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The White Princess Episode 3 Recap

As the episode begins, it appears that Princess Elizabeth (Jodie Comer) is on the verge of going into labor. Jasper Tudor (Vincent Regan) prepares to head to Burgundy with Lord Strange. Before they head off, Bishop Morton (Kenneth Cranham) and others warn Henry (Jacob Collins-Levy) that peace might not be attainable. The Bishop explains that Jasper is a man of war and may not be the best representative. Henry confronts Jasper directly and pleads with him to bring home good news. Princess Elizabeth admits to Maggie that she is not ready to have the baby. She is worried that he may be cursed. Margaret (Michelle Fairlay) and Cecily (Suki Waterhouse) enter seconds later. Queen Elizabeth (Essie Davis) writes a letter to her sister-in-law in Burgundy demanding she go to war with Henry.

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Jasper and Strange discuss their journey before boarding the ship. Jasper suggests Strange be cautious, but Strange isn’t worried. He insists he will enjoy the sins they offer. Lady Margaret tries to encourage Lizzie to push. It takes a bit of effort, but the baby eventually emerges. Henry learns the news, while practicing his sword skills outside. He immediately rushes to Lizzie’s side. Henry admits his boy is perfect and Lizzie is radiant. Henry thanks Lizzie, before she asks to see her mother. Henry orders the bells to ring and the bonfires to be lit. Meanwhile in Burgundy, the Duchess receives another letter. She reveals that one letter calls for war, while the other demands peace. Francis Lovell (Anthony Flanagan) confronts her seconds later and insists she must go to war. The Duchess ridicules Lovell’s assassination attempt and admits she’ll make her own choice. She confirms she plans to remain a thorn in Henry’s side.

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She makes it clear she will refuse to see Henry’s representatives. The others insist it is time to take a stand against Henry. Elizabeth is finally allowed to see her daughter and the baby. Lizzie is told to guard her heart, since the baby is not hers alone and also belongs to the throne. Elizabeth also tells her to remember Richard. Lizzie has a change of heart. She explains that Richard is dead and all that is left is Arthur. In the hallway, Margaret tells Elizabeth that Arthur is destined to become king. Elizabeth reminds her that nothing is certain. Strange and Jasper finally make it to Burgundy. Jasper explains to Strange that the Duchess is the one that really holds the power of Burgundy. Margaret tries to give Henry advice. He doesn’t accept it and instead makes it clear he intends to consult with Lizzie. Next, Jasper and Strange speak with the leaders of Burgundy.

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They’re offered wine, but immediately learn that the Duchess has no intention to speak with them. Nevertheless, the men decide to remain, until she is ready to speak. During their wait, Strange keeps the Burgundy children busy. Back at home, Lizzie questions Henry why the baby much be christened in Winchester. While Elizabeth is allowed to go, Lizzie must remain at home. Henry also unveils Arthur’s badge. Lizzie tries to convince Henry to release Arthur. He agrees to think it over. Lizzie watches through the window, as the baby leaves. Jasper manages to find alone time with the Duchess. He hands over a gift from Henry. The Duchess is not impressed. Jasper reminds her that she tried to hand Henry over for execution during his exile. This led to Henry wanting to punish Burgundy. The Duchess responds that Henry has lost nothing, while she has. Lizzie speaks with Maggie about Teddy.

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Maggie asks Lizzie about the curse. She learns that Lizzie and her mother put a curse on Margaret’s male lineage. She promises that it will do no harm to Teddy. The ritual is carried out on Arthur and Lizzie. Once it has concluded, Lizzie and Maggie visit Teddy (Rhys Connah). Maggie promises that they’ll leave the castle once he is set free. During dinner, Margaret makes sure Henry is aware that Elizabeth sent Lovell to kill him. They agree that she must be imprisoned for good. Henry is forced to explain his actions, as soon as he returns to the castle. He also admits Elizabeth’s desire to put Teddy on the throne is the reason why Teddy cannot be released. Lizzie pleads with Henry to retire her mother to an abbey. He tells her to prepare for the coronation. Strange continues playing with the Burgundy children, while Jasper tries to win over the Duchess.

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Jasper apologizes for earlier. Then, they discuss Henry’s son and his growing strength. The Duchess admits she doesn’t want war, but cannot love Henry either. He explains the reason he remains loyal to the King. Jaspers insists peace will prevent more loved ones from being stolen from them. Next, we see that Henry has confined Elizabeth to Bermondsey Abbey in London. Cecily brags about her upcoming marriage to John Welles. Lizzie doesn’t seem to care. She gives Maggie a message to deliver to her mother. Ned (Rollo Skinner) sends a young boy into the abbey to look for Elizabeth. He spots her and returns to Ned. Lizzie speaks with Henry and asks what she will do, after the coronation. She wants to know what role she will serve.

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Eventually, Henry explains that his entire life has been planned out for him by his mother. It becomes clear that Henry and Lizzie are more alike than they could ever imagine. Back at the abbey, the boy delivers the message to Elizabeth. Margaret tells Lizzie that any threat against Henry is also a threat against Arthur. Next, Lizzie gets the message from her mother. Lizzie is invited to the abbey. Elizabeth plans to bribe a monk to get Lizzie inside. Maggie also explains that Elizabeth wants her daughter to write to Burgundy. However, both admit that will not help Teddy or Arthur. Lizzie is officially crowned queen. She sits alongside her husband and admits she feels older. Maggie tells Lizzie that Henry might let Teddy go, if he feels he can trust her. Maggie also tries to convince Lizzie that visiting her mother would be a bad idea.

white princess king henry

Meanwhile, Lord Strange continues losing to the Burgundy children. Strange is invited to a friendly horse race against Mary (Emmanuelle Bouaziz). Jasper learns that the girl is an expert and has never been beaten. Jasper and the Duchess speak again. This time, they discuss Jasper’s love life and the woman that slipped away. Elizabeth begins to pray. She smashes a statue onto the ground, as the girl is flung from her horse. Everyone rushes to Mary’s aid. Her back is broken and she passes away shortly after being taken inside. Lizzie climbs into bed with her husband. This sets off the Duchess. Jasper tries to apologize to the Duchess. She calls him a liar, since he claimed nobody else would die. Then, she orders him to leave immediately.


The White Princess Review

The 3rd episode of The White Princess was pretty decent, but a little slow. The episode brought the birth of Arthur and the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth. It also separated Elizabeth from her mother not only physically, but possibly mentally. It has also become clear the Henry is slowly moving further away from his mother. Soon, the relationship between Henry and Lizzie could become authentic.

However, the curse could strike down Henry and Arthur in the future. Will Lizzie be able to secure Teddy’s freedom? Will she break away from her mother for good? With the death of Mary of Burgundy, there is a real possibility that a war could be on the horizon. The episode was good. A 7 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of The White Princess now!

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