The Flash: Fallout Review

Barry Allen Caitlin Snow

The Flash (Grant Gustin) is able to escape the explosion and get Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) to safety. Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) inform the pair that there is no radiation, despite the explosion. The pair return to Ronnie (Robbie Amell), who seems to have returned to his normal self. Dr. Martin Stein (Victor Garber) has also been returned to his normal body.

After the group returns to STAR Lab, General Wade Eiling (Clancy Brown) sends in the military to check out the explosion site. The General is aware that Firestorm has separate bodies. Stein and Robbie argue over one another’s actions, while sharing the same body, before Stein returns home to see his wife, Clarissa Stein (Isabella Hofmann). Afterwards, Barry meets with Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin), who takes Barry to his childhood home, where his mother was murdered. Joe uses the Mirror to show Barry the night of the murder. Barry observes his own blood and says it was the Flash.
The pair take the information to Dr. Wells and question him about the possibility of time traveling. Wells insists it is possible, but problematic. Cisco suggests speaking, with someone else. Meanwhile, Iris West (Candice Patton) is confronted, at work, by Mason Bridge (Roger Howarth). The pair discuss the STAR Labs explosion. Mason insists Wells might’ve wanted the accelerator to explode and suggests Iris speak, with her friends to get inside details. Meanwhile, Barry finds out Martin has a insatiable hunger for pizza, before asking him about time travel. Martin suggests it is possible to time travel, if they’re able to get on the highway, before Barry reveals he believes he already has.
The Flash General Wade Eiling
Martin insists the whole situation is a result of Barry’s speed. Barry says his destiny is to fail, since he was unable to save his mother, if he did indeed go back. Meanwhile, Ronnie and Caitlin have dinner, when Ronnie suggests leaving and starting lives elsewhere. Caitlin has no interest in it. The military enters and takes Ronnie captive, which startles Stein, who sends Barry, after him. General Wade speaks to Ronnie, before The Flash arrives and disables the soldiers. Wade uses a device and magnetic energy to control Barry’s speed. At the lab, the group works to remove the nails or porcupine quills. The scientists study the connection between Stein and Ronnie.
Barry and Joe allow Ronnie and Caitlin to stay over. Iris enters and throws a wrench into the equation. Dr. Wells meets with the General, who knows Barry’s secret and questions his condition. Wells informs him he doesn’t know how Firestorm works. The General attempts to recruit Wells to help stop Barry and Firestorm. Meanwhile, Barry discovers Joe tested the blood sample against Wells. Barry continues to insist Wells had nothing to do, with the murder. Meanwhile, Wells seemingly drugs Stein, before the soldiers enter and take him away.
The CW The Flash Firestorm
Mason questions Iris about Caitlin and the restaurant incident, before she looks up Firestorm and instantly recognizes Ronnie. The group returns to Wells, who informs them of Stein’s capture. They begin working, with Ronnie, in order to track down Stein. Stein is grilled by the General, but refuses to give up information, before being shocked and tortured. Ronnie is able to feel Stein’s pain. Ronnie sends Stein a message, by cutting his arm. Stein delivers his own message, by using morse code. With the message, The Flash heads towards military base 27.
When The Flash and Ronnie arrive at the base, they’re warned Ronnie could merge with Stein, and it could be unrepairable. The Flash saves Stein, but he is shot, with a missile, which messes up his suit. Ronnie and Stein are forced to merge, in order to save themselves. By working together, the pair merge successfully and take out the soldiers easily. The General is able to bring down Firestorm, but The Flash disables him. Although Firestorm wishes to kill the General, Barry doesn’t allow it.
Barry Allen Grant Gustin
Back at the lab, Ronnie and Stein are able to separate from one another, without harm. Ronnie takes off and leaves the city, with Stein. The pair merge, before they leave. Afterwards, Caitlin talks to Cisco, before Iris enters and inquires about Caitlin’s cousin, aka Ronnie. Iris leaves, without any helpful information, but she shows Mason the picture of Firestorm and agrees to help.
Barry takes Joe to his childhood home. He insists he will be at the house again 15 years in the past, but this time he will save his mom. The General is attacked by Reverse Flash, who reveals himself, as Dr. Wells. Wells insists he protects his own, before Grodd enters and attacks The General.

Each episode of The Flash has enough going on to hold your attention throughout. The whole merging thing between Stein and Ronnie was fun, but a little cheesy, at the same time. The ending was definitely surprising, but entertaining. It seems Dr. Wells is building an army of super villains and one happens to be Gorilla Grodd. Will The Flash be able to go back and save his mother? Or is he truly destined to be a failure? The episode deserves a 7.5 out of 10.

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