The Walking Dead: Them Review

TWD Gabriel

The episode begins, with a crying Maggie (Lauren Cohan), who kills a zombie and cries a little more. Meanwhile, Daryl hunts for and eats worms. Sasha Williams (Sonequa Martin-Green) is shown hunting for water. Instead, she discovers a bucketload of dead frogs. The entire group reunites. The group travels in their vehicle for awhile, before exiting and traveling on foot. Carol and Daryl split from the group, while Carl gives Maggie a broken music box. Speaking of God, Father Gabriel speaks about a hair shirt, which helped atone for one’s sins.

TWD Maggie

The group stroll on down the road, with a group of walkers following them. Sasha suggests taking them out, but Michonne talks her out of it for whatever reason. Carol and Daryl are unable to find anything, before Carol thanks him for saving her life. She gives Daryl Beth’s knife and insists they’re not dead yet. Awkward. Rick and the group wait for the walkers, before pushing them down a ravine. After Sasha begins killing them, everyone joins in.

The group continues on down the road, before discovering a vehicle. Daryl heads into the woods, in order to circle around. A zombie is found in the trunk of the vehicle. She looks like Paul Spector got ahold of her, since she is tied up and gagged. Maggie closes the trunk, but considers killing the zombie. However, she can’t get it open again. Glenn gets it open and kills the zombie. Meanwhile, Daryl treks through the woods and discovers a zombie and a decomposing deer. He comes out of the woods and finds everyone hanging about on the side of the road.

Walking Dead Maggie

A pack of dogs come out of the woods, before growling and barking at the survivors. Sasha kills them all, before everyone enjoys some dog meat. Noah tells Sasha that her brother tried to help him, but she insists he doesn’t know, if he is going to make it. Gabriel burns his priest attire, before chowing down on some dog meat. The group continues on. As it turns out, Glenn had water the entire time and offers to share some with Maggie, who begins to talk about Beth.

The group continues along, before Daryl heads off into the woods again. This time, he discovers a nice barn, before sitting down and smoking. He puts the cigarette out in his hand, before crying. The group finds a note, which reads, “From a Friend” and a bunch of water. Eugene begins to drink it, before Abraham smacks it out of his hand. Meanwhile, a storm seems to be brewing, as the rain begins to pour down.

Paul Spector Zombie

The group sets up their bottles to collect the rain, Carl covers up Judith, with his hat and the group discovers a tornado is headed their way. They return to the barn, which Daryl discovers and take shelter. Maggie discovers a horrible CGI zombie and a Bible, before killing the zombie. During the storm, the group sits around and talks about the world and their predicament. Rick suggests this is what they have to live with. Rick speaks about his grandfather’s war adventure. He says that we are the walking dead, but Daryl doesn’t want to believe it.

The group continues to ride out the storm, while Daryl (Norman Reedus) sees a bunch of zombies outside. He attempts to hold the door shut, with Maggie’s help, before Sasha and the rest also join in. After some shaky scenes, Maggie wakes up, beside of Judith. She informs Daryl he should get some sleep. Instead, he hands her the music box. Maggie and Sasha head out of the barn and discover a bunch of fallen trees and dead zombies. The pair watch the sunrise. Sasha calls Noah a kid and tells Maggie that he said he didn’t know, if he would make it, but Maggie suggests they both will.

The Walking Dead Maggie Sasha

Thanks to Daryl, the music box still doesn’t work. The girls are approached by Aaron, who insists he is a friend and not stranger danger. Aaron (Ross Marquand) seems to know everything about them and insists he has good news, before the music box begins playing.


The Walking Dead has always been slightly slow, usually captivating and interesting, but this episode and the last were just bad. For starters, the writing seemed elementary and lacking. Daryl heading out into the woods, by himself, fifteen times, but always being able to rendezvous with the group, was laughable. The bridge scene, where they attempted to toss the walkers down the ravine, wasn’t well thought out and just filled up space.

Of course, the disappearing baby act was comical. One minute, Judith was there crying and whining and the next minute she was gone. The tornado seemed far too unrealistic. Sadly, Z Nation’s Mother Nature play was more interesting.

Out of the 40 to 50 minutes, the episode hit one high point, which lasted maybe a minute. This was the emotion shown by Father Gabriel, when he burned his clerical collar. Otherwise, the episode was one of the worst and this mysterious Aaron couldn’t save it. The episode deserves 4 out of 10.

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    nice review here, I never got into the walking dead, but solid ideas.

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