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The Missing Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

At the beginning of the episode, the café worker chases down the strange woman and hands over the belongings she left behind. The boy apologizes for talking too much, before the woman heads off. She discovers the van in the woods and quickly realizes it has been painted red. She finds the keys on the ground, breaks in and finds a pair of glasses. She returns home and throws the glasses into the fire. Julien (Tcheky Karyo) and Jorn Lenhart (Florian Bartholomai) visit Henry Reed’s home. They speak about his son Daniel and Julien insists they should speak with him right away. Meanwhile, Eve Stone (Laura Fraser) remains in the hospital.

the missing cafe worker

Eve learns that the child should be fine, but the doctor requests she remain in the hospital over night. Jorn and Julien pay a visit to Marlene Loweich (Anemone Valcke). The woman confirms she was Daniel’s girlfriend and has been training to be a chef. She is unable to prove them with any further information. We jump to the present and see Julien return to Germany. He gets in his vehicle and makes contact with his wife, Celia (Anastasia Hille). Celia attempts to convince her husband to come home, but he refuses. Gemma (Keeley Hawes) speaks with Eve about the third girl. She insists she is wearing Alice’s necklace.

alice the missing season 2 episode 5

Eve agrees to look into it. She also tells Gemma that she has ended her relationship with Sam (David Morrissey). She attempts to convince Gemma to speak with her husband about the photograph. It is clear Gemma has no intention to do that. Eve takes the photograph to Jorn. In return, she is given a CD containing a song Jorn wrote for her. Next, Sam returns home to speak with his wife. He tries again to convince her to return to England. This time, Gemma agrees to speak with Matthew (Jake Davies) about the move. Eve gets Adrian Stone (Roger Allam) settled into a retirement home. She receives a visit from Julien, who requests to speak with her father.

Laura Fraser The Missing

He tells her about his conversation with Daniel Reed and his suspicion that her father was involved in the murder of a young girl. Eve lashes out and refuses to allow Julien to speak with her father. Eve returns to her father’s room and vomits in the bathroom. She leaves her father behind moments later. We jump back to 2014 and see Julien scour through crime scene photos of Henry’s death. Julien finds a phone number, which Henry (Brian Bovell) called multiple times on the day of his death. Jorn calls the number, but the call is hung up quickly. He agrees to have the number traced at Julien’s request.

the missing brian bovell

At the hospital, Sam learns he will need to remain in the hospital a bit long. They receive a visit from Adam Gettrick (Derek Riddell) moments later. Adam tells them that a French paper has gained information about Matthew locking his sister in the shed. At first, Sam refuses to speak with them. He eventually changes his mind. During this time, Eve begins having intense cramps. Adrian goes for the doctor. Eve is forced to undergo an emergency Caesarean. It is at this time that Adrian shows the first signs of memory loss. Gemma and Sam speak with the journalist. Sam quickly lies for Matthew and insists the lock on the shed was broke and never fixed. Eve’s sister, Anna (Laura Pyper), arrives at the hospital.

the missing adrian and anna stone

Julien and Jorn visit a brothel of sorts. They speak with the bartender and request to see Wolfgang Hausler. After a little back and forth, they are told where they can find him. They meet with the crossdresser and learn she now goes by the name Ilsa (Lena Lauzemis). They’re invited inside and Julien notices the woman is an artist. She admits art relaxes her body in between clients. She also confirms Henry was a frequent client, but she refuses to provide any more information. In the present, Julien visits Adrian in the nursing home. He sits down with the man and shows him a picture of Daniel. Adrian recognizes the boy and begins speaking about his father.

the missing ilsa

Adrian admits there was a third person with them, but he doesn’t disclose the individual’s identity. Julien is forced to leave moments later. Gemma forces Matthew to wake up, before asking him about a move to England. Matthew admits he doesn’t want to leave his friends. He insists his mother and father should go without him. Jorn looks through the database of missing children. He finds a girl, who looks remarkably similar to the girl on the rollercoaster. Her name is Lena Garber. Meanwhile, Sam gets a call from his wife. He learns Matthew has ruled against the move. Nonetheless, he insists they should still decide on their own. Gemma admits she isn’t ready to leave either. She also tells Sam she wants to show him something, when he returns home.

the missing julien and adrian

Eve sneaks up on Sam. She shocks him by revealing that she is pregnant. We jump back to the past and learn that the birth was a success. However, the baby isn’t meant to be Eve’s. She was a surrogate for her sister. Julien and Jorn return to Henry’s place and find a Christmas gift. They return to Ilsa and give her the present. She tears it open and finds an easel inside. She finally agrees to tell them about the night of Henry’s murder. She reveals she waited outside his home as usual, but he never arrived. Eventually, he went inside and found him dead on the ground. She insists Henry’s car was not at home, as she fled the scene. Jorn and Julien promise to keep her informed about the case.

jorn the missing s2 e5

The information obtained leads Jorn and Julien to believe someone moved the vehicle after Reed was already dead. At the hospital, Sam speaks with Eve outside. He learns about the baby, before Adrian escorts her back inside. Julien and Jorn agree they need to speak with Daniel, but finding him will be difficult. Out of nowhere, Julien passes out and Jorn calls for help. Back in the present, Jorn calls Lena’s mother and asks about the girl’s disappearance. Then, he pays a visit to Adam Gettrick, who admits to knowing the girl several years ago. During their conversation, a small girl comes downstairs with a drawing in her hand. The girl shows Jorn the drawing and insists it is her and her mother in the basement. Adam attacks Jorn and apparently kills him with a drill. Adam scolds the girl for coming downstairs as the episode ends.


The Missing Review

The Missing is really starting to pick up the pace now. We’ve learned that Adrian, Henry and someone else was involved in the girl’s death in Iraq. The trio may also be linked to Alice’s disappearance. And, that third individual could very well be Adam. Or perhaps it might be Nadia? We also discovered the truth about Eve’s child.

Eve has finally convinced Gemma to tell Sam about the photograph of Alice. How will he react to the news? I am sad to see Jorn die. Will the information he uncovered die with him? An excellent episode that scores an 8.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of The Missing right now.

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