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The Five Episode 2 Recap


At the beginning of the 2nd episode, we’re introduced to a new character, Jay Newman (Lee Boardman). Lee seems to be a record producer of shorts. He shows off his complex. Once the tour comes to an end, we see that Jay has a few women held captive within a hidden room. Next, we see Jesse sitting in the interrogation room waiting to be questioned by detectives. Danny (O.T. Fagbenle) stares at the boy through video cameras. He immediately contacts Mark (Tom Cullen) and updates him about the situation. Danny tells Mark not to tell his mother, since she has called him ten times already. He does however tell his father, Alan (Michael Maloney), who doesn’t seem interested in the least.

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Next, Slade (Lee Ingleby) gets rid of the gun, by throwing it in the water. We get a crappy 3D animation of the gun swirling around like a boomerang, before it hits the water, then a flashback of Slade chasing Jesse through the woods. Jesse is interviewed by Danny, who attempts to ask the boy about his past. Danny gets very little information, but Jesse does admit he found the phone. Jesse seems worried about his job, due to the murder accusations. Next, we see Gemma (Naomi Ackie). She has a flashback of being held captive in Jay’s hidden room. Pru (Sarah Solemani) examines the wounds on the back of Gemma’s neck.

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Slade arrives and speaks with Pru about Gemma’s condition. Pru confirms she will be fine physically. They immediately agree they need to alert the girl’s parents. DC Ally Caine (Hannah Arterton), Danny and a few of the others make stupid jokes at the office, before Mark and his father arrive. They’re shown a picture of the boy and Alan quickly insists it isn’t his son. Mark receives an update, before they eventually depart. Before they leave, Mark snaps a picture of the murder victim. Danny attempts to interview Jesse again. This time, Jesse has a lawyer, who replicates a villain from a superhero flick. Again, Danny doesn’t get any helpful information from Jesse.

danny the five episode 2

Mark heads to Slade’s shelter. Slade uses his children to begin searching for information about the murder victim. Gemma is reunited with her parents. Pru and Mark agree to have another drink sometime and also invite Slade. Second later, the men receive a tip from one of Slade’s boys. He knows the woman’s name and knows where she used to live. Mark heads to the woman’s motel and finds her name on the call button. He pushes it, but nobody answers. Next, he places a call to his officer and tells his receptionist to collect information on the woman, Selena Callaway. They learn that her boss’s name is Nigel Freeman at Porter and Starr.

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Slade begins to grow suspicious of Britnay and her behavior on the night of Gemma’s arrival. He calls her phone, but only gets the voicemail. Britnay (Sophia La Porta) is shown in bed deliberately ignoring the call. Mark’s mother, Julie (Geraldine James), stares out her window and believes she sees her sons. She calls Danny and attempts to gain more information. Danny blows her off. Mark tries to get in touch with Freeman (Vauxhall Jermaine), but is thrown out of the building by security guards. Slade comes up with a half baked scheme to get passed security. The trio shares a drink and chat about the current situation. Pru comforts Mark. Once she leaves, she gets a text message from her husband, Stuart, asking where she is. We see a flashback of Pru and Slade worrying about whether or not Jesse will say anything. Slade insists he will not.

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Slade gets a message from Britnay and rushes over to her place. He thought she had done something stupid and quickly comforts the girl. Britnay admits to knowing who kidnapped Gemma. She confesses to helping the man. During this time, Gemma tells about her time with Jay and his dungeon of sorts. Gemma is unable to tell who the man was, but does give a brief description. Gemma also insists there was swing set and a upside down umbrella type structure. Once the conversation ends, Pru promises to be with Gemma. Danny meets with Pru and learns about Gemma’s testimony. Danny agrees to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

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Pru finally returns home and hugs her child. She takes some medication and drifts into a slumber. In the morning, Slade and Mark dress up like Mario and Luigi. With their goofy disguises they manage to gain entry to the building and get in touch with Freeman. Freeman tells them the woman was always look at a picture of a man and he admits Annie Green was his ex-fiancé. Julie heads to the library. She believes she sees her son, but he disappears once she looks away. At the station, Ally comforts Danny and asks him about the case. Danny admits to being perplexed by the situation. They head out on the streets together, before making jokes about Hillary Clinton and others.

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They stop suddenly, when Ally sees an upside down structure. They try to get inside, but find the gate locked. A strange woman appears and sings like a lunatic. Eventually, Jay emerges and lets the pair inside. They see a swing set and an upside down structure, but are unable to point anything to Jay. The woman attempt to scream for help, but their cries go unheard. Danny gets a call from Mark and agrees to meet with him later to discuss something important. Outside, Danny contemplates coming back with a warrant. He remains suspicious, because there were no signs of a dog inside the home.


The Five Review

The first episode of The Five was decent and very watchable. This episode was not. The dialogue was beyond ludicrous and felt very cheesy. The show is also beginning to take on a childish dimension. Mark and Slade have turned into wanna-be detectives and their antics are beyond belief. Dressing up like plumbers to gain access to Freeman was lame.

The show has begun to take on a super hero fantasy of sorts. I simply have no interest in finishing the series. 10 episodes are far too many at this current pace. I am truly surprised Sky even picked up the book and decided to turn it into a series. The fact that Sky has decided to follow up with a sequel titled The Four is unbelievable. The Five is by far one of the worst Sky television shows I have watched.

A 3 out of 10 is deserved. There will no further recaps for The Five, unless readers demand it. So, leave a comment below, if you would like to see future recaps. Otherwise, I have no intention to finish the series.

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