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Z Nation Recap Season 2 Episode 10

When the 10th episode begins, Warren (Kellita Smith) and Vasquez (Matt Cedeno) kill a pack of zombies, before getting romantically close to one another. The pair begin making out, before Vasquez transforms into a zombie and Warren awakes from her dream. When she returns to reality, we discover that Doc (Russell Hodgkinson) has driven the group close to the Grand Canyon. Addy (Anastasia Baranova) continues trying to make a radio to get in touch with Citizen Z (DJ Qualls), so they can figure out what the dust storm ahead is all about. With the help of 10k (Nat Zang) manages to send out a radio transmission, but no response is received.

Warren and Vasquez Z Nation

We see Citizen Z kill a zombie at Northern Lights. Unfortunately, a few more emerge and Citizen Z becomes overwhelmed. He manages to fight them off, before sending a transmission back to our group. The group instructs Citizen Z to resend the coordinates, but he is unable to find them in the clutter. He also tells the group about a Z Storm, which is ahead. He attempts to convince them to go anyway, but West. Warren uses a telescope to see a massive horde of zombies off in the distance. After the intro, the van has broken down. Doc and 10k stay behind, while the others head off on 4-wheelers.

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Doc and 10k trek it up the mountain side, while the others enter tribal land. Warren manages to convince the Indians to allow them into the base. Meanwhile, 10k and Doc come to a rock formation and attempt to scale over it. They eventually make it to the top and observe the massiveness of the Grand Canyon. Moments later, they’re attacked and both are subdued, by a cloaked man on a horse. Meanwhile, the others enter the Northern Quest Casino Resort and are introduced to the leader, Danny (Gene Tagaban). After Murphy and Danny argue for a bit, Warren steps in an attempts to warn Danny about the incoming zombies. Danny doesn’t seem worried and is confident in his defenses.

10k and doc z nation

Meanwhile, 10k and Doc was lead along by Red Hawk (Eddie Spears). Red Hawk admits they’re afraid of the white people and their disease, which destroyed their people once in the past. Red Hawk beats 10k and Doc, in hopes of obtaining information from them. Doc insists they’re just trying to escape the horde and he suggests that the Indians do the same. Red Hawk insists the white people are the plague, who can be responsible for killing them. Ayalla (Tinsel Korey) steps in an puts a stop to the abuse, before whisking the pair off to the infirmary. Once they arrive there, Kuruk (Tonantzin Carmelo) cares for Doc, while Ayalla takes care of 10k.

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10k and Ayalla speak about Red Hawk and his beliefs. Ayalla admits Red Hawk and her brother do not see eye to eye and their rift has split the tribe in half. Meanwhile, Addy setups a radio with a little assistance from Jerry (Ricki Bhullar). Once the radio starts working, they hear morse code. Seconds later, we see Citizen Z sending out the code. Jerry and Addy manages to communicate back and forth with Z. They obtain the needed coordinates. Doc has obtained some medication, which has him totally out of it. Kuruk shows Doc the Indian writings on the rock. She insists her ancestors are among the writings. Back at Northern Lights, Citizen Z heads back out into the zombies.

z nation season 2 episode 10

Meanwhile, Murphy attempts to convince Vasquez and Warren to abandon ship. Back with the Indian tribe, 10k and Doc are kicked out of the camp by Red Hawk. On their way out, both get trapped and Red Hawk confirms they’re going to be the tribe’s early warning alarms. Doc remains stoned and is worthless to 10k, who is hung upside down. Seconds later, a zombie approaches. Doc seemingly uses his mind to transform into an Indian warrior, escape the net and kill the zombies. He returns to body moments later and insists he is using astral projection. Two more zombies return and Doc is unable to help this time. Ayalla saves the couple in the knick of time.

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Next, we see Citizen Z running scared from a zombie, before we jump back to 10k, who thanks Ayalla for her assistance. Ayalla insists she needs their help to convince the people at the casino. The trio head towards the casino on horses, while Addy and the others manages to make contact with Citizen Z. Warren talks Citizen Z through the process of utilizing the missile launcher, so he can finish off the last zombie. The zombie approaches, as Citizen Z rushes to warm up the batteries. Ayalla and the others arrive outside of the casino and attempt to talk some sense into Danny. Inside, 10k and Doc are reunited with the others. Finally, Citizen Z manages to kill the zombie.

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During the celebration, Murphy insists he can feel the zombies nearby. Jerry points out the window and the zombies behind rushing in. As the others prepare to leave, Danny refuses to leave. Danny puts Ayalla in charge of the others, as he remains behind. Ayalla leads the group towards Sacred Cliffs. Ayalla and the others watch from afar, as the casino building crumbles to the ground. Moments later, they return to Kuruk and Red Hawk. Ayalla breaks the news to Red Hawk and they grieve together. Red Hawk tells the others they’re welcome here and that they’ve blocked the only passage in. He apologizes to Doc and 10k, before a zombie emerges and is killed. They decide to divert the zombies, before Doc questions if the zombies could be as dumb as buffalo.

actor eddie spears z nation

The group sets a fire and plays tribal songs. They all meet back up and watch as the zombies run right towards the fire. Murphy attempts to save the zombies, as he insists they can feel. Instead of running into the fire, Murphy diverts them and forces them to run off of the cliffs. Red Hawk takes everyone back to camp and tells them that this event will be remembered for generations to come. Ayalla gives 10k some protective beads and Doc receives something similar, as well as some more medication, from Kuruk. Addy and Jerry say their goodbyes, while Murphy grieves in the Casino van. Despite Murphy’s worries, Warren insists they had to kill the zombies. She also tells him he will have to choose between human and zombie in the near future.


Z Nation Review

The 10th episode of Z Nation was crammed full of excellent guest stars, including Eddie Spears from Hell on Wheels. Tonantzin Carmelo, Tinsel Korey and Ricki Bhullar were also interesting in their own ways. The episode was full of fun moments and a few nail bitters. The Indian tribes were definitely great and made the episode well worth watching. All in all, an 8 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with previous Z Nation recaps right now!

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