The Royals Episode 8 Recap

The Royals King Liam

At the start of the episode, Liam (William Moseley) is being sworn in. Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) is forcibly transported to the basement, where she meets Liam, Jasper (Tom Austen), Helena and Marcus (Ukweli Roach). Cyrus (Jake Maskall) emerges and insists they’re under attack. Ted (Oliver Milburn) enters and alerts them to the attack. Marcus brings in Ophelia (Merritt Patterson) for her protection. Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) tells Liam that he is the acting King of England. Liam blames himself, before Ted is blamed for not being by Simon’s side.

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Ted informs them that he was supposed to look the other way, when Simon (Vincent Regan) went for his occasional walk. The blame quickly shifts to Cyrus, but he blames Eleanor and Liam. Ophelia interrupts and informs them she saw Cyrus leaving the palace. The argument turns toward Helena and Ted. Helena insists they need to stay calm and show a strong stance for the people. Jasper and Eleanor escape to the tunnels. She sends him away, after confirming she doesn’t trust him right now.

The Royals Cyrus

Liam tells Helena to comfort her daughter, but she ignores his pleas. Ted alerts the group that the palace has been cleared and allows them to return to their chambers. Helena takes Liam under her wing, before they exit. Helena begins working quickly to control the media. Lucius (Andrew Bicknell) tells the Queen that Simon brought this upon himself. Liam enters and tells Helena about his planned meeting with Simon. She informs him of an upcoming ceremony, which will officially recognize him as the acting king.

Lucius The Royals

Eleanor returns to her room and trashes it a little more, before Jasper enters. He offers to take her to see Simon. Ted attempts to prevent them, after watching them travel through the tunnels. Ophelia enters and tells her father she definitely saw Cyrus leave the palace. He confirms he saw it on CCTV. Meanwhile, Cyrus meets James Holloway (Scott Maslen) in the tunnels. James follows him to the safety room. Cyrus informs him about the King’s attack and asks for an alibi. Cyrus convinces him to be his alibi.

The Royals Simon Hospital

Eleanor makes it to her father and cries by his side. Queen Helena speaks to the public and tells them that they’re under attack. Afterwards, Ted informs Helena that they have 3 views of the king’s attacker. He informs her that Jasper helped Eleanor make it to the King, before Liam pleads with Ted to find the attacker. Liam visits Simon and apologizes for not being there. Helena enters and sends Eleanor away, while she speaks to Simon with Liam. Eleanor returns back to her room, before Jasper enters.

Eleanor and Jasper The Royals

Eleanor explains her trust issues, before Jasper attempts to comfort her. Eleanor turns on Jasper and questions, if he attacked the King. She pushes the panic button, before police rush in and take him down. Cyrus pays a visit to Ophelia and threatens her to remain quiet. She calls him horrible, before he shuts the doors and insists she didn’t see him. Eleanor tells Helena about Jasper’s arrest. Helena insists she did Eleanor a favor. Liam enters during the argument and attempts to calm Eleanor. Liam follows Eleanor back to her room and tells her they cannot allow Helena to gain the upper hand.

Liam tells her they need to stop turning on each other. He confirms he will sign the bill and attempt to get the monarchy abolished. Lucius overhears the conversation. Liam and Ophelia chat, before he prepares to be sworn in. They contemplate what would’ve happened, if Liam had been there. Helena enters and informs them it is time for the ceremony to start. After Liam leaves, Helena tells Ophelia to step back and consider her place in the situation.

The Royals Episode 8

Helena takes the floor and repeats the words, as he is sworn in. Cyrus rushes in and insists Liam isn’t fit for the position. They argue, as Cyrus insists Liam would be a disgrace to the crown. He reveals Liam isn’t even the King’s son. Helena is unable to refute the claim. Cyrus announces to the crowd that he is the rightful heir and next King. That night, Ophelia agrees to audition for the NY dance company. Eleanor and Liam have their blood taken for DNA tests. Marcus enters and informs Ted that they’ve found something. They watch a man in a hoodie on CCTV video. The man is unrecognizable. Helena approaches Cyrus and complains about his actions, before they share a toast and celebrate.


A much more serious episode of The Royals. The scheming drove the episode, which transformed into somewhat of a murder mystery. I enjoy the seriousness more than the silliness, but some may not. At the same time, the ending brought a lot of new possibilities and definitely built a lot of suspense for the next. I am an episode or so behind, but I can’t wait to catch up. This one deserves a 7 out of 10.

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