The Flash: Revenge of the Rogues Review

When the show opens, we witness Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) trying to improve his skills, in order to match that of the Reverse Flash. He is watched by Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker), Dr. Wells (Tom Davanagh), and Cisco (Carlos Valdes). Next, Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell) break into a customs warehouse, where they setup a plan to ambush the Flash. The pair make their escape, when Captain Cold figured out The Flash isn’t coming. Next, Barry and Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) investigate the scene. Barry quickly discovers the door shattered like glass, due to Leonard Snart’s cold gun. While Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett) puts out an APB for Snart, Barry and Joe agree Snart was setting a trap for The Flash.

Next, Snart and Mick Rory discuss their true intentions of stealing the modern day masterpiece, Fire and Ice, which recently sold for 25 million at auction. The buyers, Osgood (James Ralph) and Rachel Rathaway (Jane Craven), are returning home with the piece, which gives Snart and Rory the perfect opportunity to strike. Back at STAR Labs, Barry and the group discuss Cold’s motivates. Barry suggests going after Snart, but Dr. Wells doesn’t seem to think it is a good idea. Next, Iris West (Candice Patton) speaks to her boyfriend, Thawne, about moving in with him. Barry enters and catches their embrace, before asking Thawne about Joe’s location.

Barry informs Joe he needs to stick with his training and continue focusing on the Reverse Flash. The pair share different opinions on the matter. Next, Iris packs up her belongings with the help of Joe. Barry arrives, since Iris wanted to gift his something, which turns out to be his backpack full of comics. Joe knows something is up and questions Barry what is going on between him and Iris. Barry admits he told Iris how he felt about her. Joe insists keeping his mouth shut is what got Barry in his current predicament. By using his speed, Barry cleans up Iris’s belongings in seconds.

At the Central City Police Station, Cisco provides the police with equipment, which can repel temperature attacks. The police are skeptical, but Cisco convinces them, with a demonstration of the barrier shield. Captain David Singh (Patrick Sabongui) remains skeptical of S.T.A.R. Labs. Dr. Wells and Joe disagree over the involvement of The Flash in capturing Captain Cold. Back at the lab, Caitlin researches Firestorm, which is the last thing her fiancé said, before fleeing. Barry tells Caitlin about his decision to tell Iris the truth. Caitlin suggests whatever comes next will be better. Thanks to Barry, Caitlin discovers Firestorm is an acronym for Fusion Ignition Research Experiment and Science. Barry speed reads the 800 page documents and discovers it was co-written by a local college student, Jason Rusch (Luc Roderique).

Next, the Rathaway couple get off the plane, with the masterpiece. Osgood is informed his sone called, but he refuses to acknowledge he has a son. Captain Cold strikes. The police arrive are neutralize the cold gun, but Mick uses his fire gun and drops the cops. Joe shoots Mick’s gun, which prompts the team to flee. At the station, Joe informs Barry about Cold’s new comrade. Mick and Leonard argue over Leonard’s obsession with the Flash. Mick torches the painting and agrees to help destroy the Flash.

Caitlin speaks with Jason and learns they’ve been plotting against Jason, due to his work. Jason says their leader, Professor Martin Stein went missing, after going to meet with a potential private backer. When Caitlin returns to her vehicle, she is attacked by Snart and Mick. Back at the lab, Dr. Wells tells Barry he hopes they’re not enemies, since he pushed him to avoid helping the police. Cisco informs the men that crossing the streams on the two guns could cause them to cancel each other out. Barry gets a call from Joe and immediately exits.

Joe and Barry check out Caitlin’s car and instantly pinpoint Snart. At the station, they learn about Snart’s partner, Mick. Captain Cold appears on the television and speaks, while Mick holds Caitlin. Snart arranges a meet with The Flash, before the transmission ends. Mick threatens Caitlin and insists the fire revealed his true self. Mick sets a trap, before leaving the warehouse with Snart. Joe tells Barry everyone is going to know the Flash exists, after tonight, before he sets out to save Caitlin.

When The Flash arrives, Captain Cold and Heat Wave approach and warm up their weapons. It quickly becomes a game of cat and mouse. Cisco and Joe arrive at the warehouse to rescue Caitlin. When they enter, Cisco triggers the trap. Joe rushes in and tackles Caitlin, when the bomb explodes. The Flash falls, which makes Thawne run out. At the warehouse, everyone is okay.

Snart and Mick approach The Flash and fire their weapons, but Thawne intervenes with his shield. Barry moves Eddie, before contacting Dr. Wells, who suggests moving slower. Although The Flash takes damage, he is able to get the streams to cross. The pair are subdued and taken to jail. Cisco finally gets the guns back and receives a thanks from Captain Singh. Meanwhile, the cops praise The Flash.

At home, everyone helps Iris move her stuff. Eventually Barry and Iris are left alone. Barry basically tells Iris things will be better in the future. Iris takes a picture of her and Barry along with her. Joe and Barry both grieve, after Iris leaves, although for different reasons. Joe suggests Barry should move back in, before Barry flashes out and back in, with all of his belongings. In the prison transport vehicle, Cold and Heat argue, but Cold suggests everyone knows The Flash now, which changes things. Their vehicle is attacked and the group is released, by Snart’s sis.


The Flash is back and that is definitely a good thing. This episode maintained the momentum, which was built during the amazing finale. The evil duo of Heat Wave and Captain Cold is perfect, as Dominic Purcell offers a crazy anger to Wentworth Miller’s subdued chill. Meanwhile, Barry continues to grow closer to his co-workers at STAR Labs, which made for some interesting moments. The episode brought a little sadness for Barry, when Iris cemented her decision to move in with Eddie.

And the ending of the episode was somewhat of a shocker. Although it was clear that Snart and Rory were going to stay put, who knew Snart’s “sis” would be the one to save them? A solid episode, which deserves an 8.5 out of 10.

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