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The Kettering Incident Episode 1 and 2 Recap

When the episode begins, we see two young girls biking through the woods. They’re watched from something or someone hiding in the trees. The girls stop when they observe lights shining in the distance. One girl, Anna, remains behind, while her friend, Gillian, runs towards the lights. We jump to present day London and see Anna (Elizabeth Debicki) awaken on the streets by a police office. Despite her awkward behavior, she is sent on her way. Afterwards, the intro scene is played. Once it ends, we jump into Anna’s present life. She prepares herself for work and heads in. Along the way, she takes notes of the events of the previous day. At work, Anna quickly checks on her young patient. She tells the nurse to up the dose and start administering the new antibody.

the kettering incident recap

Anna ventures into the girl’s room and agrees to read her a poem. As soon as she gets started, her nose begins bleeding everywhere. Anna receives a CT scan and her brain is inspected for deformities. Anna admits to her friend that she blacked out for approximately 7 hours the previous day and cannot remember anything. She recalls meeting Tom for dinner, but cannot remember much more. Anna admits Tom is married, but separated from his current wife. She also confirms she had similar symptoms as a child. Anna is asked about her last visit home and her friend, Deidre, contemplates, whether or not she could be suffering from PTSD. Anna blows her off and heads on her way. Anna meets with her boss and learns her oversight over Molly has been handed over to Andrew Cohen.


She also learns about the death of one of her other patients, Frank Henderson. Anna is given an opportunity to watch surveillance footage from the previous night. She sees herself entering the hospital and performing a strange dance. She appears to be in some sort of stupor or trance. She hits the ground and wakes up in her vehicle moments later. She steps outside and finds herself back in her hometown. At this time, we see two young people in a boat. The girl, Chloe Holloway (Sianoa Smit-McPhee), tells Dane (Dylan Young) that they’re not together anymore, as she thumbs through a bundle of money. Something jumps out of the water and into the boat. It turns out to be a frozen bird.

the kettering incident review

They witness something in the sky, before turning their attention to an approaching boat. Dane passes a bag to those on the other boat and receives drugs in return. Seconds later, Chloe’s nose begins to bleed. We skip forward. Anna wakes up again. This time, she is approached by a local, Adam Holloway (Brad Kannegiesser), who gives her a ride back into the city. Anna arrives at a café and heads inside. It just happens to be the joint, where Chloe works with her friend Eliza (Tilda Cobham-Hervey). Lize’s father ridicules Chloe for working with the Greens and tells Lize to stay away from the girl. Anna orders a coffee and attempts to use the Internet, but it is unfortunately not working.

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The others eventually notice Anna and recognize her. She agrees to get a ride from Chloe later, before rushing home to her father’s place. She heads inside and catches up with her father, Roy (Anthony Phelan), who she hasn’t seen in many years. They chat briefly and Roy shows off his birds outside. He also confirms he has bought a club in the area. Anna admits she may see her mother, while she is in the area. Roy prepares to leave, but not before giving Anna access to her mother’s car. Roy leaves with his dog, Gracy. Once Roy leaves, we jump over to Max. We see that he owns and operates a wood mill. He speaks with his wife about the contractors and their tight deadline. He also tells the woman about Anna’s return.

the kettering incident max letter

Max turns around and shifts through his mail. He receives a threatening letter from an unknown source. He makes no mention of it to his wife, Barbara (Sacha Horler). Barbara contemplates warning her sister, Renae (Suzi Dougherty), about Anna’s return. Roy arrives at Renae’s place and asks about Travis (Kevin MacIsaac). Roy heads inside and warns Renae about Anna. Meanwhile, Anna takes notes about her last 3 days and her unexpected return to Kettering. She speaks with her boyfriend and attempts to keep her whereabouts secret, before checking out her mother’s car. She also looks through her father’s paperwork and discovers information about unsolved missing people. Chloe arrives and takes Anna back to her vehicle. Unfortunately, it is nowhere to be found.

