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The Last Kingdom Season 2 Finale Recap

As the finale begins, Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) and his men head for Winchester. Along the way, Pyrlig (Cavan Clerkin) tells the men that it is love that allows a man to fight for his country. Once they arrive, Uhtred quickly reassures Alfred (David Dawson) that his daughter is simply too valuable to be killed by the Danes. However, he admits they would likely humiliate her. Alfred fears that Wessex’s dignity could be at sake. Odda (Simon Kunz) questions how many men would he allow to die to protect its dignity. Alfred makes plans to pay the ransom, but he is also willing to go to battle if necessary. Aethelred (Toby Regbo) confirms he will support Alfred’s decision. Once the conversation ends, Odda makes it clear he believes something else should be done. Uhtred insists it is best to do nothing for the time being. Erik (Christian Hillborg) tells Dagfinn (Simon Krogh Stenspil) to leave his post, so he can visit Aethelflaed.

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Once everyone is ordered outside, Erik and Aethelflaed (Millie Brady) write a letter to Uhtred. Sigefrid (Bjorn Bengtsson) returns after raiding lands in Wessex. He promises a slave woman (Sarah Broadbent) to Haesten (Jeppe Beck Laursen). Erik hands the letter to Sihtric (Arnas Fedaravicius) and asks him to deliver it to Uhtred. That night, Uhtred confirms to Gisela (Peri Baumeister) that he intends to help Aethelflaed and Erik, despite the repercussions he could face. He admits it would look like a betrayal in Alfred’s eyes, so he would likely flee the area. The next day, the residents of Wessex are ordered to contribute to the ransom. Odda finds a former soldier and introduces him to Alfred. Along with Odda, the man confirms the Danes have begun raiding Wessex. They have also taken the man’s wife and daughters. Again, Odda questions Alfred’s judgment and insists they cannot expect the citizens to give up more.

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Alfred lashes out at his friend. It is agreed that Odda will return to his estate and wife at Devonshire. Aethelwold (Harry McEntire) looks through the ransom stash. He admits the citizens pay for the swords that will be used against them. Alfred enters seconds later. They speak about Aethelwold’s father. Then, Aethelwold sits down with Odda. Aethelwold finally admits he does not agree with the payment. He also confirms he would raise a fyrd, if he could. Later that night, Uhtred, Osferth (Ewan Mitchell), and Finan (Mark Rowley) are forced to deal with a drunken Odda. He is transported inside and Osferth is ordered to watch over him. Odda mentions raising Devonshire’s army against the Danes. He hits the bed and says nothing more. In the morning, Odda wakes up alongside Osferth and Clapa (Magnus Samuelsson). Sihtric delivers the letter to Uhtred. He tells Sihtric and Finan about Erik’s plan to escape.

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Gisela expresses concern that the Danes will follow Uhtred and his men. He suggests they’ll follow the silver, Aethelflaed. As Odda prepares to leave Winchester, he watches the silver being carried out of the castle. Uhtred speaks with Pyrlig and learns he will be Alfred’s spy at Devonshire. He also pleads with Uhtred to stop Odda from doing anything rash. Odda arrives seconds later and Uhtred tries to convince him to do nothing. Odda pretends he has already forgotten the plan. Alfred speaks with Aelswith (Eliza Butterworth) and asks if he is selfish for trying to spare Aethelflaed. Aelswith admits she doesn’t believe so, since Aethelflaed is Wessex. Haesten makes comments to Sigefrid and this leads to the removal of Aethelflaed. Erik becomes panicked when he finds her missing. He rushes to the hall and finds her hoisted above the floor in a cage. As Odda and Pyrlig approach Devonshire, they see the army marching. Odda admits he knows Pyrlig is a spy for Alfred.

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Pyrlig is sent back to Winchester to inform Alfred. The slave woman, who was promised to Haesten, gives Aethelflaed water. She does not respond when asked her name. Erik learns through Dagfinn that his men are beginning to distrust him. Sigefrid arrives seconds later. Erik complains that his brother has made a fool of him. Sigefrid uses the opportunity to try and get his brother back on track with the initial plan. Extra guards are placed outside, while Dagfinn insists Erik needs to show where his loyalties lie. As Pyrlig rushes back to Winchester, he gets a lift from Aldhelm (James Northcote) and Aethelred). As Uhtred and his men prepare to head for Beamfleot, Osferth expresses his fear. Uhtred tries to give him confidence and promises to get him an axe, since it will be easier to wield. Mercia’s share of silver is taken to Alfred’s chamber. At this time, Pyrlig informs Alfred about Odda’s army.

