YipTV Review – Free IPTV With Paid Upgrades

There is no doubt that more and more individuals are interested in cutting the cord. In order to successfully do so, without losing entertainment value, consumers need to find a viable alternative. YIP TV hopes to fill the void that has been left by the cord cut. The service is undoubtedly attractive, thanks to its free membership, with an optional premium upgrade. Although the premium member is definitely loaded with extra, YIP has done a good job compiling a very generous free member. Below, you’ll learn all about the service, its benefits and whether or not it is worth the upgrade.

yip tv reviews

What Is Yip TV?

In order to find information regarding the company behind YipTV, I had to do a bit of searching around, since there was no YipTV wiki of any kind. The company was founded in 2012 and is based out of West Palm Beach, Florida. Michael Tribolet co-founded the company. Michael has been involved in a few other innovations as well, including magicJack and he was once President of Vonage America. By analyzing the company’s press releases, it is clear to see that they’ve worked diligently gaining access to new channels and just recently passed the 100 channel mark.


YipTV And T-Mobile

Those that are T-Mobile customers will benefit tremendously from the YipTV. This is the case, thanks to a remember partnership between the two companies. YipTV has joined the Binge On program from T-Mobile. This will allow T-Mobile customers, with the right plans, to watch all of YipTV’s offerings on their phone, without using their monthly data. With data caps and overly expensive data plans prevalent today, this is definitely appealing.


No Equipment And No Contracts

As with the mass majority of Internet TV providers, YipTV requires no equipment and no contracts. This will undoubtedly entice a lot of people to join and helps to save money. Also, the thought of being able to bail out at any point in time is very reassuring. Really, there isn’t much to lose knowing you can simply cut the cord once more.

YipTV Channels

Of course, the biggest factor of all will come down to the channel lineup. As mentioned above, the service now offers more than 100 channels and the team behind the company seems to be working diligently and consistently to add more. It cannot compete with Xfinity, DirectTV, or Dish at this time, but the service’s offerings may very well be enough to attract some, especially those that want to watch BeIN Sport and other international sports related content. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the channels offered by YipTV.

  • BizTV, Destinos TV, FashionBox Live
  • The Church Channel, TBN, Tele Vid
  • Antena3, A 3 Series, Canal Tro, Canal Sur
  • 360 Tune Box, AZ Clic, JUCE TV, Mi Gente TV, Docubox HD, Films on Reel
  • HITN, Zoom, Lifedesign TV, FilmBox Art House, FilmBox Russia, Heroes HD
  • El Financiero Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg TV, Canal Tiempo, CB24
  • Euronews in 3 languages, Maya TV, Newsman, One America News, RT
  • beIN Sports, Fantasy Sports Network AYM Sports
  • TyC Sports, Sportskool, Fight Network, Lightbox HD
  • Fix & Foxi, Smile of a Child, Madscreen Box

Although the service seems to accommodate those of Spanish descent, it offers a little bit of something for everyone. Personally, I have only heard of a number of these channels, but a few of them would be enticing enough to convince me to upgrade.


YiP Plans

The plans offered by YiP are very simplistic. You can either join for free and become a free member, or you can upgrade to the premium membership. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the two different memberships.

  • Free Membership – No charge. YiP can be watched on 2 devices. Offers 18 international channels and 9 free bonuses channels for your first seven days.
  • Premium Membership – $14.99 a month, after promo ends. 100+ channels and you gain access to everything, including beIN Sports and Hola TV. Can be streamed on up to five devices.

The free member is truly fairly generous and well worth checking out. For the premium membership, you’ll still save money and it’ll be well worth it, if you find out that the channel lineup suits your liking.



In order for an IPTV or OTT television service to be worth your money, it needs to be fast. Lag and buffering isn’t going to cut it. During my time with Yip TV, I must admit that the service worked extremely well. The platform relies on Cloud based delivery and is provided by Akamai. The service is definitely great and doesn’t lag or buffer to the point of annoyance.



The YipTV is widely available and works seamlessly with an array of different devices, including Android phones and tablets. The service is now available with Chromecast, as well. And of course, it works on your computer, as well as iOS devices.

Overall Assessment

All in all, there is definitely a lot to like to about YipTV. The service’s performance was excellent, during my time with it, and the channel lineup is decent, although geared towards an international audience. Still, there are a few gems in there like Bloomberg, OAN, Fightbox and Fight Network. RT is a hoot, but it can be watched for free anyway.

The beIN Sport addition will certainly attract a lot of people. Is it worth $14 a month? Possibly so, if you like the channel lineup. We can only hope Yip continues to grow into the future.

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