chloe holloway the kettering incident

With that, Anna is transported to the police station. While there, she speaks with an officer, Brian Dutch (Matthew le Nevez) and asks to see Fergus McFadden (Henry Nixon). Fergus rushes in and chats with Anna, before a phone calls interrupts. Dutch answers and confirms Anna’s car has been found. They head to the scene only to discover that the vehicle has been burned. They find themselves in the middle of a protest, which is led by sugar man himself, Jens Jorgensson (Damon Gameau). The protest is geared towards Max Holloway and his cutting of the trees. Afterwards, Chloe speaks with Eliza about Anna. Chloe insists Eliza’s mother thinks Anna is a murdered and responsible for the disappearance of several missing people in the area.

eliza grayson the kettering incident

That night, Max returns home and stashes the threatening letter with several others just like it. Jens sits in his tree house and observes a massive moth inside of a jar. He jots down information on a map showing Mother Sullivans Ridge. Anna visits with her father’s bar and insists she cannot stay for her dad’s bonfire. Max enters moments later and speaks with Adam, who ignores him. Max shares a drink with Roy and confirms they’ve got a leak. He admits Buddy Gray knows all of his moves, so someone has to be tipping him off. Anna interrupts, before heading home. She seems angry with Max and gives him the cold shoulder.

chloe holloway the kettering incident

Anna is confronted by Anna outside and asked if she wants to attend a party. Anna agrees and the pair heads into the wood. There, they find the Greenies throwing a bonfire and a wild party. Chloe’s ex-boyfriend watches her from afar. Chloe’s brother and his fellow co-workers are also in attendance. Anna is given drugs, while Chloe agrees to take her to the cabin where she saw the lights. Meanwhile, Travis has intercourse with Max’s wife. Anna stumbles around at the party, while attempting to keep up with Chloe. They walk off into the woods and Chloe approaches strange lights in the distance. Anna screams for her, before we jump forward to the next day. Fergus takes to the water and collects several pieces of wood. It appears to be something off of a vessel.

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Anna wakes up in her father’s home and finds scratches all over her body. She is unable to find her medication, but does find her muddy boots outside. Meanwhile, Barb goes on the hunt for Chloe, who is nowhere to be found. A local heads into the woods and discovers Chloe’s cellphone. Travis returns home to Renae, who tries to tell him about the lights in the woods. He has not interest in them. Anna pays a visit to Barb’s house and attempts to recover her coat, which contains her medication. Barb insists Chloe hasn’t been at home, but will likely be at Eliza’s place. Anna returns to the car and freaks out. She finds herself in the middle of the street and recalls herself dancing in the hospital. She stumbles into Renae’s studio, where she is teaching local girls how to perform the same dance.

renae and anna the kettering incident

Anna freaks out and rushes back to her vehicle. Fergus returns to land and attempts to get in touch with Chloe. Max receives a visit from Jack (Michael Earnshaw), who inquires about the contract. During this time, Grayson (Ben Oxenbould) and his men wreck the Greenies’ camp. Max explains the situation to Jack, before moths cover their door. Max hits the door, but the moths refuse to budge. Eliza gets a visit from Fergus. He attempts to acquire information about Chloe, but only learns about the party. He leaves moments later. Dutch picks up Chloe’s boyfriend Dane (Dylan Young). Dane is questioned about the drugs and is told to get them at all costs. Anna heads to the clinic in an attempt to get the drugs she needs. She finds a boy with a strange mark on his arm and causes a scene.

anna and young boy the kettering incident

The boy and his mother rush out with the doctor, Sandra Hull (Katie Robertson), in pursuit. This gives Anna enough time to steal a prescription pad. Anna attempts to get the prescription filled, but her request is denied. She leaves after causing another scene. While Anna’s thievery fails, Max meets up with Craig and Adam. Adam admits he hasn’t seen his sister. Craig tells Max they need to speak with Roy and switch to Plan B. Renae visits Barbara and tells her about her run in with Anna. They also talk about Gillian’s disappearance. Barb hears someone in Chloe’s room and investigates. It turns out to be Dane, who is likely looking for the drugs. Dane confirms they have broken up and insists he is only looking for a jumper. Dane agrees to keep Chloe’s partying a secret from her father.

