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The Kettering Incident Episode 3 Recap

At the beginning of the 3rd episode, Anna (Elizabeth Debicki) is shown at Fergus’ home scouring through her notes. Fergus (Henry Nixon) pays a visit to Max (Damien Garvey) and asks him about Chloe’s phone. Barbara (Sacha Horler) enters and asks about the phone. They learn it was found in Kettering Forest fairly close to the Greenie camp. Max decides to enlist the assistance of Roy (Anthony Phelan) against Fergus’ will. Adam (Brad Kannegiesser) enters moments later and is asked about seeing Chloe at the party. He says nothing of interest. When Anna gets out of bed, she is confronted by Brian Dutch (Matthew Le Nevez), who offers her a cup of coffee. Dutch jokes about the pair’s potential sexual escapades, before asking about Anna’s night with Chloe. Anna again tells about Chloe’s intend to escape the city and men like Dutch.

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Anna learns about Chloe’s phone, as well as the bruise on the back of her leg. Back at the Holloway home, Eliza Grayson (Tilda Cobham-Hervey) changes her tune and insists the phone message was a joke. Fergus threatens her with prosecution for lying to the police, but she continues to make jokes about seeing lights. She insists they used to make similar jokes all the time. Dane Sullivan (Dylan Young) gets a visit from Dutch and is question about the drug stash. Dane discloses the drug’s location and Dutch heads on his way. Anna finally heads home and finds a map on the kitchen table. The map pinpoints the search location and the spot where Chloe’s phone was found. Anna heads into town and confirms the search location with the help of Renae Baxter (Suzi Dougherty). Anna asks Renae about the lights, but gets no response. She also gets a lift up to the mountain, after noticing something on Deb’s (Alison Whyte) chest.

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On the way up the mountain, Anna is asked about her reason for returning to the area. The vehicle is stopped when an animal is hit. Anna is forced out of the car and decides to put the animal out of its misery. One she arrives at the search scene, she immediately spots Jens Jorgensson (Damon Gameau) and his Greenie crew. Anna is stopped by Craig Grayson (Ben Oxenbould), who asks who Anna killed. She says nothing, but tries to remove the blood from her hands. She heads up the forest, while Fergus attempts to get the dogs to head inside. They refuse to do so and bark from a distance away. Anna gets trapped in mud, before being rescued by Adam. She is transported back down the hill, where he father once again blames her for causing trouble. Meanwhile, Dutch gets permission to search Chloe’s room.

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On his way out, Dutch flirts with Barb. His behavior is spotted by Eliza. Fergus returns to the search headquarters and tells Roy about the dog’s refusal to search the mountain. They argue over control and Roy seems to ignore Fergus’ orders. Anna is transported back home by Deb. They chat about Deb’s cancer and Anna agrees to keep it a secret. They also chat about Doctor McKenzie (Kris McQuade), who has given up her practice to give a tour of the women’s prison. Adam and the others stumble into trouble searching the mountain, as it begins to darken. Jens helps Adam up, but Adam grows frustrated and lashes out at the Greenie. Back at the Holloway home, Barb ridicules Eliza for doing Chloe’s knitting. Max gets a visit from Roy, who provides him with an update of the search. He convinces Max to head home for the night. Meanwhile, Dutch scours through the pictures on Chloe’s computer. He finds many of himself and confirms she was likely following him and tracking his actions.

anna macy the kettering incident

Max returns home and fights with his wife, because he refused to visit the mountain during the search. The lights shut off and Max heads outside to fix them. As soon as he gets outside in the rain, they switch back on. The search starts up again in the morning. Anna heads to the prison to meet with the doctor. She is given the tour with everyone else and learns about the dreadful doctor from the past and his experiments on the patients. Once the tour comes to an end, Anna speaks with Dr. McKenzie in private. Anna learns about the night of Gillian’s disappearance and her father bringing her to the doctor’s office. She discovers that blood was found underneath her fingernails, but Roy rushed her out, before the doctor could get a closer look. Anna heads to the bar and purchase a bottle of wine. She also speaks with Fergus about the previous night.

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Anna asks Fergus about the case files and attempts to convince him to allow her to see Gillian’s files. He refuses. Once he departs, Dutch approaches and speaks with Anna. He buys her a drink and questions her motives for returning to the area. Anna questions why Dutch, who is a homicide cop, is investigating a mission person’s case. He insists Chloe’s body will be found soon. Anna exits with her wine. Roy irons his clothing at home. When he exits the room, the television switches to a protest against the Tasmanian forest destruction. He enters Anna’s room and finds a middle person’s poster for Chloe. Meanwhile, Renae watches an old tap dancing video, before Travis (Kevin MacIsaac) enters. Renae brings up her conspiracy theory, before Travis shuts it down harshly. They argue, before Travis physically beats Renae. Anna pays a visit to Max.

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Anna gives Max the bottle of wine and steps inside. She asks about Barb, before apologizing to Max. Anna asks if Chloe has any weird marks on her skin. Barb admits she had eczema as a child, but refuses to confirm Chloe had nosebleeds. Anna leaves and Max checks in on Eliza. He finds her wearing Chloe’s pajamas. Dutch visits Renae and finds out about the attack. He tries to convince her to get help, but she refuses. Instead, Dutch confronts Travis. Travis quickly calls Dutch a hypocrite and confirms he knows about Dutch’s drug dealing. Nonetheless, Dutch roughs up Travis a little and threatens him, before making his exit. Dutch meets with Anna, who is apparently ready for sex. They get going, before Anna’s nose begins to bleed. She hits the couch, while Dutch goes for a towel. Anna finds one of Chloe’s belongings within Dutch’s couch cushions. She confronts Dutch with the evidence, but he insists he found it in Chloe’s bedroom earlier.

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Anna accuses Dutch of sleeping with Chloe, who was just 17. He denies it. Anna calls him a liar, before making her exit. When she returns home, she finds a package with her name outside of her father’s door. It contains an audio tape of herself and Gillian singing a song. Seconds later, Roy enters. He asks his daughter when he is going to leave. Anna finally admits he has no intention of leaving anytime soon. Anna also confronts her father about his affair with Renae. They argue, before Roy insists Anna is the only one who knows exactly what happened. Anna walks down the road in the morning with her luggage in hand. The workers at the mill get back to work. Chloe’s body is discovers within the wood pile. Fergus and Dutch arrive at the Holloway home, while Max stares at his daughter’s lifeless body.


The Kettering Incident Episode 3 Review

The 3rd episode of The Kettering Incident was a little slow, but the mystery is slowly unraveling with each second. It seems like everyone is hiding something and nobody is telling the truth. Max seemed a little pleased to find his daughter’s body, while Roy is in deeper than Anna knows. What happened in the past between Anna and Gillian? How will it impact what is going on in the present? Only future episodes hold the truth. A good episode that deserves a 7.5 out of 10. Catch up with more recaps of The Kettering Incident right now!

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