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The Last Post Series 1 Finale Recap

As the finale begins, Honor Martin (Jessie Buckley) watches as the detectives ransack her apartment. Meanwhile, Joe (Jeremy Neumark Jones) is stripped searched. We see that Honor has the film. Tony Armstrong (Tom Glynn-Carney) speaks with Paul Stoneham (Louis Greatorex), before fleeing the camp. Seconds later, Baxter (Chris Reilly) shows Ronnie Carter (Stuart Graham) to Tony’s room. Paul is asked about Tony. He covers for him. Harry (Ben Miles) speaks to Mary (Amanda Drew) about Joe’s upcoming trial. Harry admits he will have to give evidence against Joe. He insists that there is nothing he can do. Mary doesn’t seem so sure. Honor takes the film to Martha Franklin (Essie Davis). The film is produced. Martha explains that the families deserve to know the truth about what is happening out there.

tony armstrong the last post finaleJoe is interrogated by the detectives. He tells them about Harry’s order. He admits that he disobeyed the order. Harry is told that he will be exposed, if he decides to fight back. Tony heads to Yusra’s house. He finds it burning. The informant (Kal Naga) tells him to get out of there. He also learns that Yusra didn’t die inside. Honor visits Joe. Alison (Jessica Raine) speaks with the doctor. She admits she wants an abortion. He explains that she would be breaking the law. The doctor refuses to help. Joe is surprised to see Honor. She admits that he was being brave. Joe tells his wife not to wait for him. He tells her to get a new life and move on. Honor forces the detective to remove Joe’s handcuffs. She makes it clear that she isn’t going to let Joe out of her life.

honor martin the last postWhen Honor leaves, Joe is handcuffed. He is taken to Ed (Stephen Campbell Moore). Ed explains that he will defend him in the courtroom. Ed admits that Joe saved his life. Again, Mary puts pressure on Harry to defend Joe. Tony manages to track down Yusra (Ouidad Elma). He tells her that he loves her. Tony admits he wanted to die when he thought Yusra was dead. Honor visits Martha once again. Honor tells Martha about meeting Harvey (Richard Dillane) at the hotel. Harry meets with Baxter. They share a drink together. Next, Joe’s trial gets underway. Harry is the first one to take the stand. He tells the truth during his testimony. Then, he is questioned by Ed. Ed manages to score some points. Harry admits he didn’t have a sound mind when he gave Joe the order. Then, Joe is questioned about his visits with Martha.

alison the last post finaleJoe admits that he didn’t tell Honor the truth about his visit. Joe tells Ed that he is going down. Ed doesn’t believe so. Tony and Yusra eat together. After a scare, Yusra tells Tony to return to camp and leave her behind. She explains that she would be safer on her own. Tony refuses. Martha meets with a local to set up a potential meeting with Kadir. Honor takes the stand in Joe’s defense. Things quickly go awry when Honor learns about Valerie Cotton and her suicide. Martha is kidnapped on the streets. Honor tries to visit Martha, but she is nowhere to be found. She also discovers that the photographs are gone. Martha is taken to see Kadir Hakim (Aymen Hamdouchi). During their conversation, Martha learns that the government has been negotiating with Kadir and the NLF.

joe martin the last post finaleKadir tells Martha about his meeting with the rare, old bird. When Martha returns home, she finds Honor in her room. Honor remains adamant that she loves Joe. Martha places a call. She is told that that Minister of Colonies is in London. Then, Martha shows Honor a picture of the man that Honor was speaking with. Harry heads to the office and obtains some documents. He turns them over to Ed. Harry says that it is redemption. Honor, Ed and Joe discover that the Minister was meeting with the terrorists. Martha confronts Harvey and reveals that she knows the truth. The charges against Joe are dropped and he is set free. Tony and Yusra share a kiss. Ed contemplates leaving the army. Alison tells him that he cannot, because they need him badly. Joe returns to his duties, after a little fun with Honor. Harry learns about the government lying to them.

alison the last post recap finaleYusra runs to the mountain top to watch the sun go down. She tells Tony to come. A shot rings out and Yusra drops to the ground. Tony calls out for the coward to show himself. He demands to be shot and killed, but he is left alone. As the episode ends, Joe steps outside of the camp and pleads with Tony to return.


The Last Post Review

I’ve enjoyed The Last Post. It definitely isn’t the best series I have seen, but I found it to be enjoyable from start to finish. The finale was a little lackluster, but fulfilling nonetheless. In the end, we learned that the government was hypocrites. They wished to punish Joe for disobeying rules, while doing the same. Tony reunited with Yusra, but their romance was short lived.

Joe was set free thanks to Harry, Martha and Ed. The series could easily extend into a second season, but I am not sure it will get renewed. If it does, I will definitely continue watching. The finale was good, but not great. A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with past recaps of The Last Post now!

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