The Flash: The Trap Recap and Review

The Flash Trap Recap

At the beginning of the episode, Barry, Caitlin and Cisco read the report regarding The Flash’s disappearance. Barry suggests the pair have been fighting for centuries, which means they’re from the future. They see that the author of the article is none other than Iris West-Allen. Gideon (Morena Baccarin) kicks on and speaks directly to Barry. When questioned about Wells, Gideon admits he’s come to kill Barry. She also admits that he killed Nora, because he was angry that Barry escaped. She also reveals that Barry created her, before he uses his lightning speed to help the trio escape, before Wells enters.

Morena Baccarin

Eddie meets with Joe, in order to discuss Iris. Eddie tells Joe he wishes to propose to Iris, but Joe refuses to give his blessing. The pair rush out to meet with Barry and crew. Barry confesses to the group about his time traveling. A flashback shows Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Iris at the hospital with Barry, who goes into a seizure. Wells arrives and insists he can save Barry. With a little convincing, Joe allows Wells to save Barry. Back in the present, Barry insists they need to get Wells to admit to killing Nora, so they can get his dad out of prison.

Eddie and Joe

Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) creates a pair of glasses, which can help Cisco (Carlos Valdes) enter his dream. Wells interrupts and Caitlin is forced to develop a quick alibi. Wells winds up helping them, before Barry heads to the police station and is ridiculed by Captain David Singh (Patrick Sabongui). The Captain complains about getting married and the difficulty of planning a wedding, before Iris interrupts. Eddie enters and rushes Barry away, while Iris insists she needs to speak with Barry. When alone, Eddie shows Barry the engagement ring and tells Barry about Joe refusing to bless him. Barry agrees to speak to Joe.

Barry The Flash

Cisco wears the glasses and falls asleep pretty quickly. Cisco tells the group about trying to determine, whether or Wells had tampered with his work. He tells them about running tests on the containment system, before discovering that the Reverse Flash was just a hologram and they were tricked by Wells. Wells enters and reveals his real name and insists he didn’t want to kill Nora. Cisco is woken up right before he is killed.

Caitlin Snow

Barry receives a call from Wells (Tom Cavanagh), who reveals there is a huge fire in a high-rise, where Captain Singh’s fiancé works. With Harrison’s help, Barry is able to save everyone in the high-rise. Rob (Jeremy Schuetze) reunites with Captain Singh outside. At STAR Labs, Wells questions Barry why he doubted himself. Wells insists there is no limit to Barry’s abilities and he is only holding himself back.

Signh The Flash

Barry meets with Joe and insists they can recreate the moments from Cisco’s dreams, in order to trap Wells. Joe finally tells Barry how he accepted Harrison’s request and helped Wells turn Barry into The Flash. The group meets at the lab and sets up the trap. Cisco creates a barrier, which prevent Speedsters from entering. Barry insists he is moving in, as soon as they get the confession. Afterwards, Barry asks Joe about squashing Eddie’s marriage request.

Iris West-Allen

Joe insists it is a bad idea, since Barry and Iris have feelings for one another. Barry is forced to rush out, when Iris sends him a 911 text. Iris tells Barry that everything that has gone crazy dates back to the particle explosion. Barry tells her that he was impacted by the explosion, but hasn’t gotten any powers. Barry runs off with all of her information and insists he’ll go through it and they’ll chat later. In a flashback, Iris is shown talking to Barry at the hospital.

The Flash Surveillance

Wells encounters Caitlin at the lab and learns about Cisco finding out what happened during the explosion. With that, Wells travels down there. When Harrison enters, he encounters Cisco looking at the Reverse Flash. The situation happens just like Cisco’s dream. Joe and Barry wait for the confession. Wells insists it was never his intention to kill Nora. Wells is able to penetrate Cisco’s barrier. Joe shoots Wells and saves Cisco.

The Reverse Flash

Wells contacts Barry and tells him that he used Hannibal Bates (Martin Novotny) as a decoy. Despite attempts from Joe, Wells refuses to give a confession. He admits he needs Barry and insists he’s enjoyed working with everyone. Barry rushes to the time vault and discovers the Reverse Flash suit gone and surveillance video of Barry and all of his friends. Iris and Eddie walk together, before she receives a message from her father, but ignores it.

Harrison Wells Reverse Flash

Eddie prepares to propose to Iris, when the Reverse Flash attacks. The Flash rushes in and saves Iris. She learns The Flash’s identity. Eddie speaks to Wells, before he reveals his true identity. He admits that they’re family. A flashback shows Wells standing over Barry in the hospital threatening to kill him. Wells insists he came to destroy Barry, but has been forced to create him. He insists Barry will die, before the episode ends.


This was a great episode for setting up the finale on down the road. Everyone came together, in hopes of bringing down Wells and his Reverse Flash persona, which was nice to see. The whole Iris love affair is cheesy, but ignorable. Still, a good episode, which deserves a 7.5 out of 10.

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