Wilfred Review

Wilfred is a comedic television series that aired on FX. It is a remake of the Austrialian version of Wilfred.

When the show begins, we are introduced to the psychologically pessimistic, Ryan Newman (Elijah Woods, Lord Of The Rings). After an unsuccessful attempt at suicide, Ryan is suddenly introduced to his over friendly, but beautiful neighbor, Jenna Mueller (Fiona Gubelmann, My Name Is Earl) and her dog, Wilfred Fazio (Jason Gann, Blue Heelers). 

Ryan’s clinical depression was handed down from his eccentric mother, Catherine (Mary Steenburgen, Stepbrothers), who is institutionalized in a residental care facility. Ryan’s vociferous sister, Kristen (Dorian Brown), also struggles with anxiety and has much difficulty maintaining any type of relationship with the opposite sex. The father, Henry (James Remar, Dexter), appears to be a tad bit more normal than they are, but that is to say the least.

Ryan has lost control of every aspect of his life, his job, and his relationships with his family, until he meets Wilfred. Ryan sees Wilfred as an adult man dressed up in a dog costume but he turns out to be that and a whole lot more. 

Ryan is confused by Wilfred’s ability to communicate with him. Wilfred promises to help pull Ryan out of his depressive state, but he ends up creating more problems for him, which will require a lot of percise strategizing, heightened awareness, and brainstroming to get out of. 

Ryan and Wilfred get into a lot of mischief during their friendship, some that would land them in jail, if caught by the local authorities. Wilfred uses Ryan’s mental illness against him to mastermind schemes that will make Ryan think that he is truly going crazy, at times. 

Will Wilfred be Ryan’s last straw to having a half way normal life, or will Wilfred cause Ryan to commit the ultimate sin?


The clever comedy is a must see for anyone over the age of sixteen. There are some inappropriate scenes that should not be viewed by a younger audience. The dialoge is perfectly written for this series and will leave you laughing your butt off. Gann surely outdid himself when he created this jewel of a show. He must have taken the time to study how dogs act in their normal lives as well as how they respond to different circumstances. 


If you like comedies, you definitely should take the time to sit down and watch this television series. Jason Gann is a hoot and protrays his animal character with the utmost prefection as a male actor. Elijah while not have participated in many comedy roles during his career, was outstanding and did a great job bringing his character to life. This series deserves an 8 out of 10. 

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