TV Shows to Watch: Psychoville

Are you looking for a good television series to watch this Halloween? Look no further than BBC’s Psychoville. From the creators of BBC’s widely popular, The League of Gentlemen, comes this hilariously, outrageous comedy, horror series. The series wound up with two series, containing fourteen episodes and a Halloween special, which bridged the gap between the two seasons of the show.

A group of misfit strangers all receive a mysterious letter containing the words, “I know what you did”, at the start of the season. While the story might sound unoriginal, check out the cast of characters and you’ll quickly think otherwise. Joy Aston (Dawn French), a birthing coach, has become illusional that her practice doll is actually alive. The insanity doesn’t stop there. Mr. Jelly (Shearsmith) is a alcoholic, children’s clown, with one hand. Yep, you read that correctly, one hand. Robert Greenspan (Jason Tompkins) is a telekinetic dwarf, or so he thinks. Meanwhile, you have Oscar Lomax (Pemberton), who is a miserable, old, blind millionaire, who is attempting to collect the last remaining Beanie Baby to finish off his massive collection. And don’t forget about Sowerbutts, David (Steve Pemberton) and Maureen (Reece Shearsmith). David is a big child, who is absolutely enthralled with all things serial killers. Of course, it is probably his mother, Maureen, who is slightly more frightening.

As the story unfolds and the characters go about their daily lives, you quickly begin to discover a connection, with all of the cast mates. Their history leads to a mental asylum, Ravenhill Hospital. Each episode unfolds one piece of the mystery at a time. Overall, while watching, you’ll feel disgusted and frightened, but at times, you’ll also be happy and uplifted. With only 14 episodes, the series is a quick watch. While there are a few episodes that are off base, the series is definitely worth a watch. The second season flips the script and ends in a dramatic fashion. Anyone with a little time to kill this Halloween should definitely give this BBC series a chance. Be sure to keep an eye out for Daniel Kaluuya, as Tealeaf and Lomax’s new babysitter!

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