The Kettering Incident Episode 7 Recap

At the beginning of the 7th episode, the people of Kettering close off some of the lake, due to a contamination. Anna Macy has a flashback of Gillian, before she awakes to Dutch’s face. She is questioned by Dutch and Fergus about her fingerprints being on the railing. She tells them about the moths and how they rush towards the light. She interview is ended seconds later and Anna is sent home with her father, Roy. Roy tells Fergus not to take his hatred for him out on Anna. After Anna is sent home, she attempts to get in touch with Doctor McKenzie, but is unable to do so. Meanwhile, the townsfolk have their blood drawn for precautionary reasons. Fergus is questioned on the scene and admits the water comes from the ridge.

anna macy the kettering incident

Max gathers the men at the mill and informs them that the mill will be shut down in a few days. Adam shows up moments later and attempts to begin work. Max tells him about the situation, an argument ensues and Adam flees the scene. Anna calls Fiona once again, but gets no answer. Dutch and Fergus are forced to let Lofty go, once they discover the blood is indeed that of a seal. Adam shows back up at home and confronts his mother. She manages to calm him down, but he still seems awkwardly intense. Lofty is released from the jail cell, after having a brief conversation with Fergus about religion. Fergus talks to Dane about testifying against Dutch. Dane has a change of heart and refuses to testify. Once he leaves, Fergus gets angry and punches a piece of wood injuring his hand. Anna arrives at the doctor’s lab and scours through her reports. They confirm that some type of enzyme is altering the internal machinery at the T-cells.

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Meanwhile, Barb speaks with Adam. He insists he wants to work. Their conversation turns volatile, when Adam discloses moss on his shoulder and strange marks similar to Chloe’s on his arm. He knocks items to the ground, while Anna injects herself and analyzes the blood. Eliza tells Dane that she wants to escape the town and that nobody would miss them. He insists he couldn’t leave his father, because he is blind. Yet, Eliza admits his father sees more than he does. When the question of money is brought up, Eliza confirms she knows where to get some. Dane tells her to stay away from Dutch and admits he is suspicious of the cop. Sandra fixes Fergus’ hand, while Fergus attempts to lure her to dinner. Dutch arrives, while Fergus asks Sandra about Macca and the night of the party. Sandra refuses to say whether or not she was with Macca at the time.

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We see Jens in his treehouse. Fergus and Dutch go on a drive. Along the way, they begin arguing about Fergus and Roy. Fergus stops the car and questions Dutch about the drugs. He admits to it and confirms the actions were approved from the higher-ups. When they get back into the truck, it won’t start. They hear something overhead that sounds like an airplane, but see nothing. When it passes, the truck starts right up and they drive away. We see the power line sparking. Jens craves an upside down triangle into a tree in the forest. Fergus and Dutch visit Renae. They ask her about Travis and are given permission to search the property. When Fergus isn’t look, Dutch pockets the man’s wallet. Otherwise, they find nothing of interest.

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During this time, Sandra (Katie Robertson) checks out the blood samples and the related paperwork. Moments later, she meets with Jens Jorgensson (Damon Gameau) in the woods and gives him the blood samples. Max (Damien Garvey) finds a bar in the garbage at home. Dutch meets with the loggers at the bar and asks them about Travis. They provide very little info, but admit he won’t be bothering Eliza (Tilda Cobham-Hervey) anytime soon. Dutch has a nightmare. He wakes up with Anna standing over him. They have intercourse, while Dutch tells Anna about the night vision goggles and is nightmares. Fergus (Henry Nixon) finds a hidden message on the threatening note to Max Holloway.

kettering incident hidden note

Meanwhile, we see Jens shooting up blood. While Dutch and Anna spend time together, Roy hangs out with Renae. That night, Barbara (Sacha Horler) takes a load of pills and falls asleep on Chloe’s bed. Dutch (Matthew Le Nevez) tells Anna about a fingerprint found on the underside of Chloe’s bed. She learns it belonged to a scientists by the name of David Owen, who supposedly died in 1998. Max finds Barb just in time and saves her from an overdose. In the morning, Fergus heads out onto the water. He finds objects floating around. We seen an aerial view with an airplane beneath the water. Dane (Dylan Young) speaks with his father, who knows he is preparing to leave. His father offers him some money, but Dane refuses. Dane tells his father he will return, but his father insists he won’t if he is smart.

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Anna meets up with Dominic Harrold (Neil Pigot) and asks him about the missing scientists. She sees pictures of the men and is given permission to take a group photograph with her. Dominic also mentions the name David Owen. Dutch grabs the goggles and prepares to investigate, while Eliza and Dane try to gain access to the money. Max and Craig Grayson (Ben Oxenbould) head up into the mountains and discover the toxic water. They agree to cover it with soil. During this time, Anna does research on David. She spots a man in the picture that looks very similar. Dutch heads into Mother Sullivan’s Ridge. Craig and Max find Travis’ body. The body is covered with moss. While they contemplate what to do with the body, Roy meets with Jens on the mountain. Roy threatens to expose Jens for disposing of the toxic material. He also considers shooting Jens. However, he stops himself, when Jens threatens to tell the locals the truth about Roy’s involvement.

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Dutch stumbles onto Craig and Max in the woods. He sees Travis’ corpse, but remains hid and says nothing. Craig and Max buries the body. Anna (Elizabeth Debicki) rushes into the police station and tells Fergus that the fingerprint belongs to Jens, who is actually David Owen. During this time, Dane and Eliza enter the house where Chloe was murdered. They begin pulling up floor boards to look for the money. Fergus brings Roy to the station and they escort Anna outside. Under the floor boards, Dane and Eliza find a hidden room. Eliza jumps through the hole, while Dane grabs the gun, after hearing someone approaching from outside. Dutch returns to the station and checks out the truck of Anna’s car. He finds a bloody hatch of sorts.

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Eliza makes it safely to the room below and beings looking around. Unfortunately, it is pitch dark. She calls for Dane, but gets no response. She spots two bicycles with yellow balls nearby. Dominic looks through his pictures and finds another one, which clearly identifies Jens as David Owen. Anna is taken to the hospital, where she encounters Doctor McKenzie. The staff escort Anna to Ward 6.


The Kettering Incident Review

The 7th episode of The Kettering Incident revealed a great deal. We learned more about Jens and his link to the previous incident in Antarctica. It was also confirmed that Roy was involved with the disposal of the toxic waste and had been helping Jens all along. What exactly did Eliza discover? The twists and turns of the season have been great and it is certain there are a few more ahead.

Although some things are little farfetched, The Kettering Incident is still a good view. An 8 out of 10 for the 7th episode. Catch up with previous recaps of The Kettering Incident right now.

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