dylan young the kettering incident

Next, Anna heads to the local store and grabs a drink. While there, she gets a visit from Jens. He brings back her red flower and provides her with more insight about it. Both are rushed out moments later. Fergus pays a visit to Roy and speaks to him about Chloe’s disappearance. They contemplate whether or not drugs could be entering the city. Anna enters and interrupts. She admits she left her coat in Chloe’s vehicle and stole her mother’s as a replacement. Fergus insists Chloe will show up eventually. Anna and Fergus head outside. In private, Anna asks Fergus about a Mayday call she heard out in the channel this morning. She insists the Mayday came from a boat called Ravenscroft. Fergus blows her off and admits it was probably nothing. She also tells Fergus about Chloe’s fear of someone in town and her desire to get away as quickly as possible.

fergus and anna the kettering incident

Anna heads back inside and speaks with her father. She confirms she is fine, but didn’t sleep much the night before. She is also asked about her visit to the pharmacy, but blows it off as nothing. Anna asks about a nearby picture. Roy admits it is the Old Sullivan House and that Anna’s mother liked to go there for picnics. Anna denies knowing where Chloe could be and insists the disappearance isn’t her fault. Roy gets a call from Grayson and is forced to make his exit. Max returns home and argues with Barb. Eliza overhears their conversation, but remains quiet. Eliza speaks with Barb after Max leaves. She apologizes for not staying with Chloe. Meanwhile, the locals gather and chat about their experiences of being pinned to the bed, as if in a paralyzed state.

Sacha Horler The Kettering Incident

The locals quickly blame the phenomenon on the Aliens up on Mother Sullivans Ridge. Max meets up with Roy And Grayson. They contemplate their next move and wonder how they can get one step ahead of the Greenies. They consider targeting Sullivans Ridge, but admit it has been off limits in the past. Fergus gets a visit from Sandra at the police station. Fergus tells her about the drugs and shows her what has washed ashore. It is a part of the Ravenscroft boat. Fergus admits it was found near where his father died. Sandra tells Fergus about her confrontation with Anna. Meanwhile, Anna heads up to Mother Sullivan’s Ridge. She spots the little boy in the road and chases him into the woods. During this time, Barb goes through Chloe’s things and discovers a USB drive.

the kettering incident Mother Sullivan's Ridge

Barb watches the video on the USB drive. On the video, Chloe speaks about ghost in the town and how she hears them. She talks about her dad, Eliza’s dad and Roy and what they’re sitting on. She also ridicules Travis for following her around, before turning her attention to her own mother. She threatens to rip the masks away and disappear. Fergus and Dutch pay a visit to Jens. They ask him about Chloe, but do not get any helpful information in return. Anna makes her way into the house on the ridge and finds her jacket. She takes some of the medication and looks around a little more. There is a fire, which makes it appear someone has been staying in the house. She discovers a strange old picture and hears someone calling for her help. She passes out and wakes up moments later.

the kettering incident lights ridge

Anna looks up and spots lights circling around a nearby mountain. She leaves and heads to the local store. There, she runs into Barbara, who questions her about the jacket. Anna attempts to tell her about the lights, but they simply refuse to listen and believe she may be off her rocker. Roy blames Anna for causing trouble and tells her she shouldn’t have returned. When Barbara returns home, she is confronted by a distraught Eliza. She allows Barbara and Max to listen to the message, which just came in from Chloe’s phone. In the message, Chloe tells Nick someone is there and they’re coming for her. She also asks if anyone is going to help her. At the station, Fergus examines the broken cell phone and looks at the missing photo of Gillian.


The Kettering Incident Review

I generally do not like UFO, alien, sci-fi shows, but The Kettering Incident doesn’t follow the clichés and I am not even sure if it’ll follow that route in the future. The first two episodes were great and very intriguing. There are so many storylines branching out at once, yet everything is easy enough to comprehend and follow. The acting is good. All in all, The Kettering Incident is starting on a high note. A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved.

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