jonjo’s body is examined at the morgue. Frank (John Sessions) tells DCI Quigley (Siobhan Finneran) that he cannot believe this is going on in his town. The medical examiner explains that the boy was likely hit with a hammer twice. Jonjo’s parents enter and the waterworks begin. Jonjo’s father ridicules Frank for not protecting his… Read more →

Ned Dennehy Broken episode 5

Broken Series 1 Episode 5 Recap

As the 5th episode begins, Father Michael Kerrigan (Sean Bean) performs Roz’s funeral. After the ceremony ends, he speaks with Chloe (Lauren Lyle) privately. Chloe admits her mother was never religious. Kerrigan promises he tried his best to talk Roz out of decision. Chloe makes it clear she intends to pay back the money her mother stole from her employer.… Read more →