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Victoria Series 2 Episode 5 Recap

As the 5th episode gets started, Victoria (Jenna Coleman) shows off a boat model to her child. Albert (Tom Hughes) listens as Victoria discusses taking a trip on the boat. Robert Peel (Nigel Lindsay) and Drummond (Leo Suter) discuss King Louis Philippe (Bruno Wolkowitch). Peel tells Albert and Victoria that the King is trying to marry his son off to Queen Isabel. Victoria suggests writing a letter to Philippe to make their displeasure of a Spanish match known. Peel admits he isn’t sure a letter would do any good. That convinces Victoria to visit the French king in person. Peel reminds Albert that Leopold wants Isabel to marry Prince Ferdinand. That night, Albert draws a self portrait. He dumps ink all over it.

jenna coleman victoria series 2Then, he speaks with Victoria about secrets. Victoria makes it clear that it is only important for Isabel to not marry a French Prince. Victoria tells Peel that she intends to visit Philippe. Albert is forced to tag along. Before Victoria departs, she orders Skerrett (Nell Hudson) to find her bag with Dash on it. Then, Baroness Lehzen (Daniela Holtz) learns that she will be staying with the children. The Duchess of Buccleuch (Diana Rigg) and Wilhelmina (Bebe Cave) are forced to travel alongside Victoria. Moments later, Victoria and Albert travel on the ship. Albert admits he is a poor sailor. Then, the couple arrive and are immediately introduced to the King and his son, Antoinne. Before too long, the couple are transported to the King’s quarters.

albert portrait victoria season 2 episode 5Along the way, the Duchess of Buccleuch ridicules the French’s vulgar ways. Alfred Paget (Jordan Waller) and Drummond seem to flirt with one another. The local women laugh at Victoria’s doggy bag. Later, Victoria tells Skerrett to find her some makeup to make her look more like the locals. Ernest (David Oakes) arrives and is reunited with Albert. Skerrett gets help from Coke to obtain some local makeup. Victoria surprises the crowd with her new makeup. Philippe tells Albert about his father and how the mob turned on him. The group shares dinner. Victoria tries to chat with Philippe about the marriage, but he quickly changes the subject. Later that night, Victoria tells Albert that she doesn’t believe the King wants to talk about the marriage.

victoria season 2 episode 5 tom hughesAlbert admits he hates France. He pleads with Victoria not to wear that makeup again. Albert comes enraged when Victoria reminds him that Leopold has a mistress as well. He insists that they have to be different. In the morning, the King takes Victoria on a tour. He gives her some fruit and they discuss the extravagance of the French. Both explain that they’ve almost been assassinated. The King reminds Victoria that her gun didn’t have bullets. Then, they head outside for lunch. Alfred and Drummond chat with Albert about the garden. Albert is not impressed with the forest. Coke speaks with Ernest about the loss of his father. He admits he has found ways to distract himself.

bebe cave victoria season 2Ernest tells Coke that he is no different from the other men. He lays down beside of a French woman. Albert interrupts and tells Ernest he is afraid he is behaving like his father. Ernest insists he is just honoring his father’s memory. Meanwhile, the Duchess argues with the locals about the food. Ernest takes the French woman to a secluded location, while Albert enters the woods with Antoinne, Drummond and Alfred. Albert, Drummond and Alfred jump into a nearby lake. Ernest arrives and joins them moments later. Before too long, Victoria and Coke spot them. They agree to remain silent and share a laugh at Albert’s expense. When Albert returns, Victoria pretends to be mad. Brodie (Tommy Knight), Skerrett and the others listen in from outside of the room. After the excitement dies down, Albert comes clean with Victoria.

victoria and albert season 2 episode 5Victoria admits they cannot trust Leopold. Nevertheless, it is clear that she doesn’t care one way or another. She insists she cannot face the world without Albert. She explains she doesn’t care who his father is. Then, they decide to chat with the King together. With Albert’s help, Victoria manages to convince Philippe to hold off on the marriage and to do nothing. The following day, Victoria and Albert return home. While the others seem to miss France, the Duchess of Buccleuch does not. Victoria gives Albert credit for persuading Philippe. At the end of the episode, Victoria and Albert learn that they’ve been deceived.

victoria season 2 episode 5 pbsThe King’s son has been engaged to the Spanish Queen. Albert seems devastated by the news. Victoria chats with Albert in private. She explains that it isn’t a big deal. When they traveled to France, they were not themselves. Now, they’ve changed and are united. They promise no more secrets. However, Victoria has one more. She is pregnant again.


Victoria Review

The 5th episode of Victoria was good. Victoria and Albert traveled to France in hopes of convincing the King to stop his son from marrying the Spanish Queen. While it seemed that they achieved their goal, they did not. The King lied and changed his mind at the last minute. Nevertheless, Victoria doesn’t seem too concerned. It seems that her relationship with Albert is stronger than ever. With their secrets out in the open, they should be more united than before.

Not a great deal happened this episode, but it was great nevertheless. An 8 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with past recaps of Victoria right now!

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