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The Kettering Incident Finale Recap

At the beginning of the finale, Anna Macy (Elizabeth Debicki) has a flashback in the hospital. She recalls the night of Gillian’s disappearance, before Doctor McKenzie enters her room and discusses her condition. McKenzie speaks about the boy, Kade. In the morning, Anna pulls out her IV and looks at a notebook on the nearby desk. It says that “They’re looking for you”, or something similar. The strange flower is found nearby. Anna makes her escape. Next, Eliza is shown inside of the pitch dark hole. She sees light at the other end and begins heading towards it. She finds a ladder and climbs outside into the waiting arms of Dane (Dylan Young). Dane has his gun, which he insists he needs for protection. The pair climbs out of the muddy hole and flees on Dane’s motorcycle.

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After the intro scene, we hear a news report regarding Chloe’s death and her upcoming funeral. We also see that the water has been blocked off from the public. We see Renae preparing for the day, before Dane and Eliza meet up with Lofty. Eliza heads to the ferry with Lofty, while Dane heads back. Doctor McKenzie and Roy discover that Anna has gone missing. During this time, Anna makes it to her vehicle. Fergus (Henry Nixon) and Dutch investigate the theft of a bundle of weapons. They question Craig, who admits to writing the threatening letters to Max, because he wanted to teach him a lesson for speaking too much. However, he insists he had nothing to do with Chloe’s death. During the interrogation, Dutch asks Craig about Travis, but doesn’t receive a truthful answer.

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The police also ask about Eliza. Craig is eventually allowed to leave. Next, Barb meets with Renae. They chat about Travis and his disappearance. Renae doesn’t seem to believe Travis could’ve killed Chloe. Instead, she admits his disappearance was due to her behavior. Craig visits Eliza and finds her craving a tattoo into her arm. She also has a camera, which could be Chloe’s. Dane prepares his gun, while his father watches on. Anna attempts to get in touch with Dominic, but finds him dead inside of his camper. She grabs the remaining photographs and makes her exit. Renae disposes of Travis’ belongings. The local dance girl attempts to place another prank call to Renae, but she doesn’t receive an answer. Eliza visits the police station and is interviewed by Dutch and Fergus. She lashes out at her father and admits to sleeping in the car, after being locked out by her mother. Eliza admits Dane blames Dutch for Eliza’s death. Dutch blows it off and the interrogation continues.

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Moments later, Craig and Eliza fight. Eliza knocks Dutch into the locker, before he observes strange markings on her back. After they depart, they contemplate bringing in Dane for questioning. They agree it would be a waste of time. Fergus goes through the images on Chloe’s camera. They show the night of the party. Dutch insists he was with Barb on the night of the party and Fergus seems to believe it. Dutch departs moments later, while Fergus finds something of interest in the photos. Dutch meets up with Anna and learns about Dominic’s death. He also hears about Anna’s suspicions regarding Jens and David Owen. Dutch shows her the weapon, which he found in the back of Anna’s vehicle. She insists she is being setup.

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Next, we see a horde of moths flying over the city. Craig speaks with Eliza’s mother, Sharon, and they contemplate whether or not Eliza could be involved in the murder. They admit neither of them were watching Eliza. Anna heads to the nearby office for Amber Arrow and discovers it to be empty. She breaks inside and begins scouring around. She finds herself on camera, before discovering an empty hangar of sorts. Fergus and Dutch discover Dominic’s body. Fergus admits he knew the man and talked with him frequently regarding the disappearance of his father. They discover a bullet casing and Dutch finds a pair of night vision goggles. The scene is blocked off by police tape, while Anna heads underground. She finds an empty room, which contains the weird sphere object from the Antarctic photographs.

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Seconds later, Lofty startles Anna from behind. He is with Jens. Anna asks Jens about being David. He denies killing Chloe and insists she was already dead when he found her. He heads into a side room, which contains high strength medication. Jens insists he found Chloe’s body near the back of Sullivan’s house. Anna is led into another room where she finds CT scans. She admits she remembers nothing from the night of the disappearance. She asks Jens what he remembers as David. Seconds later, Dr. Colleen McKay, who closely resembled Gillian, enters. Anna attempts to speak with her, but she runs off. Jens tells Anna she could be an extraordinary doctor as well. He insists the twin moons means the tide is shifting. Anna confirms she only wants to know the truth. Jens agrees to help her find it out. He insists her presence can help tip the balance.

anna the kettering incident recap

Jens seems legitimately startled by the death of Dominic, before Anna agrees to help. During this time, Dutch and Fergus visit Renae’s home. They cannot find the woman, but do find a note, which she left behind. They also discover that the house is covered with moss and limbs. It speaks about her intention to make the townsfolk feel her pain. Renae visits Deb’s restaurant and picks up the girls for a concert. She leaves with them moments later. Fergus and Dutch meet with Deb, who admits there is no concert. Renae’s letter admits Chloe must’ve have paid the price for the townsfolk, while she is seen cruising down the road. At the funeral, Roy attempts to get in touch with Anna. He also apologizes for his behavior. Overhead, there is a strange black cloud, which seems to be approaching the church.

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Adam arrives for the party. Moments later, Dutch and Fergus arrive. They admit they have several cars out looking for Renae. Fergus and Dutch are pulled away from the funeral, when reports of gunshots from Mother Sullivan’s Ridge are called in. On their way out, Dutch sees Anna standing on the nearby hillside. The funeral ceremony begins, while moths begin covering the church’s windows. Dutch and Fergus scour through the woods, while Anna meets up with Kade and Jens. Dutch is shot by Dane, while Anna begins inspecting Kade. Dutch looks around and sees Adam and the others standing around with guns, yet Adam remains at the church. Jens tells Anna about the flower, which survived against the odds. He admits Anna didn’t come to find out what happened to Gillian. He insists she came to find out what happened to her.

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He takes her to the house where Chloe was killed and exposes the room underneath. Anna hesitantly jumps inside. She finds the old bicycles and calls out Gillian’s name. She is approached by a figure. When it gets closer, we can see that it is another Anna. She stares into her other self’s face, as the episode draws to a conclusion.


The Kettering Incident Finale Review

The finale for The Kettering Incident was great and by far the best episode of the series. The episode brought everything together and unraveled the truth regarding Jens, Amber Arrow, and the disappearances. Nonetheless, the finale brought more questions than answers. That alone justifies another season. The finale’s twist and turns were excellent and undoubtedly unexpected. Tons remains unknown, so I sincerely how we get a second season of The Kettering Incident.

The finale deserves an 8.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous episode recaps of The Kettering Incident right now!

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