The Librarians: And the Fables of Doom Review

When the show opens, we see an event within a small town of Washington, which shows a truck being thrown off a bridge, by a weird creature. The team arrives at the scene and Jake Stone (Christian Kane) attempts to receive information about the event. He speaks with Sheriff Heyer (Ted Rooney). The group learns that the attack was a troll. Jenkins (John Larroquette) informs them you cannot fight a troll, instead you run. He also provides them with the task of getting a picture of the creature, without dying.
Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth) and Jake are tasked with trying to get surveillance photo of the event, while Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn) and Ezekiel Jones (John Kim) attempt to track down the troll. Jake and Cassandra run into the Mayor (Gary Kraus) during their investigation. He is quite the eccentric. After the team rendezvous, they discover a massive wolf creature. Jake saves the day, by killing the wolf, by throwing an axe at it.
The group return to Jenkins , who begins putting together the pieces of the puzzles. Each of the events have fit the pattern of childhood fairy tales. Jake, Ezekiel and Jenkins perform an autopsy on the wolf and discover a living woman inside. Cass and Jake speak with the woman, Liza (Kate Alden), who tells them how she got inside of the wolf.
Jenkins joins the group and warns them that the book is growing more and more powerful. He also reveals the book must take life, in order to bring their fairy tales to life. The group decides to head to the local library. Of course, Ezekiel beaks into a candy machine and follows a quarter, which fell on the ground. Next, Cassandra and Jenkins look into old cases, which are similar to fairy tales. While Cass thinks the victims are disappearing into fun fairy tales, Jenkins reveals they’re actually dying. Meanwhile, Ezekiel continues to follow the rolling quarter.
Jake and Eve head to the library, where they encounter the librarian, Mr. McGuire (Rene Auberjonois). They question him about the book. Ezekiel follows the coin to Jamie’s (Sophia Mitri Schloss) hospital room. Meanwhile, McGuire reveals that a large number of books were left to him recently. Eve suggests they need someone who can pick a lock. Meanwhile, Ezekiel teaches Jamie how to pick a lock. The pair speak about the fairy tale crimes. Ezekiel leaves the coin behind, before leaving.
When the show returns, Cassandra gets hit on by a flirty waitress (Aparna Brielle). The group comes together and requests Ezekiel’s help. Of course, the sheriff puts Jones in cuffs and admits to being Jamie’s father. Ezekiel escapes the cuffs, but the Sheriff turns into the big bad wolf and blows the windows out of the bar. The group makes their escape, with the sheriff hot on their trail. Next, the sheriff enlists the help of several football player wolfs to help them.
The group is now in a race to get the book, before the wolf sheriff is able to track them down, as they discover they’re getting trapped in the fairy tales. As the group head towards the book, the fairy tale begins to spring up all around them. Ezekiel makes it to the hospital to discover Mr. McGuire reading fairy tales to Jamie, who is unconscious. Ezekiel and McGuire being to struggle, before McGuire zaps Ezekiel down. Next, Eve, Cass and Jake face off with the wolves at the library. Ezekiel is able to change the story, by controlling the book, but McGuire quickly regains control.
Jamie gives Ezekiel the coin and he uses it to free McGuire. He gives the book to Jamie, who reads her happy ending, which saves the Librarians. The Sheriff is forced to pay for his crimes, by eating green jello forever. McGuire is sucked into the book. When the show returns, everything has finally been returned to normal. With Jamie healed, Ezekiel and the sheriff depart on friendly terms.

All in all, this was a much better episode of The Librarians, which brought some emotions and a little bit of darkness. In fact, this was likely the best episode of the series yet. However, the series is still lacking, when it comes a central struggle or lead villain to constantly bring the fight to the Librarians. Still, the episode was sad for poor Jamie.
Of course, the episode ended in a happy way as usual. The episode was better and deserves a 7.5 out of 10.

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