The Flash: Crazy for You Review

The episode opens, with The Flash (Grant Gustin) rescuing a couple from a car explosion. This time the pair know who the Flash is and thank him. When he returns to STAR Labs, Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) insists it is okay that Barry got the suit dirty, since he saved a couple. Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) congratulates Barry for being quicker than ever. When left alone, Caitlin confronts Ramon about his continued search for Ronnie. He reveals Hartley Rathaway’s (Andy Mientus) statement about knowing what happened to Ronnie. Although Snow insists she has moved on, Cisco doesn’t believe her.

Next, Shawna Baez or Peek-a-Boo (Britne Oldford) sneaks into the jail and helps Clay Parker (Micah Parker) escape. Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Barry investigate the escape. Barry discovers particle residue, before he gets a moment with his father, Henry Allen (John Wesley Shipp). Joe admits to setting up the meeting. Parker questions Shawna about her condition, but she knows very little about it. Shawna insists on leaving Central City, but Clay suggests using her abilities to pay back his debt to Marcus. At the lab, Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) and crew check the DNA of the sample and discover Shawna’s identity and previous criminal record.

Cisco visits Hartley and attempts to gain info on Ronnie, but Hartley insists he needs out of the cell, in order to help. Despite some reservations, Cisco makes him put on handcuffs, before releasing him. Barry meets Iris West (Candice Patton) for coffee and tells her about seeing his father. Next, Henry Allen tells Joe and Barry about Clay’s debt to Marcus Stockheimer (Jerry Trimble) and his crew. Hartley leads Cisco to a bomb shadow, which belonged to Dr. Martin Stein (Victor Garber). After a scuffle, Hartley convinces Cisco to take his handcuffs off, so they won’t look weird.

Snow tells Barry about Shawna’s particles, which bonded with Clay’s, before confessing she is upset, because Cisco said she didn’t have a life. Meanwhile, Parker and Shawna rob an armored van, before The Flash shows us. Shawna and The Flash play a game of tag, before Parker attempts to shoot Barry, who is able to catch the bullet. At the lab, Caitlin gives Shawna the name, Peek-a-boo, before Barry goes to help Iris, but she reschedules, since she is having dinner with Eddie’s mom.

Caitlin and Barry decide to check out Shawna and Parker’s frequent bars. The pair discuss their troubled relationships. Hartley tells Cisco that he was Stein on the night of the explosion in STAR Labs. They watch the surveillance video, which shows Stein merging with Ronnie. Hartley disables Cisco and makes his escape. Meanwhile, Barry and Caitlin perform a little karaoke. After the song, Barry is hit on by Linda Park (Malese Jow), who gives him her number, before leaving. Caitlin ends up sick and puking.

Next, Parker repays his debts, but Marcus still tries to kill Shawna, which exposes her secret. Marcus insists the pair continue working together. The cops swarm the place and a shootout ensues. Barry takes Caitlin home and stays with her, until she falls asleep. In the morning, Cisco tells everyone he set Hartley free. He reveals he sealed Ronnie in the accelerator, before it blew. After some quick apologizes, the group prepares to take down Shawna, by moving her into a dark space. Barry gets a phone call, which reports his father has been stabbed. At the prison hospital, Joe admits Henry continued providing them with information, which is why Marcus had him attacked. Henry insists he only wanted to help Barry.

The Flash speaks to a prisoner, in order to discover Marcus’s next job. After he gains the information, he rushes towards the armored truck, which is already taken by Shawna and Parker. Barry and Shawna begin fighting, with Shawna getting the upper hand. In order to limit her field of vision, Barry smashes all of the lights in the tunnel. Barry captures Shawna, but Parker is able to make his escape. Cisco insists nobody will ever escape one of their cells again.

Caitlin suggests it is time to move on, since Ronnie is likely gone. The pair seems to be growing slightly closer. The Flash pays a visit to Iris and delivers her information about the breakout. Iris snaps a picture of The Flash’s face. Barry shows up at the newspaper office, in order to go on a date with Linda. Afterwards, Barry returns to his father, who shows him a picture of the Flash, which Iris took. Barry is forced to deny being The Flash. Henry tells him that, if Flash was his son, he would tell him he is a hero and his dad is proud of him. City workers check out the sewers, where they discover Grodd scrawled all over the walls. The men are attacked by the creature.


Wow, the latest episode of The CW’s Flash sure had a lot going on. Barry is forced to help track down a prison escapee, which leads to an encounter with Peek-A-Boo. At the same time, he begins to develop a relationship with two girls, Caitlin and Linda. It would definitely be nice to see him split away from Iris, but he continues to help her. The scenes between Barry and his father, Henry, are definitely emotional, especially the last one. The episode was action packed and full of emotions. It deserves an 8.5 out of 10.

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