The Lizzie Borden Chronicles: Fugitive Kind Recap

Charlie Siringo Lizzie Borden Chronicles

At the beginning of the episode, Charlie Siringo (Cole Hauser) is led into the courtroom, with Lizzie (Christina Ricci) and Emma Borden (Clea DuVall) watching. Charlie is charged with the murders of Spencer and Isabel. Ezekiel Danforth (John Ralston) and Skipjack (Bradley Stryker) take the stand against Charlie. Marshal Hilliard (Jeff Wincott) also speaks, but he does so on the behalf of Charlie. Finally, Lizzie takes the stand.

Lizzie Borden Chronicles Fugitive Kind

She denies having anything to do with the recent deaths in the city. The prosecution rests, after Lizzie’s testimony. The jury foreman (Ian Wilson) announces Charlie’s guilt, before the judge condemns Charlie to death for his crimes. At the jail, Lizzie pays a visit to Charlie. Charlie questions Lizzie why she killed Isabel, before he threatens her. The pair depart on somewhat friendly terms. Back at the Borden home, Officer Leslie Trotwood (Dylan Taylor) chats with Emma about a new life. Emma insists she cannot leave her sister.

Leslie insists there is trouble here and it is Emma’s choice, whether she wants to live with it or without it. He departs, as Lizzie enters and questions about the wedding, which Emma confirms is back on schedule. The pair speak about Lizzie’s innocence and Charlie’s wrongdoings. Outside, Skipjack stalks Lizzie and follows her into another home. After she rummages through an old chest and fiddles with some pearls, he approaches her with a gun and insists they settle their account. Skipjack shows her a picture from Phipps.

Lizzie Borden Skipjack Dead

He insists he wants to be done with Lizzie and gives her the picture, in hopes of being left alone. Skipjack leaves, after she destroys the picture. Lizzie pays a visit to Leslie, at the jail. She reports her pearls missing and insists they left them behind at the house on 2nd street. She tells Leslie that the house frightens her and Leslie promises to get the pearls for her. Marshal approaches Charlie and they argue about Lizzie. Charlie is beaten, while he steals the guard’s watch.

Lizzie Borden Chronicles Season 2

Meanwhile, Leslie enters the house and begins looking for the pearls. He finds the pearls and the skeleton. Lizzie returns home and discovers the chest sitting on the kitchen table, before consoling Emma, who speaks about Benjamin. Emma reveals that she told Leslie everything about Benjamin. Lizzie seems upset, when she learns that Leslie has forgiven Emma. Trotwood arrives and gives Emma some medications, which will put her to sleep. Trotwood confronts Lizzie and insists she’ll be in trouble, if she attempts to hurt Emma or come between them again. Lizzie tells him she can afford that price and questions, if he can.

Benjamin Lizzie Borden Chronicles

Lizzie returns to Skipjack and offers him a large stack of cash for one final task. She tells him she needs him to save her family. That night, she is shown cleaning a sharp knife, before Emma questions her about planning the discovery of Benjamin. Lizzie suggests she contemplated doing something, but denies being involved. Instead, she blames everything on William and Emma seems to accept it, as she walks away. Charlie is shown making something from the pocket watch. Leslie takes over the night watch and hears a noise, which sends him on the hunt.

Lizzie Borden Chronicles Leslie Dead

Skipjack sneaks up and strangles Trotwood to death. In the morning, Lizzie is woken up, as Emma learns about Leslie’s death. Marshal shows up at the Borden house and tells Lizzie about Trotwood’s murder. Lizzie speaks to Emma, who is doped up on medication to help her sleep. She speaks about the love she has for her sister and insists she’ll take care of her and keep her safe. Afterwards, Lizzie pays a visit to Skipjack. She insists she wanted Trotwood’s death to look like an accident. She kills Skipjack.

Lizzie Borden Cemetery

When she returns home, she finds that Emma has packed up her belongings and plans on leaving. Emma accuses Lizzie of killing Benjamin. Emma makes her exit and leaves Lizzie behind sobbing. Charlie is locked up in the transport vehicle and Marshal decides to ride along. Lizzie pays a visit to the cemetery and speaks to her mother. She pleads with her to bring Emma home. Emma breaks down and sobs, at the train station.

Charlie is Killed Lizzie Borden Chronicles

In the transport vehicle, Charlie begins to pick his cuffs. He gets them off and begins unlocking the back lock, before he jumps out and shoots one of the guards. Charlie escapes on horseback. That night, Lizzie is rushed out of her house, by Marshal, but Charlie enters and kills him. Charlie stalks Lizzie around the house. She attacks him, before a struggle ensues and he begins choking her. Emma arrives in the nick of time and destroys Charlie with an axe. Lizzie covers up the murder and everyone believes that Charlie and Marshal ran away together, or died fighting, during the escape.


At this point, I don’t see how The Lizzie Borden Chronicles could advance to another season, since almost everyone is dead. Of course, they could completely reinvent the entire town or relocate and stir up new trouble. Who knows? Either way, this episode took out everyone that really mattered. It was fun albeit somewhat of a bloody mess in more way than one. A 6 out of 10 is deserved.

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