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Z Nation Recap Season 2 Episode 7

When the episode begins, a dentistry van pulls up to two hill people and the dentist offers them his services. The two men are put to sleep, before they’re dumped into the back of the van, which quickly drives away. Next, 10k (Nat Zang) and the gang continue on their way. They come across some familiar Mississippi sites, kill a few zombies and continue onward. They commandeer a boat and take the boat’s owner hostage.

Z Nation Season 2

As the boat rolls on, the group comes across two old friends, Sketchy (Matt Carr) and Skeezy (Dough Dawson). Moments later, the pair join the others in their new boat. Skeezy explains that the pair looted Graceland and stole some Elvis paraphernalia. The pair explain how they’re able to escape harm, by pretending to be Murphy (Keith Allan). Suffice to say, Murphy isn’t ecstatic about their claims. Vasquez (Matt Cedeno) gets fed up with their lies and threatens to throw them both over, but Doc (Russell Hogkinson) manages to talk him out of the decision.

Z Nation Nat Zang

The boat runs into a massive horde of zombies and the group finds themselves in trouble. 10k is forced to leave the boat behind and swim to shore. He finds himself alone. He regroups with Sketchy, who confirms Skeezy went down with the boat and the others kept swimming west. The pair find Skeezy and nearly kills him. 10k is forced to join them for the time being, while Doc and the others scream for him from across the water.

Season 2 of Z Nation

10k and his group run across a few armed men. Sketchy attempts to talk himself of out trouble, by pretending Skeezy is Murphy. Sketchy manages to talk the men into getting bit by Skeezy, so they can become immortal. All of the men get bit, but Sketchy gets caught stealing and botches the entire scheme. Doc continues trying to prompt the group to search for 10k. Vasquez insists he isn’t going to put Murphy in danger for this particular reason. Warren (Kellita Smith) manages to calm Doc down and agrees to search for 10k in the morning.

Z Nation Sketchy and Skeezy

As it turns out, Doc was right all along and 10k was attempting to signal the group with a flare. In the morning, 10k and his group runs across the Dentistry van and steal it. Down the road, they’re flagged down by a gentleman in a suit. Zombies rush out of the dentistry van and straight into a cage. Tyler introduces himself to the group and claims the town is his. Tyler explains how he is using zombies to work for the town’s citizens. After an offer of women and alcohol, Sketchy decides the group should stay behind.

TV Series Z Nation Murphy


Meanwhile, Doc (Russell Hodgkinson) discovers a kayak and contemplates crossing the river. Murphy attempts to talk the group out of going after 10k. He plays the Cassandra card and insists 10k is a child, who kills everyone he doesn’t understand. Doc leaves the group and sets out to find 10k. Back at Tyler’s place, 10k and the others are having a great time. 10k follows a girl aside and gets a gun pulled on him. He explains the situation and admits he isn’t mute. The girl speaks about her former husband and admits he transformed and ended up working for Tyler.

Z Nation Season 2 Doc

The woman admits she came to give her husband mercy and to burn down the town. The real dentist arrives and the trio find themselves in hot water. Moments later, Escorpion (Emilio Rivera) and his crew make a visit. The town holds a mock trial and puts 10k and his new friends up as defendants. Sketchy pleads the group guilty, before attempting to explain their reasoning. He gets the town fired up, before 10k’s new friend gives him a nod.

Down the Mississippi Z Nation

Warren and crew make it to the bridge and discover a vehicle. Addy (Anastasia Baranova) attempts to locate Doc and manages to do so. Sketchy continues buttering up the town’s citizens and manages to get a round of applause. Unfortunately, the men bitten by Skeezy arrive and accuse the group of being thieves. Escorpion sentences the group to handing. Doc is downtrodden, but forces the group to wait a little longer for 10k. Addy convinces him that they need to move on and he sadly agrees.

Z Nation Down the Mississippi Doc

10k’s new friend arrives in the nick of time and prevents the group from leaving. Back at the town, 10k and the others have nooses placed around their necks. Tyler says a prayer for the men, before the men are offered a chance to say their last words. Addy and Doc manage to shoot 10k and Sketchy’s ropes, but Skeezy is still left to hang. With Murphy’s help, the zombies are set loose and the towns people scatter. Sketchy props up Skeezy, so he can still breathe. Addy manages to shoot him down, before the group makes their getaway.

10k z nation noose

10k’s lady friend kills her husband and gives him mercy. Despite 10k’s offer, Sketchy and Skeezy stay behind, in order to steal the weapons from the dentist van. Sketchy and Skeezy plan their next trip, before busting out of the van.


Z Nation Down The Mississippi Review

For the second time in two weeks, Z Nation has proven itself to be a worthwhile TV show. The episode finally played on the relationship established among the lead characters and specifically that of Doc and 10k. Doc’s attempt to save his buddy and his sadness were great and gave emotion to the episode. After this episode, Escorpion and his cartel seems a little weak and pathetic though.

Of course, Skeezy and Sketchy’s antics were well received and brought plenty of laughs. The episode was a thrill ride of laughter and emotions. An 8 out of 10 is deserved! Be sure to catch up with the other Z Nation Episodes now!

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