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The Last Post Series 1 Episode 4 Recap

As the episode begins, Joe (Jeremy Neumark Jones) tells Harry (Ben Miles) that he should be with Mary. Harry admits he didn’t want George to go to the BP club. He blames himself for his son’s disappearance. Meanwhile, the other soldiers drive through a sand storm in hopes of tracking down George. Harry returns home and speaks with Mary (Amanda Drew) about Yusra. Mary doesn’t want to believe it and seems stunned that she was so wrong about her. Mary recalls Yusra saying something about oranges. This gives them an idea. After the intro, Alex Baxter (Chris Reilly) gives his soldiers orders. Tony Armstrong (Tom Glynn-Carney) takes up for Yusra. Baxter tries to convince Armstrong to put those thoughts aside. Joe returns home and chats with Honor (Jessie Buckley) about the incident.

mary markham the last postHonor turns it around and demands to know where Joe went. He tells her the truth about meeting with Martha (Essie Davis). He tells her about the film. Honor asks why Joe is so far away from her. He doesn’t answer. After Joe leaves, Honor bakes a cake for Mary. Meanwhile, Alison (Jessica Raine) becomes ill and throws up in the bathroom. She contemplates giving herself an abortion. Ultimately, she isn’t able to go through with it. Paul Stoneham (Louis Greatorex) finds George’s teddy bear with Yusra’s family. The mother and brother are taken into custody. The father flees out the back door and is ultimately shot and killed by a Royal Scotch Guard member. Honor meets Mary and complains that her cake is stuck in the pan. Ed (Stephen Campbell Moore) and Joe learn about Yusra’s family.

honor martin the last postHarry gets a visit from the higher ups. He learns that Harvey Tilbrook (Richard Dillane) has requested his presence. He is forced to leave Mary. Also, Mary finishes sewing George’s jersey. Alison tries to help with Honor’s cake, but it just didn’t want to leave the pan. The girls also chat about their husbands lying to them. Before Harry leaves the base, he spots Yusra’s family and is shown the bear. Harry tells Baxter to let Ed conduct the interrogation. Tony returns to his bed and reads Yusra’s letter. Stoneham enters moments later and asks Tony about his relationship with Yusra. Israel (Kevin Sutton) enters and explains that kids are tough. They believe that George will make it. Ed chats with Yusra’s family, but gets nothing. Baxter suggests using a little force, but the others refuse. Joe explains that it would be best to let them go. Joe believes that the NLF will approach the family after their release and that will give them an opportunity to catch those responsible.

paul stoneham episode 4 the last postBaxter is forced to tell the boy about his father’s death. Honor and Alison take the cake to Mary. Alison is allowed to hold the baby. Mary manages to get the cake out of the pan without any trouble. Harvey gives Harry the chance to speak with Kadir Hakim (Aymen Hamdouchi). Kadir offers to exchange the boy for his country. He also explains that he doesn’t know where the boy is, since he was capture before George was kidnapped. Harry eventually loses it and bashes Kadir in the face a few times. Tony approaches Joe and admits he wants to confide in him. He shows Joe the letters from Yusra. Tony suggests that Yusra had nothing to do with it. He places the blame solely on the NLF. Tony bets his life on there being an explanation. Ed visits his informant and requests information. He agrees to return later.

tony armstrong the last postTony visits Yusra’s mother and brother. He learns that another boy was kidnapped before George. He visits Honor and asks about Joe, but he isn’t home. Honor checks Joe’s bag and finds the film. Alison pays her a visit. Joe visits Martha and requests to know more about the kidnapping. During their conversation, Martha mentions Valerie Cotton. This must be a woman from Joe’s past. Joe leaves and tries to take out his frustrations beside of the road. Alison and Honor visit the doctor. Alison is inspected and given startling news. Later, she tells Alison that it is twins. They decide to disobey the curfew and watch the sun go down from the desert. Harry returns home and speaks with Mary about the current situation. Mary hands over Harry’s Christmas present. Harry admits the kidnappers should have made demands by now. Then, we learn that Mary has requested a song on the radio. Ed returns to the informant.

ed informant the last postEd is told that George is moved every few hours. He is given an address and told he better hurry. Ed calls for backup and Joe begins rushing towards the scene. Alison and Honor get stuck when the vehicle breaks down. They hitch a ride with a man in a truck. Ed spots George. He kills two men, before being shot in the stomach. George is rushed away. Joe finds Ed on the ground. He rushes him back towards the base.


The Last Post Review

The Last Post isn’t the best series I have ever watched. Nevertheless, it is good in its own right. The casting is definitely good. I haven’t noticed any terrible acting yet. On top of that, most of the characters are easy to like or at least easy to sympathize with. This episode focused mainly on the search for George. It seems that everyone is ready to turn on Yusra except for Tony. I have a hunch that he will be right in the end.

Ed was shot while attempting to rescue George. I have a feeling that he will survive. Who knows whether or not Alison wants that though. The episode was pretty good. The Last Post is definitely watchable. This episode scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of The Last Post right now!

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