The Lizzie Borden Chronicles Recap Episode 7

Lizzie Borden Chronicles Episode 7

At the beginning of the episode, a group of kids coax another into entering Lizzie Borden’s home. The door slams shut behind him, before he comes running out. At the school, Julius Lowell (Matt Tolton) picks on another boy, Everett Chaswick (Gage Munroe), before Lizzie (Christina Ricci) steps in. Julius refers to Lizzie, as Miss Grimke. Through a flashback, we see how Lizzie and Emma Borden (Clea DuVall) got rid of Charlie’s body. In the present, Emma is confined to a nursing home. Dr. Vose speaks about Emma’s condition. Lizzie insists Emma will return to her.

Lizzie Borden Chronicles Season 2

Tom Horn (Chris Bauer) is approached by Bat and told about Charlie’s disappearance. He is told to go look for him. Mrs. Pearl Garvey joins Emma at the hospital. Emma continues holding onto the picture of Leslie. Pearl (Carlyn Burchell) speaks about her infertility. Lizzie is confronted by Julius’s father, who tells her to take a stick to his son. He tells about the passing of his wife. At the hospital, Attendant Timothy (David Rossetti) helps Dr. Vose give Emma shock therapy.

Lizzie Borden Chronicles Recap

Tom Horn and his companion, Bat, arrive in town. They receive directions to the Danforth Hotel, where they speak to Ezekiel (John Ralston). Ezekiel attempts to run them out, but fails miserably. Still, he doesn’t provide the men with any helpful information. Raymond Chaswick (Ryan Blakely) gets into a fight with his son’s stepfather, before Lizzie steps in and puts an end to it. Lizzie returns to the hospital and fixes Emma’s hair, before she speaks about school.

Lizzie Borden Chronicles Episode 7

During the visit, Emma finally speaks and says “murder”. That night, Everett’s stepfather and mother are killed. Lizzie returns to the hospital and Dr. Vose explains that Emma might be going through PTSD. Lizzie ridicules Vose’s performance and Emma’s progress. She insists on taking Emma home, but Vose won’t allow it. Vose takes Emma to the basement, where they house the criminally insane. He opens the door and introduces her to Daisy. He reveals that the contract Lizzie signed gave him all control over her care. Failing to pay the doctor would get Emma induced like Daisy.

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Bat and Tom learn about Lizzie and attempt to pay her a visit. Meanwhile, Detective Morrisey (Robert B. Kennedy) pays a visit to Miss Grimke. She is informed about the murder of her pupil’s parents. Everett is walked past in chains. The boy’s father is hauled in, after Lizzie leaves. In the lobby, Lizzie is confronted by Dick Jenkins from the Portland Gazette. Jenkins insists the town is going to be swarming with reporters, before he suggests he knows her from somewhere. Dr. Vose drugs Pearl, before getting naughty with her unconscious body.

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Mr. Lowell gets some wood for Lizzie’s class, before he invites her to a social meeting at church. Jenkins approaches Lizzie in the classroom and reveals her identity, but Mr. Lowell doesn’t believe it. Lizzie returns to Emma and insists it is time to get out of there. She reveals she is going to get rid of the doctor soon. Bat and Tom search Lizzie’s house only to find it abandoned. Lizzie pays a visit to Everett, who insists he killed both of his parents. He says he is going to head out west with his father, once they let him go.

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The doctor finds Pearl dead. Lizzie speaks to Jenkins and confirms her identity. He reveals the picture he took of Lizzie has already been sent out for print. He drinks the beer she offered and chokes to death. Bat and Tom get drunk, while confirming they need to find Lizzie. Tom handles some thugs, while Bat discovers the newspaper, which gives them Lizzie’s whereabouts. Lizzie pays a visit to Raymond Chaswick and gets his signature. She smashes him in the head with his typewriter, before he wakes up in a tub of water.

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Lizzie types out a confession for Raymond. At the hospital, Dr. Vose attempts to inject Emma, but she fights back and steals his keys. Lizzie finishes the confession and drowns Raymond. The doctor is strapped to a chair, while the criminally insane are allowed to feast on him. Lizzie returns to the hospital and attempts to find Emma. Meanwhile, Bat and Tom saddle up and head towards Lizzie’s new town.

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After last week’s episode, it was almost certain that the show would need to reinvent itself, in order to continue. Although it was definitely weird, Lizzie was able to escape to a new town and start a new life. The only aspect that seemed to correlate with the previous episodes was Tom and Bat looking for Charlie. Otherwise, The Sisters Grimke felt like an entire new show. It was fun and a little wacky. Overall, a 6.5 out of 10 is reasonable.

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