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The Five Series 1 Episode 4 Recap

As the episode begins, Mark (Tom Cullen) chats with Danny Kenwood (O-T Fagbenle). Mark explains that there were tons of people that were never asked about Jesse during the time of his disappearance. He pleads with Danny to find out whether Jesse heading in the opposite direction was ever investigated. Danny promises to do so, but he tells Mark to step back and separate himself from the investigation. Pru (Sarah Solemani) speaks with Dr. Khan (Seeta Indrani) about the partnership. Pru insists she needs to run it past her husband first. Meanwhile, Mark runs into Alexa (Alexa Davies). Then, Mark meets with Slade (Lee Ingleby) and confronts him.

mark wells the five s01e04Slade admits to chasing Jesse. However, he explains that he stopped when Jesse disappeared. Danny chats with Ally (Hannah Arterton) about Selina and her hard drive. Then, they question one of the hostage. She explains that the man had help from another girl. She says that the girl’s name was Rachel. Then, she suggests that the girl actually looked after them. Britnay (Sophia La Porta) experiences an argument and runs off. Danny and Ally chat with another girl. She chats about her daughter, Emma. She explains that there was another man at some point. She says something about the man having big hands. Outside, Danny and Ally chat about the man. They contemplate whether or not it might have been Jesse. Danny is told to check his father’s old case files.

the five s01e04 sladeAll of the pages are blank. Ally heads to Newman’s house and finds an absolute circus. Forensics find a possible burial plot. Simon (Dylan Jupp) meets with Mark. Simon explains that his father is still missing. Mark agrees to try harder. Meanwhile, a skeleton is found in Newman’s yard. Mark teams up with Pru, so he can question some kids. They ask the school kids about Kenton Marshall. The girls say something about Marshall doing Alexa again. One girl says he hasn’t been in all week. Then, they speak with a woman in charge. Mark tries to sneak inside and use the school’s computer system. He accesses Alexa’s files.

mark and pru the fiveHe returns to Pru moments later. They head to Alexa’s possible address. The woman there tells that they do not have any children. The man inside behaves suspiciously. Meanwhile, Brit speaks with Slade. She insists she needs to face what she did. Mark returns to the school and uses the computer system again. He prints off some paperwork, but nearly gets caught. When he steps outside, it is clear the someone is following him. Moments later, Mark returns to the couple’s house and questions the man. He explains that Alexa isn’t his daughter and he never met her. Eventually, Mr. Mills (Paul Ryan) explains that a pimp made him sign all of the paperwork for Alexa. He gives the name of Payne (Niall Greig Fulton).

britnay the five s1 e4Britnay prepares to speak with the police. Meanwhile, Mark gets into a wreck. The other driver pulls him out of the car and beats him. Then, a stranger arrives and attacks the other man. Mark calls Danny and asks him to trace the license plate number. One of the girls spots Britnay at the police station. Britnay is told that they will not say anything and that she should leave. One of the girls, Izzy (Lauren Douglin), takes off of her name tag and leaves as well. Slade meets with Mark and apologizes. Mark explains he got jumped and now has the man’s address. They agree to go for a ride. They eventually follow the man. Slade follows him inside of a building. Slade calls someone on his phone and the man inside of the room picks up.

mark and slade the fiveSlade returns and lies to Mark. He explains that the man vanished inside. Mark returns home and finds Alan (Michael Maloney) and the others dancing and singing. Pru dances along with them. They agree to have a late lunch. Meanwhile, Danny tries to speak with his father, Ray (Don Warrington). He asks him about the evidence folders. Ray says that Jesus wants him to be a fisherman. Pru and Mark enjoy drinks. Eventually, Pru begins to cry. She explains that she married the wrong man. She admits she isn’t going to take the partnership and doesn’t want to be a private doctor.

pru and mark the five tv seriesThen, they share a toast. Izzy follows Brit back to the shelter. She is stabbed several times. Pru and Mark dance the night away. Brit’s hand touches the door, as the episode ends.


The Five Review

I just cannot force myself to enjoy The Five. I want to, but I can’t. It is just all over the place and really spinning in endless circles. The story is difficult to follow, there are too many characters and the series has been anticlimactic at this point. The cast is probably too good for the story itself. Nevertheless, I suppose I can see why people enjoy The Five. For me, it scores a 6 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of The Five right now.

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