the lady in the van

The Lady In The Van Movie Review

The Lady in the Van is not as expected. It is visually regretful and also verbally. The British vagrant reveals not too tidy habits as she resides in the vehicle and actually has no real bathroom.

 the lady in the van

Story piece

This is a British film based on Mary Shepherd, the true story of an elderly woman. She lives for the past 15 years in her broken down van in the Alan Bennett London driveway. This film ‘The Lady in the Van’ director is Nicholas Hytner, well known for his theatre work where he directed hits as Miss Saigon, Two Guvnors and The History Boys and One Man.

Maggie Smith The Lady In The Van


Alex Jennings and Maggie Smith headline the cast as Alan Bennett and Mary Shepherd. Mary Shepherd is not a new role as she already has done this in 1999 as theatrical production and also in the 2009 BBC Radio 4 adaptation.


The film is on Alan Bennett‘s improbable friendship with Mary Shepherd. It is considered improbable as Alan Bennett permitted Mary Shepherd to park her van into a 15 year obligation in his driveway. With the passing of years, Alan realizes and learns more about this guest, Mary Shepherd, whose real name is Margaret Fairchild. The reason for this concealed identity refers to the time Margaret ran away from a mental institution and met an accident with a motorcyclist and ever since is hiding from the police.


New Benefits

Alan also comes to know that Margaret was a versatile musician, a pupil of Alfred Cortot, the great pianist and played Chopin in concert. Alan and Mary’s relationship was definitely a very strained one, but both were benefited in the end on knowing each other.

‘The Lady in the Van’ is crawling movie that is hard to get the ground. The film is full of dialogue and all that they say in the first place is not really entertaining or interesting. It is identical to the last year release film Grandma starring Lily Tomlin. Moreover, Mary, the main character is really unpleasant that it is tough to get interested in the film.


The Roles

Maggie Smith cannot be termed to do a poor job; she is the opposite as in her role. Her character in this film is just that it is very difficult to understand her. This movie is absolutely geared for older audience and nonetheless they are sure to enjoy the most and hope they get some pleasure. However, anyone spending money on this movie in the theater may consider and reconsider.

The worth admiring character in this movie is her unmitigated survival instincts and gall. Alan has offered her a legal and safe haven and thus providing humorous endless material, though with the outside world she has rude interactions.


Pros: The movie is absolutely for the older audience

Cons: Very slow, too much of dialogues


There is a deep purpose revealed as the old couple. The Lady in the Van offers an act of charity and how this act benefits us, even if it does not mean much. Unfortunately, the movie drags far too long, before it becomes worth your time. A 6 out of 10 is deserved.

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