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Trust Me Episode 3 Recap

As the episode gets underway, Cath (Jodie Whittaker) visits her father, Arthur (Paul Copley), in the hospital. Arthur’s condition has worsened. She is confronted by the doctors, who tell her that her father is on the verge of passing away. Cath’s father passes away. Andy (Emun Elliott) continues trying to cope with his recent discovery. He contacts another agency and confirms that the real Ally moved out of the country. Moments later, Andy gets a call from Ally. They speak about Arthur’s death and begin making plans for the upcoming funeral. Andy heads into the hospital with the intention of telling Brigitte (Sharon Small) the truth. However, he changes his mind and remains silent. Cath attends to Molly (Summer Mason).

andy trust me episode 3 recapAndy and Brigitte speak about Ally’s skills as a doctor. Brigitte admits she might be too good for the hospital. The funeral is held next. Karl (Blake Harrison) surprises Cath and Molly. Afterwards, Karl speaks with Cath in private. He explains that he has put in his transfer and wants to be closed to Molly. Next, Cath returns to work at the hospital. Cath asks Karen (Lois Chimimba) about her relationship with Charlie (Michael Abubakaer). Karen downplays it. Next, Andy checks out Ally’s current patient. Andy becomes angry and doesn’t try to hide it. Karen pulls him aside and tells him that he behaved poorly. Then, Ally teams up with Charlie to treat a woman’s wrist. The woman is given laughing gas and her wrist is fixed easily.

karen trust me recap episode 3Moments later, Andy asks Ally if she is free that weekend. He invites her out and insists they need to talk. The group packs their bags and prepare to leave. Andy takes the couple into the middle of nowhere. They enter a cabin, which Andy and his ex-wife used frequently. While putting away her clothing, Cath finds a picture of Andy with his wife. Then, the group decides to go monster hunting. During their hike, Andy tries his best to get Ally to open up. When she doesn’t, he refers to her as Cath. Andy explains that he just wants to help. They return to the cabin and discuss it there. Cath eventually tells him about reporting her old employer.

jodie whittaker trust me episode 3She explains that she lost everything. Andy admits that Cath makes a great doctor. He confesses he doesn’t want the hospital to lose that. He encourages her to move in, so he can protect her. When they return to the city, Cath and Molly pack their bags and move in with Andy. Karl speaks with his new employer. He is told to get the paperwork completed and retuned. It seems like Karl will fit right in. At the hospital, Cath and Brigitte speak about Brig’s racist grandma. Then, Cath treats a new patient, Mr. Kennedy. Sam Kelly (Nathan Welsh) tracks down Karl. He speaks with him in the bathroom. They chat about Karl’s upcoming move.

emun elliott trust me episode 3Karl becomes suspicious that Cath has said something about him. He learns that Cath claimed he was physical with her. Karl denies it. Meanwhile, Cath tells Brigitte about moving in with Andy. A former patient is brought in. The man appears to be having a seizure. Brigitte works on the man. She admits she cannot do it and puts Cath in charge. Cath is forced to cut into the man’s throat. Another doctor arrives moments later. Brigitte and Cath speaks about the patient in private. Brigitte seems to blame herself. She asks Cath to stick up for her. She explains that they need to stick up for each other. She also encourages Cath to change the paperwork.

brigitte trust me episode 3It seems that Cath complies. She scours through Brigitte’s desk and finds a bottle of vodka.


Trust Me Review

The review above is short and possibly full of errors. At this point, I do not have the patience to perfect the recaps, because the show is so tediously boring. I switched it off about 40 minutes in and switched over to Hurricane Harvey coverage. I just cannot get into this show. The premise is unique and the story could be good, but it falls well short. I am also beginning to worry about Jodie Whittaker as Dr. Who.

While I think she is a great actress, she seems to be a little one dimensional. Most of her roles have little to no personality. I am not sure she will fit into the Dr. Who role, which calls for a little more insanity. I could be wrong and hope I am. Trust me on this one. Trust Me isn’t worth your time. The episode scores a dismal 4.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Trust Me now.

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