Wentworth Recap Season 4 Episode 6

When the 6th episode begins, Bea (Danielle Cormack) is released from prison, Doreen gets her conjugal, and Maxine heads into treatment. Bea is welcomed back to her cellblock by Liz (Celia Ireland) and Tasha (Frankie Adams). Bea speaks with Liz in private and confirms that Maxine took care of everything, while she was gone. Bea also learns about Maxine’s treatment. Dr. Hughes (Jeremy Stanford) speaks with Maxine and explains he will need surgery and extensive chemotherapy. The doctor also insists Maxine delaying the treatment increased its severity and ruled out the potential for hormone therapy. Kaz (Tammy Macintosh) welcomes Allie (Kate Jenkinson) back to her cell. Allie promises she had nothing to do with the drugs and accuses Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) of setting her up.

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Once Kaz is alone, Ferguson speaks with her an reassures her she had nothing to do with Allie being slotted. She also insists they need to capitalize on the women turning from Bea, by dividing and conquering her allies. Ferguson speaks with Boomer (Katrina Milosevic) outside and tells her that her and Maxine were a good pair. During this time, Juice (Sally-Anne Upton) confronts Bea and tells her she needs to punish Tasha or she expose her friendship with Allie. Bea has no choice, but to agree. However, she insists she’ll choose the punishment. Next, Liz is brought in to Vera’s office. Vera (Kate Atkinson) tells Liz about a homicide and the investigator’s intention of putting the suspect in prison and using Liz to acquire information from her. Liz doesn’t like the ideal and believes it’ll ruin her reputation and put her in danger. Nonetheless, Vera manages to convince Liz to sit down and speak with the investigator at a later time. Vera seems convinced Liz can help the police find the victim’s body.

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During this time, Bea and the others take care of Tasha. Next, Doreen and Nash finish up. Nash tells Doreen he has found a place to stay. She doesn’t like the ideal that he will be staying with a woman, but deals with it anyway. Doreen heads outside and tells the others about the arrangement. Boomer quickly insists the move is a bad idea and that she cannot trust anyone. Doreen quickly becomes concerned and attempts to make a call to Nash. Tasha cowers in the corner, while the other women harass her. Doreen approaches and uncovers her face. Tasha’s hair and scalp have been completely wrecked by Bea. Doreen asks who is responsible and Bea admits it was her. Doreen confronts Bea in their cellblock. Bea admits her hair will grow back and she had no choice. Liz sides with Bea, who admits there could’ve been permanent damage. Bea questions about Maxine and goes looking for her. When Bea leaves, Boomer tells Doreen she is right and Maxine would’ve never hurt Tasha.

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Bea manages to track down Maxine and quickly questions him about his treatment. He insists everything went well. The conversation turns to Tasha and Bea blames Maxine for screwing things up. Meanwhile, Jake Steward (Bernard Curry) returns to Vera and attempts to assert himself further. However, Vera doesn’t like his ideal of dividing the women and getting rid of Bea. Vera insists Bea is good for the prison, due to her anti-drug stance. Next, Maxine gets a visit from Gary (Simon Maiden). Gary quickly agrees to pay for Maxine’s treatment, but he refuses and tells Gary to tell his sister to follow through with their plan. Their conversation turns hostile and Gary basically refers to Maxine as a freak. Kaz witnesses the confrontation and attempts to comfort Maxine in the hallway. Maxine blows her off, but Doreen sneaks around and takes advantage of Kaz’s offer.

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Next, Liz meets with the investigator, Don Kaplan (Steve Bastoni). Liz is offered a shorter sentence for her participation. She agrees to think about it. Meanwhile, Jake speaks with Tasha and attempts to convince her to give up information on her attacker. She doesn’t and Jake is forced to drop his pursuit, when Doreen enters and interrupts. The two women head to the yard. Doreen immediately breaks away from Tasha and speaks with Kaz regarding their arrangement. Kaz tells Doreen that Nash is shacked up with a woman and another kid. Doreen learns Nash has moved in with his ex. She rushes inside, calls him and quickly freaks out. Back outside, Ferguson sees her move and confronts Tasha. She gives her a cap to cover her head, while telling her she is going to have a long road ahead. Tasha heads back to her cell with a purpose. During this time, Liz sees a news segment featuring the victim’s children.

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In the morning, Linda Miles passes pictures to Kaz, who immediately gives them to Doreen. Bea notices and quickly approaches. The pictures show Nash with his ex-girlfriend. Bea tells Doreen to stay away from Kaz, but she insists Kaz was the only one, who could help her. Liz returns to the investigator and agrees to help. Meanwhile, Doreen gets a visit from Nash, who tells her that his little girl is autistic or so he thinks. He admits that is the only reason he has moved in with Miranda. Doreen seems to believe it. Tasha is shown making a noose in her cell. Doreen returns and find the remnants of her work. She rushes throughout the prison, while attempting to locate her new friend. She eventually enters the showers and finds Ferguson attempts to resuscitate Tasha. Ferguson manages to do so. Afterwards, Doreen, Boomer, Liz, and Maxine meet outside.

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Doreen and Boomer attempt to coax Maxine into taking over, but he admits he cannot, due to his health scare. Meanwhile, Bea cuts into her legs in her cell, before she is caught by Allie, who takes the shank and comforts Bea. Jake returns to Vera and blames himself for Tasha’s condition. They’re interrupted by Linda (Jacqueline Brennan), who informs Vera the murder suspect, Sonia Stevens (Sigrid Thornton), has arrived. Back in the yard, Ferguson receives a standing ovation for the rescue. Kaz also uses the opportunity to ridicule Bea. Ferguson mentions the potential of Conway taking over and Allie takes note. She sneaks off and tells Bea about the rumor. Bea rushes to Maxine’s cell and confronts him. Liz is also introduced to her new friend. Maxine goes off on Bea, while tell her about the true extend of his illness. Vera and Jake meet in the elevator and Jake compliments Vera, before giving her a kiss. He rushes off leaving Vera stunned.

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Next, Bea meets with the women in the cafeteria and a fight ensues. Doreen and Bea argue back and forth, with Bea insisting she does everything for her girls. Doreen eventually shows her true colors and leaves Bea’s table to sit with Ferguson and Kaz.


Wentworth Review

Wentworth got real during the 6th episode. Maxine’s health scare is more dire than initially thought. Will he even survive through the season? I’ve got the feeling someone is going to end up leaving us this season and I sincerely hope it isn’t Max. Meanwhile, Bea’s relationship with Allie forced her to make a crucial mistake in punishing Tasha. And Doreen has fell right into Ferguson’s trap.

If anyone is going to be eliminated this season, I hope it is Doreen and I hope it is bloody and brutal. She has become obnoxious. Nonetheless, a great episode and the addition of Sigrid Thornton should be fun. A solid 9 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Wentworth right now!

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