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White Gold Series 1 Episode 1 Recap

As the series begins, we’re introduced to Vincent Swan (Ed Westwick). It is clear that Vincent is a flamboyant conman, who loves getting under people’s skin. Swan makes his way outside and discovers that someone has craved the word “wanker” into the side of his car. He doesn’t seem to mind and actually agrees with the culprit’s assessment. Once Vincent makes it to work, we’re introduced to his colleagues, Brian (James Buckley) and Martin (Joe Thomas). The group has a sales meeting. Brian and Vincent have done well for the week. As for Martin, not so much. We see Brian plying his trade and selling PVC window frames to the locals.

white gold episode 1 vincent swanMartin used to be in a band. Unfortunately, he left the group and they went on to be a major success without him. Martin and Brian bicker back and forth, before making a bet. Brian bets he could sell windows to someone, who recently purchased windows. Then, the boys hit the streets. The receptionist, Carol (Lauren O’Rourke), arrives at work, as does Vincent’s wife, Sam (Linzey Cocker). Sam brings her husband lunch. She also asks him to share dinner with the family that night. Vincent makes an excuse to get out of it. Carol makes a fool of herself, but manages to get rid of Sam. Brian tracks down an senior woman and tries to convince her to rebuy his windows. She eventually agrees to have the windows swapped out and she’ll pay the installation cost.

brian and martin white goldBrian encounters Martin outside and confirms the lady is going to have the windows replaced in the entire hours. Martin hands over Brian’s winnings. Meanwhile, Vincent visits Mr. Solomon (Anthony Adjekum) and his family. After spending several hours praying with the family, Vincent manages to seal the deal. Then, we jump back in time six months and see how Vincent was previously fired from his last job. He heads to the bar and gets drunk to forget his worries. While Vincent hurls in the toilet, he is approached by a high school colleague he used to pick on. Dicky Cox (Tom Andrews) takes Vincent from the pub and gives him some cocaine. Then, he shows him a block of PVC. Vincent quickly sees an opportunity.

actress linzey cocker white goldWe’re given a rundown of the business. The following day, Vincent visits the Cachet store. There, he meets the owner, Tony Walsh (Nigel Lindsay). Initially, Tony doesn’t want to waste his time with Vincent. However, Vincent shows off his skills and Tony quickly makes him a member of the team. Vincent is put in charge of the sales team. He sacks the previous members and hires Brian and Martin. Next, Vincent tracks down his old pal, Terry (Paul Garner). Vincent tries to make Terry a member of his sales team, but Terry turns down the offer. Terry’s wife, Gill (Nicola Stapleton), enters and Terry heads to work. While Terry is away, Vincent manages to convince Gill to buy a bunch of windows. Back at work, Brian gets a call from Brendan (Lloyd Hutchinson).

tony and carol white gold series 1Terry approaches Vincent at work and socks him in the face. Vincent visits Gill and promises not to honor the contract. He rips it up in front of her. Then, they go for a ride in Vincent’s wanker mobile. Brian returns to his client, Mrs. Brown (Yvonne D’Alpra). She forces him to replace the windows once again. Brian manages to get things sorted out, but he is forced to repay Martin. That night, Vincent returns home and gives each member of his family an expensive give. Then, he blows off dinner and returns to work. Vincent meets up with Martin and Brian. They celebrate the week with alcohol and hookers.


White Gold Review

White Gold isn’t going to be for everyone. In fact, it is probably going to tick off a lot of people with its outrageously politically incorrect humor. The series is a little bit racist, sexist and perverted. Some of the jokes fall flat. What can I say? It isn’t perfect and it doesn’t even come close. Nevertheless, I found it surprisingly decent. It is horrible, but in a good way.

I can’t quite pinpoint why I liked the episode, but I did. White Gold isn’t a homerun, but it was entertaining from start to finish. I felt the need to continue watching just to see what the characters would say next. We’ll see whether or not it can remain humorous enough to keep me locked in for the entire season. For now, the opener deserves a 6.5 out of 10.

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