Z Nation Review: Murphy’s Law

When the show opens, the team discusses whether or not they’ll ever see Mac and Addy again, while Murphy (Keith Allan) pulls dead skin from his hand. The team hit a roadblock and are forced to traverse through a golf course and a small, wooden bridge. They receive transmission from Citizen Z (DJ Qualls), who hasn’t been able to make contact with Addy or Mac. After zombies arrive, the team heads to the courthouse, but lose Murphy along the way.

As the group locks themselves inside, they hear gunfire from outside and a voice telling them to come out. When they exit, they discover three people, Janice (Dawn Hunter), Henry (Patrick Treadway) and Brett Zimmerman (Alex Matthew). Meanwhile, Murphy hits golf balls and Citizen Z gets into the holiday spirit. At the same time, Brett and Henry seem interested in using Murphy’s ability to their advantage. He discusses his condition and the experimental vaccine with their new comrades. Brett suggests they join forces and travel to California together, to which Warren (Kellita Smith) agrees.

Each member of the team begins passing out from the alcohol. Murphy has been taken hostage. The team is in serious danger, as Murphy is driven away. Brett and the others take Murphy in the opposite direction of California, while Doc (Russell Hodgkinson) and the group escape the club house and search for a vehicle. Warren makes contact with Z, who helps them track down the vehicle carrying Murphy. Murphy makes contact with Z using the camera from a traffic sign.

When Cassandra (Pisay Pao) and crew make it to the sign, 10k (Nat Zang) discovers a note written on the traffic sign. They follow after Murphy. Brett intends on using Murphy to steal some Oxycontin, which happens to be surrounded by zombies. Murphy spits in the group’s water canister and Janice drinks from it. Is Brett Zimmerman a mock of George Zimmerman? Murphy seems to be able to control Janice’s actions now that she’s drunk his spit. He makes her shoot her gun, which alerts Warren and her team of their presence.

When the show returns, Citizen Z continues the search for Doctor Merch, while the team find’s Murphy’s golden jacket. Murphy is now able to control Henry as well. They discover the fort, where all of the zombies are hyped up on Ritalin. Murphy refuses to enter the fort and bites Brett, while Janice sees her zombie husband. Meanwhile, Warren and crew begin to descend on Murphy’s location.

Brett provides Murphy with all the instructions he needs to enter and obtain the Oxycontin, while Janice screens out for her zombie husband. Murphy enters the gate, with all of the zombies. Murphy finally makes his way inside and successfully restores the power. After successfully switching on the factory’s alarm, Murphy makes contact with Citizen Z. Z tells Murphy that the Doctor was on her way to California, but went silent along the way. As Zimmerman pulls his gun on Murphy, Warren and team enter. Janice cannot bring herself to shoot her husband’s zombie and is eaten. All the zombies are down, but Zimmerman has taken Murphy as a human shield.

Murphy takes control over Zimmerman and makes him hold himself at gunpoint, before making him shoot himself. The crew leaves in the factory’s van.


Did this episode of Z Nation build upon the storyline or plots? Probably not, but it was still a fun episode thanks to hilarity of Murphy and Doc. While the episode focuses mostly on Murphy, it was effective. Murphy is now able to control other people’s actions, which is actually very scary and funny at the same time. This was probably one of the better episode of Z Nation and deserves an 8 out of 10.

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