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Z Nation S2 E13 Recap

The 13th episode starts exactly where the last one left off. Vasquez (Matt Cedeno) has a gun to his head and a needle to his neck. Warren (Kellita Smith) attempts to talk La Reina (Gina Gershon) into allowing him to go. She manages to convince the Queen to force Dr. Kurian (Donald Corren) to try the vaccine. Dr. Kurian tries to push it off on La Reina, but he is eventually forced to inject himself. He drops to the ground, before La Reina orders him to be killed. Moments later, he pops back up and insists he is fine. He is bitten by a zombie to test the vaccine. Surprisingly, Dr. Kurian doesn’t turn. Moments later, he injects La Rein.

Z Nation S2 Episode 13 Recap

La Reina quickly credits Warren with saving the world. She attempts to convince Warren to take the vaccine next, but Murphy (Keith Allan) attempts to prevent it from happening. Instead, he agrees to administer the vaccine. He squirts out the vaccine, but Escorpion (Emilio Rivera) speaks up and insists the outsiders cannot be trusted. Escorpion insists Warren wants to do harm to the Queen and he also asks for more time with Vasquez. He is given that time and Vasquez is taken and beaten again. Meanwhile, Kurian injects a large collection of Zeros. Doc (Russell Hodgkinson), 10k (Nat Zang), and Addy (Anastasia Baranova) attempt to discover the truth from Murphy, who confirms Warren wasn’t injected.

Z Nation S2 Adios Muchachos

La Reina announces that she feels strong, before ordering Kurian and Murphy to make more of the vaccine, so the entire world can be safe. Warren tells the three others to find Vasquez and she’ll go after Murphy. Back in the clinic, Kurian reveals that the Zeros are now under Murphy’s control. Kurian doesn’t like the idea that he himself is also a victim. Meanwhile, Vasquez continues taking a beating. He finally admits he is after Escorpion. After Vasquez grueling tells the situation, Escorpion admits he should’ve killed him too. Vasquez refuses to give up anyone on Warren. After a little back and forth, Escorpion orders Vasquez away.

Z nation Season 2 episode 13 recap

Meanwhile, La Reina and Warren chat about the future and share a drink. She talks about her friend, who died during the apocalypse. Back in the clinic, Kurian works to reverse the effects of the drug. Murphy controls his arm and refuses to allow him to rectify his condition. Warren sneaks in on them moments later and discovers that Murphy has full control over the doctor. They pair begins toying around with Kurian and ordering him to get them drinks. Meanwhile, Vasquez is locked inside of a cage with a zombie. Escorpion speaks with him and insists they’re exactly the same. Warren learns about Murphy’s plan and discovers that he may or may not go to California. She quickly wants to know why she wasn’t injected, but doesn’t receive a definite answer.

Z Nation Adios Muchachos Dr Kurian

Next, Warren meets back up with the others and explains the Murphy problem. Warren insists they’re still heading to California, even if they must use force to take Murphy. She also admits they need to recover Vasquez, before making their escape. With that, they prepare to put their plan in action. Meanwhile Escorpion tells Vasquez about his son, before he is called away. Warren is also whisked away, by a strange Zero in a mask. Both are summoned to La Reina. Escorpion insists the group was in on a plot to kill the queen. Warren attempts to talk her way our of her predicament. She does so, by telling about Vasquez’s plan to get revenge on Escorpion. Escorpion asks, if he should dispose of Warren. Murphy takes control over La Reina and manipulates her answer.

Z Nation Zeros

Escorpion is held at gunpoint and taken away, thanks to Murphy. She orders Warren to kill Escorpion. Despite a little back and forth with Warren and Murphy, Escorpion is spared. Murphy tells Warren they’re ready to go. Warren orders Escorpion to take her to Vasquez. Once Murphy leaves, Kurian emerges and seems to have transformed into a zombie. Seconds later, La Reina does the same. Unfortunately, Murphy is unable to control them. He sheds his own blood on the floor and makes his escape. Meanwhile, 10k and the others prepare to rescue Vasquez, when Escorpion and Warren arrive. Vasquez is saved and Escorpion is put in his place.

Z Nation Warren and Addy

The group begins making their escape, as Murphy transports Kurian back to the lab. Kurian attempts to suck the blood out of Murphy’s hand, before Warren sneaks up behind him and kills him quickly. With that, Murphy relents and admits he is finally ready to hear to California. Murphy quickly changes clothes and prepares to depart. 10k and Doc (Russell Hodgkinson) transport Vasquez out. Finally, the others catch up with them. Unfortunately, La Reina and her army are right behind them. Warren gives Murphy the word to release the zombies and he does. La Reina and her army attempt to fight off the zombies, while the others make their escape. Warren is forced to head back for Murphy.

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Seconds later, he comes strolling up. Meanwhile, Vasquez and the others escape back into the sun. Murphy tells Warren that it wasn’t right how the zombies were treated, before she guides him out. Warren and Murphy escape as the zombies overrun the place. Seconds later, a bloody Escorpion shows up and confronts Vasquez. Vasquez arrives to fight with Escorpion. 10K attempts to help, but is stopped by Warren. Vasquez gets beat for awhile, before recalling the murder of his family. Vasquez takes revenge and throws Escorpion down into the hole with the zombies.

Z Nation Season 2 Murphy red suit

Afterwards, the group heads on their way. They’re stopped in their tracks upon discovering an El Camino. The cars are hot wired and the group heads towards California. On the way out, 10k notices a drone following him and shoots it down. At the end of the episode, Kurian’s head sees someone he remembers. He speaks with them, before a woman’s hand wraps around his face.


Z Nation Review

This episode was pretty great in all regards. Escorpion finally met a satisfying end and Kurian has likely done the same. There were some tense moments for Vasquez, including those when he nearly died and the final fight with Escorpion. Warren has really proven herself, as the group leader and has managed to obtain everyone’s respect, even Murphy’s. All in all, the episode was intense, fun and a little emotion at a few points.


A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with previous recaps of Z Nation right now!

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