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Alfred curses his old comrade. He also learns that Uhtred has gone missing. He immediately puts a plan into action to stop Odda. Odda’s army continues their journey, while Uhtred’s small group sails for Beamfleot. Erik enters the hall and orders the new slave girl to leave with him. He returns later and tells the others that she is his and his alone. Sihtric admits something is fishy, as soon as he spots the extra guards. Erik regains trust from the others, before they prepare to drink throughout the night. The slave girl tells Aethelflaed to have faith and that it is happening tonight. Alfred’s men strike. Osferth immediately freezes, but he does manage to finish off a half dead man on the ground. Again, Uhtred tells him to man up or return to the shrine. Alfred’s army is halted, as it nears Odda. Meanwhile, Uhtred is forced to make a decision. Despite his friend’s wishes and concerns, he insists they visit the hall. Sihtric manages to get Erik’s attention. This time, Erik admits their escape plan is hopeless.

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Nevertheless, Uhtred refuses to listen. He comes up with a plan. Parts of the town are set ablaze. The slave woman is sent out on horseback. The Danes chase after her immediately and this leaves the hall wide open. Sihtric and Clapa lower Aethelflaed and help her escape. Sigefrid returns and fights with Erik. Sigefrid stabs his brother. He tells Erik that he has killed them both. This gives Uhtred and his team enough time to flee the city. Clapa keeps the Danes busy, while Uhtred and the others jump on their horses. Sigefrid emerges and gives chase with Haesten right behind him. Odda confronts Alfred. He explains that the Northmen will expect a fight. Before things can get bloody, Uhtred and Aethelflaed are seen in the distance. The two armies team up to take down Sigefrid and his men. Haesten conveniently heads in the opposite direction. As soon as the battle begins, Uhtred is knocked to the ground and stunned. When he gets up, he challenges Sigefrid.

sigefrid the last kingdom s2 finale

Uhtred gets the better of his enemy and Aethelflaed finishes him off from behind. Alfred’s army is victorious. As we return to Winchester, we see Aethelwold carrying an item wrapped in cloth. Aethelflaed speaks with Uhtred and thanks him for his help. She also pleads for his help should she need to fight off her husband in the future. Uhtred agrees. Aethelflaed admits she might be pregnant with Erik’s baby. After Aethelflaed gives Uhtred a kiss on the cheek, she leaves and Alfred enters. Uhtred and Alfred discuss Odda’s fate. Alfred makes it clear he intends to have him tried for treason. Before Uhtred leaves, he is reminded that he still owes Alfred. Aethelwold visits Odda, who is locked in a cell. He gives him the concealed item and confirms Devonshire was beautiful.

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Once Aethelwold leaves, Odda unwraps a knife and takes his own life. Through a narration, Uhtred admits Lord Odda saving Wessex will never be written. However, he intends to make it known. He also confirms his actions have made King Alfred stronger than ever. We see Haesten ruling over Beamfleot, after Sigefrid’s defeat. Uhtred realizes his sword is Saxon and he is shackled to Mercia and Wessex. While he intends to help Alfred unite the kingdoms, he has not forgotten about Bebbanburg.


The Last Kingdom Review

The Last Kingdom’s season series finale was magnificent. Erik sacrificing himself for Aethelflaed was a little predictable, but it was still effective. Odda was the hero of the episode, yet he was destined to pay dearly for his heroic actions. Again, Aethelwold’s interactions with Odda have proven Aethelwold to be wiser than anyone could imagine. Despite once again saving Wessex and Alfred, Uhtred remains indebted to the King.

The journey shall continue. This season was great from start to finish. I sincerely hope we get a 3rd season of The Last Kingdom. There are still plenty of storylines to explore. The finale scores an 8.5 out of 10. Catch up with past recaps of The Last Kingdom!

  1. tamara says:

    Love this series it’s one of my favorite series hope that there’s a third season it’s very regrettable that erik is dead hope it might be possible to bring him back with a miracle in the third season because we saw How he got a knife in his body but not really how he died

  2. Finn Liisi says:

    Bring Erik back he’s strong enough to survive !

  3. Mazikeen says:

    Love this, it’s one of my favourite. Though i wish erik could come back. Loved the character so much. I’m still not over his death.

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