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The White Princess Episode 6 Recap

As the episode begins, Henry (Jacob Collins-Levy) and Lizzie (Jodie Comer) watch an execution. The man has his head chopped off for being a traitor. Afterwards, Lizzie and Henry discuss Richard and whether or not it could really be Lizzie’s brother. Lizzie makes it clear that she believes her brother to be dead. Nevertheless, Henry is worried that the boy wants his kingdom and will come for it with time. In Burgundy, Richard is wed to Cathy Gordon (Amy Manson). After a night of fun, Richard gets back to business alongside the Duchess. They immediately begin planning their attack on England. The Duchess confirms that Elizabeth has sent them money and she also plans to give Richard gold. The Duchess is happy with the start even though they do not have Scotland on their side just yet.

jodie comer white princess episode 6Meanwhile, Henry speaks about his grief for Jasper (Vincent Regan). He tries to encourage his mother, Margaret (Michelle Fairley), to let it go and move forward. Henry admits he cannot bear to lose Jasper and his mother. Henry receives a letter from Burgundy. Henry returns to Elizabeth and confirms the boy is a pretender. His spies have discovered that the boy is the son of a boatman from Tournai. Henry is convinced the revelation will make Scotland think lesser of the boy and rethink their alliance. Lizzie reveals her mother has continued to write. She makes it clear she has no intention of visiting her mother. Next, we see Lady Pole (Rebecca Benson) caring for Elizabeth (Essie Davis). Elizabeth asks Maggie about her encounter with her son, Prince Richard.

white princess king henryRichard (Andrew Whipp) chimes in and reminds them both than the boy is a pretender. Moments later, Maggie speaks with Lizzie. Maggie tells Lizzie about her mother’s poor health. Maggie reveals that all of Europe has accepted Prince Richard. However, Spain opted to miss the wedding. Lizzie sees and opportunity with Spain. She immediately approaches Henry and tells him that Arthur should be married to Princess Catalina or Aragon. Henry agrees and plans to travel to Spain in person. Meanwhile, Bishop Morton (Kenneth Cranham) speaks with Margaret. She explains that God has deserted her. She also admits she never tried to save Jasper. The Bishop encourages her to go on a pilgrimage. Richard Pole and Maggie are put in charge of Arthur, while Henry is away.

rebecca benson white princessPrince Harry is sent with Margaret. Henry and Lizzie head for Spain, while the Duchess prepares Richard to charm the other nations. Cathy, who is now pregnant, agrees to give Richard all of her strength. Henry and Lizzie arrive in Spain. They’re greeted with a show from the Princess. Once the show ends, Henry and Lizzie attempt to speak with King Ferdinand (Juan Echenique) and Queen Isabel. The King and Queen refuse to speak with the couple in English. Lucky for Henry, Lizzie speaks Spanish. Unfortunately, Spain refuses to cooperate until Richard and Teddy are removed from the picture. Henry and Lizzie leave empty handed. Meanwhile, Margaret prays in a chapel. She chats with Harry about the need to pay the priests. In the morning, Richard and Maggie learn that Richard’s army has arrived.

spain princess catalina white princessThe child is locked in the tower for his safety. A priest stops Margaret’s group outside and escorts them into the abbey. Inside, Margaret thanks the men for their help and promises to have a library built for them. When Henry returns, he learns the bad news. He admits they have no allies at this point. Richard tells Lizzie that Arthur has been moved to the Tower for his own safety. Moments later, Henry gears up for battle. Lizzie shows him support, before he leaves the castle. Meanwhile, Elizabeth performs a spell in hopes of making Richard victorious. On the battlefield, Henry and the others learn that Richard has fled. When he returns, he tells Lizzie the news. She immediately believes that Richard is a fake, since no York man would ever run from a battle. The Duchess is livid with the news. However, she is happy that Richard fled to be with his wife and his newborn son.

white princess episode 6 henry and lizzieLater, Henry learns that Richard now has a heir. He is convinced it will strengthen Richard. Henry tells Lizzie that her mother is dying. He encourages her to visit her mother. He expresses his sorrow of losing Jasper without seeing him first. Henry heads to his army, while Lizzie visits her mother. Elizabeth encourages her daughter to be there for her brother. After her mother passes, Lizzie returns to Henry. She tells him about Elizabeth and learns that the noblemen have turned their backs on Henry. Lizzie confronts the troops and tries to gain their support. She manages to do so. With their help, Henry manages to defeat Richard’s army. However, Richard manages to escape. The town celebrates, but Henry is not satisfied. He knows Richard will return again.

king henry battlefield white princessThen, Henry learns that the boy has taken sanctuary at Beaulieu Abbey. Since Margaret was there earlier, she promises to go and return with the Prince. She convinces the priests to hand over the boy. We see that Cathy remains inside with their child. Henry and Lizzie learn about the boy’s capture, as the episode ends.


White Princess Review

The 6th episode of The White Princess was fairly good, despite the lame magic tricks. Elizabeth continues to prove she is a force to be reckoned with. Despite her mother’s trickery, she managed to help Henry overcome Richard on the battlefield. While it seems like Henry is victorious now, it is unlikely that the series is going to end on a happy note. It will be interesting to see how Lizzie reacts to her brother.

Will Richard’s presence convince Lizzie to change her mind about Henry? The episode scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of The White Princess right now!

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