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The Durrells In Corfu Series 2 Finale Recap

As the finale begins, Louisa (Keeley Hawes) and the boys learn that a stranger is in their home. Nobody seems to know who the woman is or what she is doing in their home. Eventually, Louisa musters up the courage to speak with the woman, Leonora (Anna Antoniades). It is revealed that Lugaretzia’s (Anna Savva) back has gotten worse, so Leonora has agreed to take over her duties. The only problem is that Leonora is pregnant. Florence (Lucy Black) arrives seconds later and lends her assistance as well. Inside, Florence admits she was also worried about Louisa, after hearing about Hugh kissing Vasilia. Gerald (Milo Parker) barges in and announces that his otter is likely pregnant. Donald (Ben Hall) has become completely obsessed with Margo (Daisy Waterstone). It has gotten so bad that he has started to neglect Gerald and his studies.

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Meanwhile, Margo speaks with her mother about Donald and his boring nature. Then, Louisa asks Lawrence (Josh O’Connor) if he is happy to be back home. He admits he enjoys the view. In their own unique way, they admit Vasilia is beautiful. Louisa insists she is grateful for Vasilia (Errika Bigiou), since she proved Hugh couldn’t be trusted. Gerald plans to tell Theo the good news, while Ben has intentions to buy Margo a present. Louisa meets with Hugh (Daniel Lapaine). Hugh discusses the things he doesn’t like about Corfu. Louisa reminds him that England isn’t much different. Hugh suggests things will be different when Louisa is with him. Louisa agrees to think it over. Gerald finds Theo (Yorgos Karamihos) giving a presentation about the solar system. He agrees to wait until the event is over. Leslie speaks with Leonora about her baby and her husband. Lugaretzia reveals that his mother died when she gave birth to him.

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Louisa heads to a private overlook to contemplate her decision. On her way back home, she runs into a weird man with birds. She pays the Rose Beetle Man (Drosos Skotis) for his birds and then sets them free. Louisa immediately visits Hugh and tells him about the experience. He becomes upset, when she admits she cannot leave Corfu. He agrees to remain with her, but she refuses and suggests he would end up despising her. Leonora’s water breaks. Leslie is forced to take over, while Lawrence is sent to get the doctor. Lawrence manages to get Dr. Petrides (Alexis Conran) to open the door. However, Florence has also gone into labor. Lawrence is given a book and told to perform the birth himself. Back at home, Leslie begins to lose control.

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Louisa speaks with Hugh about his feelings. He reveals he feels like he has been trampled. Vasilia arrives and Hugh lets her have it verbally. His decision doesn’t bode well. Vasilia stabs him in the side with a knife and runs away. Louisa takes the car and rushes towards the doctor’s office. Along the way, she runs into Spiro (Alexis Georgoulis). Spiros agrees to care for Hugh, until the doctor arrives. Lawrence runs into Margo in the city. Despite the urgency, they agree to share a drink together. Lawrence reveals his plans to stop in and visit Vasilia. Spiros makes it to Hugh and begins caring for him. However, Hugh goes unconscious shortly after his arrival. Lawrence meets with Vasilia. She carries her luggage and flees the city. Louisa tells Dr. Petrides about Hugh. She agrees to stay behind with Florence.

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As soon as the doctor leaves, Florence experiences another contraction. Theo and Gerald watch the otter patiently. They step inside and spot Leslie caring for Leonora. They agree to leave him alone. Leslie helps Leonora, while Louisa cares for Florence. Dr. Petrides arrives at Hugh’s location and gives him immediate treatment. He also admits Spiros did a good job. The otter has two cubs. Leonora’s baby is successfully delivered. The doctor returns to find Florence holding the baby. He reveals that Hugh is fine, but plans to head to Athens in case of internal bleeding. Before Hugh leaves, Louisa catches up with him. Hugh admits he will miss Louisa. They sit together for a bit. Next, Spiro takes Louisa up to secluded location. He comforts her, while she sobs. Once she returns home, she learns about Leslie’s heroic actions. Gerald interrupts and announces that one of the cubs has died. Margo enters with Zoltan (Merch Husey). She explains she wants to spend the rest of her life with him.

spiro and louisa the durrells finale

Next, the group heads to the church. There, Pavlos (Nick Orestis Chaniotakis) says a prayer and blesses the baby. Leslie speaks about his life and the experience of delivering the baby. Leslie has become a bit of a celebrity in the community. He tells two women that he is thinking about becoming a doctor. Margo speaks with Donald about her new boyfriend. He makes it clear that he is no fan of Zoltan. As the family prepares to head home, Donald picks a fight with Zoltan. They both throw some serious slaps. Louisa takes the kids to the cliff’s edge. She tells them she loves them all very much. They all seem a little weirded out by the comment.


The Durrells In Corfu Review

While The Durrells In Corfu isn’t strong in terms of the overall story, each episode is delightful and fun. The finale was no different. Louisa’s encounter with the strange Rose Beatle Man forced her to reconsider her move away from Corfu. Hugh was disappointed, stabbed and left for dead. Nevertheless, his worst enemy, Spiros, saved his life with a little help from Dr. Petrides. And of course, the finale brought three births. Lugaretzia became a grandmother, Florence finally became a mother, and Gerald’s otter had 2 cubs.

Leslie playing doctor was tons of fun. The fight between Zoltan and Donald was also laughable. The series isn’t a homerun, but it remains consistent from start to finish. It is lighthearted, charming and serves as a good escape. I’ll watch as long as ITV continues making episodes. The finale deserves an 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of The Durrells In Corfu right now!

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    Charming, yes with beautiful scenery. But was slow and quite boring overall.

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