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The Five Series 1 Episode 3 Recap

As the 3rd episode gets underway, we see a man, Jay Newman (Lee Boardman), stalking a young lady. He manages to stop the girl. While the passenger speaks with her, he gets out of the car and attacks her from behind. Danny (O-T Fagbenle) speaks with a colleague at work. The man admits he hasn’t gotten a warrant to search Newman’s property yet. Then, he explains that a source believes Annie Green is actually Selena Callaway. Slade (Lee Ingleby) drives Britnay (Sophia La Porta) around to see if she can remember any of the sites. Pru (Sarah Solemani) learns that she is on the verge of getting a promotion. Danny, Ally (Hannah Arterton) and the police raid a local man’s house.

slade the five episode 3Joe Hanley (Simon Ludders) greets them at the door. Hanley is told that a guy was arrested and he gave up his name. He tries to make excuses for the man mentioning his name. Hanley becomes distraught when he sees a picture of the victim. He admits they slept together. Then, he admits that the man threatened his family. He is told that the woman’s name was Selena Callaway. The interview ends when Joe’s son enters. During her ride with Slade, Brit has a flashback. She helps Newman lure the young girl to his car. They come to a strange house, but Brit admits she cannot remember if it is the one. She gets out of the vehicle and runs off. Mark Wells (Tom Cullen) is harassed by Larry (Syrus Lowe).

joe hanley the five episode 3 recapThen, Mark speaks with Laura’s son. The boy has Asperger’s syndrome. He explains that his father has gone missing. Simon (Dylan Jupp) explains that something is wrong, despite his mother not reporting it to the police. Kenwood and Ally hear a request for assistance. They rush to the scene. They discover Newman dead. Then, they discover the man’s prisoners. Back at the station, the three girls are identified as Sasha Manley, Jane Shilling and Izzy Allan. They cannot interview the girls just yet. They also have no CCTV footage. Slade finds Brit. He tells her that she was Newman’s hostage too and had no choice, but to help him. Pru sees a patient. Then, she gets a call from Slade asking for help with Brit.

the five tv showMark goes home with Simon. Laura (Honeysuckle Weeks) is surprised to see him. Brit refuses to speak with Pru. Then, she explains that she didn’t want to return. They both agree that Slade can be very persuasive. Laura tells Mark that she is in contact with her husband and that everything is fine. Pru tells Slade to be careful with Brit. Ally and Kenwood search a house. A strange boy is found inside. He attacks Kenwood and makes a run for it. Eventually, he is knocked unconscious by a stranger and taken to the hospital. The doctor isn’t sure whether or not the boy will wake up. Make becomes suspicious when he sees the boy. Julie (Geraldine James) and Alan Wells (Michael Maloney) are brought in to look at the boy.

tom cullen the five episode 3Julie doesn’t seem to recognize the boy. They leave the hospital in a fury. Meanwhile, Kenwood and Ally look into the computer the boy had. They find a list of names. Joe Hanley’s name is found on the list. Then, a script is initiated and the files delete themselves automatically. Pru chats with her soon to be house husband. Then, she sees a news report about the kidnapped girls. Then, Ally gets DNA results from the Newman scene. Jesse Wells’ DNA was found on Newman’s shirt. They quickly conclude that Jesse might’ve killed Newman, but they’re not sure why. That night, Kenwood and Mark share dinner. Mark tells Kenwood about Laura’s son and husband. Kenwood returns to the hospital with Ally. She explains that the DNA of the mystery man doesn’t match Jesse.

danny and ally the fiveThe mystery man wakes up. He climbs out of bed and goes on the run once again. Mark speaks with Pru. Both discuss their problems. Then, they discuss their childhood. They eventually come to a weird tunnel. Pru asks Mark whether or not he trusts Slade. He admits he does with his life. Pru begins to cry. She explains that they didn’t tell Mark the truth about the day Jesse disappeared. She admits she hid with Slade in the tunnel. She explains that they were making out and Jesse saw. Then, they ran him off. Slade admits they lied to the police and Marosi might’ve been innocent all along. Mark recalls his conversation with Marosi.


The Five Review

I might be a total idiot or maybe it has just been too long, but I have a tough time following The Five. The series is all over the place. The story jumps around far too much and this makes it incredibly difficult to keep up. Things are also a little too easy. Kenwood and Ally arrive at the house and find the mystery man inside. He is stopped by a good Samaritan. Despite being bashed unconscious, the man wakes up and escapes again.

The writer obviously doesn’t know much about technology either. The computer time bomb was laughable. I don’t know. I just cannot get into The Five. I guess I can see why some people might like it, but I find it bland and tedious. The episode scores a 5 out of 10. Catch up with past recaps of The Five right now.

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