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Unforgotten Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

At the beginning of the 4th episode, Colin Osborne (Mark Bonnar) returns home and is confronted by Simon (Charlie Condou). Simon explains he is still awake, because Flo had a nightmare. Colin makes up an excuse about being stuck at work. Simon quickly calls him out on it and insists the clerk said he wants at work. Simon asks Colin what the city was like in the 80s and whether it not it could drive him to kill someone. Colin admits he has messed things up, but he pleads with Simon never to ask him that question again. When Sara (Badria Timimi) returns home, she is met by Hassan (Adeel Akhtar).

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Sara insists she went for a drive and tried to conjure up a way to explain everything to him. She suggests she had no other choice, but to become a prostitute. Hassan lashes out at his wife and their son overhears the conversation. Hassan seems perplexed by the fact that his wife was 21 at the time and insists she should’ve had other options. Sara swears on his children’s lives that she had nothing to do with David’s death. Hassan demands that they never speak about this again. He also declares that Sara has broken his heart. When Marion Kelsey (Rosie Cavaliero) returns home, Tony (Nigel Lindsay) says nothing. The next day, Cassie (Nicola Walker) speaks with Jason (Will Brown) and offers to have a drink with him later. Jason confesses he is not good with stuff like that, but agrees to have a drink with Cassie. Next, Cassie and Sunil Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar) reach out to Tessa Nixon (Lorraine Ashbourne).

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Tessa is instructed to write her actions from the last time she saw David to the time she reported him missing. Tessa gets combative and insists she’ll have trouble remembering something that happened 27 years ago. Cassie comments that those memories are likely tragically engrained in her memory. After the phone call ends, Cassie and Sunny discuss their suspects. Sunil admits they’ve been unable to track down Sinead. Meanwhile, Murray (Jordan Long) speaks with Colin’s old work colleague. It is revealed that Colin was once accused of sexually assaulting a woman named Maria Gonzalez. At school, Sara’s son lashes out at another student. Sara gets a visit from Cassie and Sunil. She is asked about her sexual relationship with David. It is revealed that Sara was admitted to the hospital for having a dislocated jaw on the day she paged David her address. She denies remembering that day. Cassie asks about Sara leaving the area shortly afterwards.

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Sara clams up and refuses to assist. Before they leave, Cassie emphasizes how big of a move Sara’s vacation really was. Sara insists there wasn’t any one thing that forced the move. Instead, she admits it was a combination of factors. At work, Marion is reprimanded for buying Zoe (Jodie Tyack) a drink. It is also revealed that Zoe has gone missing. Marion agrees to help, but she is told to go home. Zoe is shown drinking alcohol and traveling somewhere. Murray contacts Cassie and tells her about Colin’s alleged sexual assault. Sunil contemplates where the accusation could’ve led to Colin’s breakdown. Meanwhile, Sara’s son tells his friend about his mother being a former prostitute. Next, Colin gets a visit from Flo’s mother. He refuses to give her money and rushes off. He mistakenly leaves his cellphone behind. The woman takes it. Cassie speaks with Jake (Lewis Reeves) and learns about a young girl, who worked with near David.

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The woman insists she was sexually assaulted by David several times. Marion meets with her husband and tells him the truth about the IRA and Sinead Quinn. They argue and Tony rushes off. During this time, Jamal tells everyone about Sara’s past and the news beings to spread like wild fire. Back at the station, Cassie and Sunil argue over David and his own abuse. Then, Cassie gives the team and update. Fran (Carolina Main) is ordered to track down Sinead. Sara climbs in her attic and begins searching around. Colin returns home and tells Simon about the cellphone. He explains that he texted Simon about the police interview. Simon insists everything will be fine. Meanwhile, Hassan and Sara learn about Sara’s past spreading around town. Cassie meets with Tessa.

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Tessa insists she knew nothing about the accused sexual assault. However, she has a flashback, which tells us otherwise. Cassie again asks for a timeline of events from Tessa. Jason enters and slaps Cassie across the face. Cassie returns home and contacts Sunny. She tells him about the attack and insists she is fine. For a change, Sunil gets help from his daughter. When asked why she is helping, she insists she just wanted to see her father smile. Hassan tries to convince his children that Sara has changed and that her past should be forgotten. The children begin arguing and fighting. Meanwhile, Cassie asks Martin (Peter Egan) what he plans to ask when he finds the man his wife ran away with. He doesn’t say. Seconds later, Adam (Jassa Ahluwalia) enters and the conversation is dropped. Paul Nixon (Douglas Hodge) speaks with Tessa and insists he is taking Becca (Dominique Drew) elsewhere, so Jason won’t be able to harm her.

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Jason watches from his window as Paul’s car drives away. Omar (Munir Khairdin) pays a visit to Sara’s house and offers to help. They refuse to answer the door. Jake speaks with a woman, who knew David. She admits there were rumors regarding David and the children. Fran continues working to find Sinead. Jake speaks with another man, who was involved in the charity. He insists he would’ve reported it, if he knew about David being a rapist. Marion returns home and reveals that Zoe contacted her parents. Tony admits Marion will have to remove her wall, if she wants their relationship to survive. Colin misses picking up his daughter. Cassie and Sunil meet with the accuser. She admits she didn’t come forward, because she was a troublemaker and nobody would’ve believed her. She also reveals that many of the abused didn’t mind, because they were often invited to the gatherings.

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Fran manages to track down Sinead Quinn (Mairead McKinley). Simon receives a call from the social worker and manages to smooth things over. Then, he gets a call from Tyler (Josef Alton), who threatens to go to the police, unless they get more money. Cassie tells her team about the gatherings, which were often attended by children from local care homes and the streets. Sinead admits the IRA wanted nothing to do with Marion. She also reveals that Marion mentioned David and thought he might be a potential target for the IRA.


Unforgotten Review

Everyone hit their breaking point in the 4th episode of Unforgotten’s second series. Marion’s relationship with Zoe got her in hot water at work and her marriage has nearly fallen apart. Colin has continued to spiral out of control. He is now in an even worse situation with Flo’s parents. As for Sara, her reputation with those in the local community has been destroyed. And, she could easily be a target for an honor killing.

Finally, Tessa and Jason have not remained unscathed. Paul has decided to get Becca away from Jason for the time being. Jason went nuts and attacked Cassie. He is lucky he wasn’t thrown in the slammer. Has his anger led to similar decisions in the past? All in all, the 4th episode was good and very revealing. A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Unforgotten right now!

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