Wentworth Season 4 Episode 11 Recap

At the beginning of the 11th episode, Shayne obeys Ferguson’s instructions and finds information about his mother and Will Jackson. At the prison, Bea (Danielle Cormack) and Allie (Kate Jenkinson) make their relationship official and public. Kaz (Tammy Macintosh) immediately attempts to retaliate by talking Tina (Charli Tjoe) into helping her dethrone Bea. Tina agree to help only if Kaz protects her girls and her drug business. Bea and Allie have fun in the shower, while Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) watches on from outside. Meanwhile, Jake pays a visit to Governor Bennett (Kate Atkinson) and attempts to swindle money out of her. Although he fails to get what he wants, it appears he has managed to sway Vera’s opinion into his favor. Bea and Allie continue flaunting their relationship in the cafeteria. Doreen (Shareena Clanton) finally comes to her senses and decides to return to Bea’s table, while ticking off Kaz even more.

wentworth s4 e11 recap

Kaz confronts Allie and Bea. They argue a bit and Kaz rushes off angrily. She immediately speaks with Tina and agrees to help protect her business, if Tina helps dispose of Bea. They shake on it. Jake and Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva) make plans for another night out. Vera enters just as Jake departs and immediately recognizes that Will is a terrible state. Nonetheless, he admits he is able to carry out his shift. Vera puts him in charge, while she makes a run outside of the prison. Franky Doyle (Nicole da Silva) pays Bea a visit. They discuss Shayne (Hunter Page-Lochard) and also chat about Bea’s relationship. After their conversation ends, Jake gets the money he needs from Vera. Shayne arrives for his visitation with Ferguson and the conversation quickly turns sour. Shayne belittles Ferguson for not trying to protect him when he was younger. He rushes off and tells her he isn’t going to help her.

wentworth s4 e11 bea and frankyMaxine (Socratis Otto) returns from his chemo session, while Allie returns from her sentencing. Allie tells Bea she has received 10 years, but she doesn’t care, because they’re together now. Outside of the prison, Jake meets up with Turk (Andy McPhee) and his boys to score some drugs. He hangs over Vera’s money and immediately stuffs the drugs into his pants. He heads inside, but is immediately stopped by Vera, who escorts him to the strip search room. She attempts to get flirty with him, but Jake stops her when she gets close to the drugs. He rushes off and leaves Vera dumbfounded. He hastily makes his way to the cafeteria and stashes the drugs for Tina, before returning to continue his watch over Ferguson. Ferguson manages to convince Jake to allow her to use the phone. She calls Shayne and tries to convince him to see things her way, but fails to do so.

vera bennett wentworth season 4

Kaz learns about Allie’s sentence and gives her condolences. Allie spots Tina’s drug stash and receives a small pouch of drugs to keep her quiet, before being escorted away by Kim Chang (Ra Chapman). Allie returns to her cell and attempts to hide the drugs, but they fall to the ground as she makes her exit. Meanwhile, Franky visits Shayne and discover him drunk and partying with his friends. She throws everyone out and puts Shayne into the shower, before pounding him with cold water. During their conversation, Shayne admits he didn’t steal the car and only said he did, so he could cover for his friend Frosty (Bart Welch). Bea returns to Allie’s cell and finds the drugs. Allie enters and Allie explains the situation. The drugs are flushed and Bea plans to take action against Tina.

wentworth s4 tina and bea

Bea confronts Tina in the cafeteria and they argue. Tina refuses to get rid of the drugs and insists Bea is no longer in charge. She also tells Bea about her new partnership with the Red Right Hand. A guard enters and the women disperse. Bea returns to the block and attempts to enlist Boomer’s (Katrina Milosevic) help. However, Boomer refuses since she is pregnant and doesn’t want to risk hurting the baby. Bea heads out into the yard alone and overhears the others chatting about her potential downfall. She is unable to acquire help from Juice, so she speaks with Vera and gives up Tina. At the same time, Jake receives a call from his drug dealers outside. He is told the money has yet to be received and is threatened. Jake arrives at Tina’s cellblock just in time to join the search.

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The drugs are discover, Jake begins to freak out, and Tina is slotted for her crimes. Vera tells Will to take the drugs back to her office and lock them up. Jake goes on the hunt for them moments later. Unfortunately, he is unable to find the drugs and is interrupted by Vera and the police. The drugs are removed from the prison, as Jake’s future begins to slip away. Doreen gets word of the lagging and immediately reports to Bea. Juice quickly confronts Bea and tells her she needs to deal with the lagger. Allie quickly takes the blame, but she denies it and Bea also stands up for her. The argument is only stopped when Will steps in and sends the women back to their cells.

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Jake speaks with Kim and tells her to call Tina’s man on the outside and have him release the money. However, Kim insists she cannot, since she doesn’t know him. Kaz freaks out, when Kim refuses to help Kaz take down Bea. Bea comforts Allie and insists she’ll be safe from Kaz. Meanwhile, Shayne and his friends watch as Jake and Will leave the prison. They follow the men to the bar, where Jake attempts to swindle 90k from Will. Shayne follows Will into the bathroom and catches him doing drugs. Will rushes off and leaves Jake holding the bag. Jake is confronted by his drug dealers and threatened with death. In the morning, Franky pays a visit to Shayne.

wentworth season 4 episode 11 franky

Franky enters the house and finds it empty. Meanwhile, Shayne meets with Ferguson and tells her he will help her. Shayne returns home and finds Franky going through his files, which contain information about Will. Shayne admits he knows who Franky really is, before throwing her out of his house. Back at the prison, Tina is released with the help of Jake, after she learns that Bea was the lagger. She still refuses to hand over the money. Ferguson makes her move and attempts to coax Jake into helping her out. She admits she can get him the money very quickly. Meanwhile, Allie and Bea enjoy the sky outside in the yard.

wentworth soho bea and allie

Bea is confronted by Tina and Kaz. She admits she was responsible for lagging. When given the choice between remaining on as Top Dog and walking away, Bea decides to walk away. She returns to her cell and admits to Liz (Celia Ireland) that she is happy with her decision. Max consults with Liz and learns about Bea’s decision. Meanwhile, Allie and Bea chat alone, before getting down and dirty. In the morning, Allie invites Bea to join her in the bathroom. Bea lags behind and Allie heads off on her own. Inside the shower, she is attacked by Ferguson and injected with a needle full of drugs.


Wentworth Review

The 11th episode of Wentworth’s 4th season was very effective for setting up the finale. Shayne has made his decision, Ferguson has made her move, and the Top Dog spot has been left wide open. How will Bea react when she discovers that Allie has been attacked and potentially murdered? Will she be forced to step up and accept the role she has just relinquished?

Will Shayne be able to take out Will, or is he targeting someone else entirely? The episode wasn’t action packed, but it effectively established the finale and most certainly left viewers salivating for more. An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Wentworth right now.

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