The Last Enemy Review

The Last Enemy is a drama, mystery television series that aired on BBC. The plot is set in London, England, which works perfectly for this government conspiracy involving the privacy act and deadly virus outbreak in the Middle East. 

When the first episode takes off, Michael Ezard (Max Beesley) and Yasim Anwar (Anamaria Marinca) are working in the Middle East. Michael, a non-government worker, and Yasim, a physician, was testing an illegal genocidal genetic weapon by injecting it into a group of refugees that somehow found their way into Afghanistan. This medical injection was so powerful and intelligent that it could recognize a specific, human gene, which would be used to wipe out an entire Arabic family. A slight twist to the storyline is that it was also used to combat the ever growing illegal immigration population. Once injected a human would die within a few days. Michael becomes part of the experiment when he is injected with the drug. He is now the only British descendant that has been tagged. He suddenly begins to question what they were really doing in Afghanistan and his personal safety so he prepares a secret escape plan.

Michael’s brother, Stephen Ezard (Benedict Cumberbatch), a genius mathematician, is notified that Michael was fatally injured in an accident while he was in the Middle East. Stephen travels to London for his brother’s funeral but is met by his ex-girlfriend, Eleanor Brooke (Eva Birthistle). She begins encouraging Stephen to become the leading spokesperson for the TIA (Total Information Awareness), a government tracking and monitoring company. At first, he denies the request but later accepted her offer after he discovered information that led him to believe that Michael’s death was part of a government conspiracy. 

Michael’s death accompanied with a mysterious video tape, that Stephen finds, leaves him with more questions than answers. He uses the TIA intelligent database to investigate his brother’s death. He eventually meets Yasim and falls head over hills in love with her, so they join forces to solve this twisting, gripping, political science fiction.


This series is full of hidden secrets, drama, and suspense. The greatest thing about this series is it helps bring to life the government’s hidden agenda behind the national surveillance and monitoring systems. 

Thanks to Edward Snowden, we are now aware of how the American government officials have misused the NSA. There is no such thing as privacy, if you reside within the United States. This brilliant British series has set the standards and led the way for the discussion of government surveillance. Cumberbatch, Beesley, and Marinca all played their roles exceptionally well, which makes this a must see. I rate this series 8.5.

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