wanted tv series rebecca gibney

Wanted TV Series Review

As a big fan of Australian dramas, I consistently try to keep an eye on the country’s latest releases. Whether or not international viewers are aware of it, the Aussies have put out some amazing content as of late, including Anzac Girls, Glitch, Rake and Wentworth. The latest from the Seven Network comes in the form of a reincarnation of the classic Thelma & Louise. The new drama, Wanted, was written by Rebecca Gibney, who also plays one of the lead roles. Rebecca plays Lola Buckley, while her upscale counterpart, Chelsea Babbage, is played by Geraldine Hakewill.

wanted tv series rebecca gibney

The two women, who barely know one another, are thrown into an intense manhunt, which pits them against thugs, corrupt cops, and a sly hitman. The women are first taken hostage, by Chris Murphett (Ryan Corr). Gibney’s character, Lola Buckley, seems a little too wise for her own good, while Hakewill’s Chelsea Babbage remains naive and often becomes nothing more than baggage. Still, the women wind up bonding and developing a sort of mother/daughter relationship, while attempting to escape dirty cop, Ray Stanton (Nicholas Bell), and his unwitting accomplish, Josh Levine (Stephen Peacocke).

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When Ray is unable to track the women down and recover a large lump sum of money, he enlists the assistance of his over loyal hitman, Boke (Mirko Grillini). Throughout the women’s journey, more and more about their pasts begin to unravel. Lola Buckley isn’t some simple cashier and Chelsea surprisingly has troubles of her own. And despite their incompetency at times, the duo manage to overcome quite a few harrowing situations. During their adventure, Josh Levine begins his own investigation and works against Ray Stanton, despite still trusting his comrade.

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So how is the show? Well, there is plenty to like about Wanted. The duo of Chelsea and Lola are dynamic and definitely make for many interesting scenarios. They bring a lot of humor and help to keep the show interesting. However, there are lots of bleak moments as well. The show does an excellent job of mixing up the emotions and drawing in the viewer. Unfortunately, the show has many, many flaws. The most notable are undoubtedly the plot holes.

Boke’s role is undeniably cheesy. The character is simply too wise and capable to be realistic. One moment, he’ll find himself struggling to find his next lead. The next, he’ll be right behind out starlets. Things happen randomly to some degree.

Still, the show isn’t terrible. In fact, it is pretty good. Would I watch a 2nd season? Maybe. It is good, not great, but at just 6 episodes, it worth a watch. The series deserves a 7 out of 10.

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