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The Knick Recap S2 E1

When the second season of The Knick opens, Lucy Elkins (Eve Hewson) writes a letter to Dr. Thackery (Clive Owen). She tells him about a Previa surgery with Dr. Edwards (Andre Holland) and Bertie (Michael Angerano). Meanwhile, we see Thackery performing surgery on a woman’s nose. Once he is finished, he attempts to bribe the woman’s husband with more surgery for more drugs. Next, we move to Cornelia (Juliet Rylance) in San Francisco. She speaks with Dr. Feng, who is separated by a barrier. They speak about the mayor’s concern of the plague spreading.

the knick recap season 2

Afterwards, Mother Superior (Maryann Plunkett) pays a visit to Sister Harriet (Cara Seymour), who is now locked in jail. The conversation starts well, but Mother Superior eventually throws harsh words in Harriet’s direction. Next, we visit Algernon Edwards and see him going through an eye examination. It is revealed that Edward could be suffering from a detached retina. He is told to wait it out and see whether or not the condition improves. Next, Dr. Everett Gallinger (Eric Johnson) and his wife shop around for new teeth.

The Knick Series 2 Algernon Edwards

Outside, Herman Barrow (Jeremy Bobb) meets with Tom Cleary (Chris Sullivan). Tom shows off his new vehicle and negotiates a new deal with Herman to use it as an ambulance. Afterwards, Edwards and Bertie perform an operation. Edwards allows Bertie to finish things up. After the operation has concluded, Everett meets Edwards in his office. Despite Everett suggesting he is ready to resume his duties, he refuses to work under Edward. He insists he’ll return, once Thackery returns. Nurse Elkins pays a visit to Bertie and provides him with an early birthday gift. However, he refuses to take it and sends her away.

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Meanwhile, the big shots at the hospital meet and discuss the facility’s future. Eventually, Edwards is brought in and allowed to speak. He tells the men he wishes to become the head of surgery. Henry Robertson (Charles Aitken) seems up for the ideal, but the others insist they’ll begin a search for a replacement. Afterwards, Edwards complains about his treatment to Robertson. Henry insists they’ll make the others come around. Afterwards, Inspector Jacob Speight (David Fierro) visits Herman and inspects a file of plague victims. They immediately learn that they’re all immigrants.

Nurse Elkins Season 2 The Knick

Cornelia steals jewelry from her home and sells it. She uses the money to buy food for the immigrations in the encampment. Once she enters with the wagon, she is overwhelmed and knocked to the ground. Meanwhile, Everett pays a visit to Thackery at the rehab. He doesn’t like what he finds. Thackery complains about the doctors and their lack of medications. Thackery admits he never wants to go back to the hospital. Still, Everett is adamant that he’ll be able to fix things somehow.

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Meanwhile, Cornelia returns home and tells Phillip (Tom Lipinski) about her treachery. Moments later, his creepy father, Hobart Showalter (Gary Simpson), enters. Cornelia learns that the pair will be moving back to New York and living one an apartment provided by Phillip’s father. Back at the Knick, Herman confronts Elkins and question her about Thackery. He reveals that Thackery has disappeared from the Chromartie.

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Next, Thackery finds himself on a boat tied up. He screams, but nobody is around to hear him, as Everett drives the boat deeper out onto the water. Back in the city, Tom Cleary pays a visit to Sister Harriet and delivers her some food. She admits she hasn’t given him up and insists he will not. Tom is adamant that he’ll get some money together and hire her a clever lawyer. Next, Herman pays a visit to Ping Wu (Perry Yung). Ping Wu demands that Herman uses the hospital to provide his prostitutes with examinations. Herman attempts to negotiate a price for his services.

the knick season 2 wrestling

Thackery finally kinds out who has kidnapped him. Meanwhile, Cleary attempts to make some money on a wrestling match, but his man ends up losing. Back on the boat, Everett tells Thackery that he needs to learn how to tie 10 knots, before he’ll take him back to the city. Next, the Inspector investigates a few dead bodies. He manages to link them to the plague and rats. Back at the hospital, Bertie speaks with Edwards and learns about an upcoming surgery. Edwards insists Bertie can do it on his own with an assistant, Dr. Mays (Ben Livingston).

The knick surgery season 2

Bertie manages to successfully pull off the surgery. Unfortunately, his assistant is pretty much worthless. Meanwhile, Thackery works quickly to learn the knots. The following day, Herman prepare for the groundbreaking for The Knickerbocker Hospital. Cornelia surprises Henry and reveals that they’re back in the city. Cornelia is introduced to Harold (Gibson Frazier) and Henry tells him they’ll speak about the business deal later. Algie joins the pair a few minutes later.

the knick henry camera

Henry takes the pair to his new camera and prepares to take their picture, before he is pulled away. Phillip returns to Cornelia and tells her that the apartment isn’t finished yet. Instead, the pair will be living with Phillip’s father for a few months. During the groundbreaking ceremony, a vacant shovel is fulfilled by Algie, thanks to Henry. Not everyone is happy with the idea. Near the end of the episode, we move back to the boat and see that Thackery has finished learning the knots. He also speaks about his desire to find a cure for his addiction. He also continues seeing a younger girl.


The Knick Season 2 Episode 1 Review

The second season of the Knick didn’t skip forward too much. Unfortunately, the beginning of the episode was a little slow and lingered too much on petty issues. It felt like the series was attempting to make a political statement, at times. However, things got better, when they started to focus on the characters that really matter, mainly Thackery. It is also nice to see Bertie finally breakaway and spread his wings.

All in all, the episode was pretty good. A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with previous episodes of The Knick right now!

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