The Red Road: Graves Review

Red Road Graves

At the beginning of the episode, Phillip Kopus (Jason Momoa) is shown hiding the money in the mountains. As it turns out, the site is on scared burial grounds. In the morning, Junior (Kiowa Gordon), Frank Morgan (Nick Gomez) and a few of their colleagues confront Phillip. A taser is used, before Junior threatens Phillip with a baseball bat. When he refuses to confess, Kopus is hit a few times, before he is covered in tar. Harold Jensen (Martin Henderson) is tasked with speaking to Junior again. Meanwhile, Jean Jensen (Julianne Nicholson) head to the doctor’s office, where she donates her blood. Phillip arrives.

Red Road Phillip Tarred

Jean confronts Phillip and asks him about his ailment. Phillip questions, if she is allowed to give blood, since she is on medication. He promises to keep her secret, before she admits she wants to feel useful. Meanwhile, Junior attends the funeral from a distance. Harold takes his wife and daughter to the wake, where they speak to Marie (Tamara Tunie). Marie tells Harold about an FBI agent, who came around looking for Junior. Jean is confronted by a Medicine woman (Rena Owen), who questions her about her mental problem, before Rachel Jensen (Allie Gonino) interrupts and requests to go home.

Jean Red Road

Chief Levi Gall pays his condolences to Marie, before he brings up the casino and insists Mac was coming around. She insists she will never allow a casino, if she becomes chief. Phillip arrives and tells Marie he didn’t kill Mac. Outside, Harold spots Junior in the woods, but allows him to go. Phillip is confronted by Sky Van Der Veen (Lisa Bonet), who insists he should tell Frank about the attack. The pair discuss the potential of the casino. Afterwards, Phillip pays a visit to his father, Jack Kopus (Tom Sizemore). Phillip tells Jack about the chief being killed. He refuses to get up any information regarding the casinos.

Marie Red Road

Jack insists Phillip will be back and questions about Mike, before Phillip leaves. Jean heads to the Medicine woman’s place. She inquires about the native treatments and the medicine woman insists she should let the voices in. The pair discuss the woman’s nephew, Matthew (Javier Carrasquillo), who used to suffer from the same problem, as Jean. Harold has lunch with Captain Warren, who insists he’s been able to fend off the feds. Afterwards, he obtains Mac’s dog and uses it to track down Junior.

Tom Sizemore Red Road

Harold requests Junior to come and speak with the FBI, but he refuses. Phillip speaks to Marie and tells her to refuse to be chief, since he thinks people from Atlantic City will cause trouble over the casinos. Still, Marie refuses to back down. Jean heads into the shed and isolates herself, while allowing the voices to consume her. Junior is brought in and requestioned, by Lieutenant Aschell (Griff Furst). Still, Junior gives his brother an alibi. Harold ends the interrogation and sends Junior out, before Jean enters the home and overhears Rachel worrying about her.

Junior Red Road

Jean has cut her hand, but she seems improved. Junior pays the family a visit and eats some eggs. Rachel speaks to Junior, before the pair kiss. Junior gives Rachel a map she can use to get to his new hideout. Harold catches the Captain drinking, but is ridiculed for stopping Aschell’s interview. The Captain insists Harold pin the murder on Phillip, if he wants the promotion.

Captain Warren

Phillip heads to Mike’s house and gives his widowed wife a baby seat. Jean learns that Aunt Dorothy passed away. Jean hangs out with the Captain. Jean agrees to help him get Dorothy something to wear. Harold meets up with Phillip and questions him about what Jack knew. The pair find Phillip’s place ransacked. Harold explains that Junior is on the verge of going back to juvie. Jean chooses a dress for the Captain, before he apologizes for arguing with Harold. The Captain apologizes for killing his wife, before he suggests she is at peace. As Jean drives away, the Captain kills himself.


The Red Road is on the edge of total bleakness, at this point. Sure, Jean might’ve used Indian rituals to break her voices, but everyone else is depressed and basically screwed. Phillip has no one and Junior is stuck camping out in the woods. Marie might be on the verge of becoming chief, but it is likely going to come with a cost. Well, Jack Kopus looked as good as Tom Sizemore can look these days. All in all, a good episode, actually a surprisingly good episode, which deserves a 7.5 out of 10.

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