The Theory of Everything Review

The Theory Of Everything is a romance/drama biography that debuted in the United States on November 26, 2014, 

When the show opens, Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne, Birdsong), is racing down the street on a bicycle. Afterwards, he attends a party, where he meets art student, Jane Wilde (Felicity Jones). He tells her that is trying to discover the one equation that will explain everything. 

Stephen has a high IQ and is a physicist but he is also slightly awkward, even clumsy at times, when around others. Under florescent light, the men’s shirts and bow ties are brighter than the women’s dresses, he explains it’s reasoning to Jane as being because of Tide detergent. She in turn, interprets a love song for Stephen, then they dance under the moonlight.

Stephen is intrigued with everything. He takes it upon himself to study why and how things react to specific under certain circumstances. He is in class studying the black hole and begins to exhibit tremors in his upper limbs. He is walking down the sidewalk and trips over his own feet, hitting he head very hard. He undergoes a spinal tap and other testing, only to discover that he has motor neuron disease, Lou Gehrig Disease, which there is no cure. He is only expected to survive for two more years. 

Jane calls Stephen but he refuses to accept her phone calls. One of his classmates relays the news, about Stephen’s disease, to her. She goes over to where Stephen is staying and forces him to play a game of crochet with her. He returns to his room and becomes very upset, smashing a chair, against the wall. Jane follows him but he immediately shoos her away. She refuses to leave and reveals her love for him.

Stephen’s father, Frank (Simon McBurney), warns Jane of how difficult it will become for Stephen. She tells him that she will stand by him no matter what. They are married and have two children, Robert (1967) and Lucy (1970). Even though Stephen is becoming more and more debilitated he continues to study the black hole. He discovers that the black holes emit radiation and develops what is known as, “Hawking Radiation”.

Stephen finally agrees to use an electric wheelchair, which him and his children enjoy very much. He develops dysphagia but refuses to see a doctor. 

Jane is beginning to feel overwhelmed with all of her responsibilities. Her mother, Beryl Wilde (Emily Watson), suggests that she join the church choir. She reluctantly agrees and attends her first session. She meets Jonathan Jones (Charlie Cox), who she falls in love with, over a short time frame. He befriends Stephen and confides in him about his wife’s death, due to leukemia. 

Stephen tells Jane that he will not reject to her relationship with Jonathan. In turn, Jonathan begins to help Jane take care of Stephen and they also go on vacation together. Little Timothy is born in 1979 and Stephen’s mother, Isobel (Abigail Cruttenden), begins to question who the baby belongs to. Jonathan and Jane admit their love for each other but she stays married to Stephen, regardless.

Stephen asks Jonathan to help Jane because he knows how difficult taking care of him can be. Stephen suddenly becomes ill and ends up in the hospital. He is in a coma on a ventilator, when Jane arrives at the hospital. They transport him back to Cambridge, where a tracheostomy tube is inserted in his trachea, so  he can breath. 

Nurse, Elaine Mason (Maxine Peake) is hired to care for Stephen so Jane can have some free time. He gets a computer that allows him to communicate with other people. Stephen becomes his witty old self again. He becomes more friendly with Elaine and they begin to develop a romantic relationship. He tells Jane he has asked Elaine to travel to America with him. Beth moves out of the home and Elaine moves in. 

Stephen changes his opinion on whether God exists, which pleases Jane immensely. He writes a book, A Brief History Of Time, which is released on 1984. 


The Theory Of Everything is truly a brilliant love story. Even though Jane and Stephen separated in 1990, divorced in 1995, they still remain very close friends. Jane made a commitment to Stephen before they married that she would see him through to the end. Although he is now 72 years old, she is still by his side, even though they are no longer married. This isn’t something that you see every day. 


Everyone that loves romance movies, which show a true commitment of love and support throughout, should definitely watch this film. Thumbs up to Eddie Redmayne because he performed absolutely superbly in his role as the debilitated Stephen. Felicity Jones should also be commended in her supporting role, as Jane. Redmayne should be handed an Oscar for his extraordinary performance in this movie. The Theory Of Everything deserves an 8.5 out of 10.

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