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Z Nation Review and Recap S2 E3

At the beginning of the episode, we’re introduced to two new survivors. The pair prepare to remove spikes from the vehicle, before they’re attacked by zombies. Warren (Kellita Smith), Murphy (Keith Allan) and crew are forced to walk to their destination. They continue towards California, before discovering a vehicle on fire. Warren and 10K (Nat Zang) speaks about Cassandra (Pisay Pao) and her current state. Warren insists there might be a cure for her, before a truck arrives.

Z Nation TV Series

The truck looks like something out of Twisted Metal. A shootout ensues with the new survivors and the new comers. Vasquez (Matt Cedeno) attempts to convince Warren to wait it out and not jump in. She goes against his wishes. During the chaos, Murphy witnesses a strange zombie. After the area is safe, Sam Custer (William Sadler) introduces himself to Warren. Custer shows off his setup and insists they’re trying to escape the fallout, by traveling to Edmonton. Sam suggests the area is save.

Murphy and Wrecking Ball

He invites the group to tag along, as long as they’re willing to prove more firepower. Warren, Vasquez and Addy (Anastasia Baranova) contemplate their options. Sam tells the group about the rumors of a man, who is part zombie. Wrecking Ball (William Voorhees) offers the group Z Weed and Murphy and Doc (Russell Hodgkinson) take him up on the offer. Wrecking Ball reveals a lab in Minneapolis uses zombies, as compost to grow the weed. Unfortunately, their party is interrupted by Sam.

Cassandra Z Nation TV Series

Due to Murphy’s appearance, Sam forces him to ride in the medical wagon with the sick. Cassandra is left behind. She attempts to chase after the convey, but trips over dead bodies, which have their faces ripped off. She eventually catches up and jumps on the back of the wagon. The convey encounters blaster zombies, which eat nothing, but brains. Addy attempts to comfort a sick man, but he remains pessimistic. 10K takes down a zombie and is praised by Athena (Rosslyn Greer).

Z Nation 10k

Cassandra and Murphy enjoy the Z Weed, which seemingly restores Cassandra’s ability to speak. The convey is attacked by bandits. Murphy and Wrecking Ball’s car is nearly commandeered, before Cassandra saves them. They’re still forced to bail from the car, which is taken by the bandits. Sam loses it, when he discovers the car has been stolen, but is forced to stop and let the others catch up. 10k sees that Athena has been shot and killed.

Z Nation Blaster Zombies

Murphy rendezvous with Doc and Wrecking Ball, before the group encounters three blaster zombies. Murphy attempts to control the zombies, but fails, when a mad zombie arrives. Addy has difficulty getting the truck to start, but eventually does just in time. Murphy and crew make their escape, before rejoining Warren and Sam. Athena is buried, before the group heads for the car, which holds their entire water supply. Custer seems to be losing it, as more zombies arrive.

Z Nation TV Series Zeke

Finally, the convey begins rolling again. Addy continues consoling the sick man, who turns out to be Custer’s son, while Wrecking Ball insists Custer is going to get everyone killed. The group discovers the car and Cassandra, who has returned to her crazy state. She tells 10k she needs more Z Weed, before she returns to Murphy. While Warren and Sam argue, Murphy and Cassandra take off in Sam’s car. Warren discovers Sam is suffering from radiation poisoning. Moments later, the convey is moving with blaster zombies right behind them.

Z Nation Wrecking Ball

Sam’s son, Zeke (Connor Toms) dies and transforms. He attacks and transforms the rest of the sick, which puts Addy in a terrible spot. She teams up with 10K and the chase is on. The convey is overrun with blasters and headed straight forwards a road barrier. With Warren’s help, Sam runs the truck right into the barrier, but the zombies keep coming. Sam insists he has to get to Edmonton, because he used to camp there with his son.


Warren and our Z Nation survivors jump from the convey and escape the zombies. Sam is kill, as the truck continues rolling on. Murphy, Cassandra and Wrecking Ball continue on their way, while Wrecking Ball asks Murphy to levitate. Wrecking Ball discovers that Murphy turned Cassandra into a zombie. Warren, 10k and Doc find a vehicle, before they witness an explosion in the distance.


Murphy gets ahold of more Z Weed. He reveals his plan to head to Minneapolis, in order to visit the weed lab.


Z Nation Review

This episode was somewhat of a setback for the Z Nation TV series. It had some great, funny moments. The Z Weed was somewhat clever and Athena’s short lived appearance had plenty of potential. Unfortunately, the rest of the episode was chaotic and all over the place. 10k’s sniping skills disappeared and the zombies turned invincible.

The introduction of blaster zombies was interesting though. Overall, just a decent episode, which deserves a 6 out of 10. Be sure to catch up with more Z Nation review and recaps now.

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