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The Durrells In Corfu S2 Episode 4 Recap

As the episode begins, we see that Lawrence (Josh O’Connor) has gotten mumps. He immediately blames his new girlfriend. Louisa (Keeley Hawes) reveals that Aunt Hermione (Barbara Flynn) is coming for a visit. With Lawrence back at home, the family simply doesn’t have room for her. Lugaretzia (Anna Savva) enters and learns about the mumps. She immediately freaks out and starts to believe she will die soon. When Lugaretzia steps outside, she spots dark clouds in the sky. This intensifies her concerns. After the intro, Donald (Ben Hall) speaks with Louisa about her wishes for Gerald (Milo Parker) and his education. Her expectations are low. Margo (Daisy Waterstone) and Theo (Yorgos Karamihos) enter seconds later. Theo makes it clear the Lawrence will be able to return to his apartment soon enough.

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Louisa confirms that Hugh hasn’t had mumps, so he cannot visit. Lugaretzia claims the sky is falling, before rushing home. Gerald and Margo try to peddle the family’s goodies. After Margo complains about her spots, the rain begins to pour down. They make it home fine, but get soaked. Around this time, Aunt Hermione arrives. She also introduces her new friend, Mrs. Haddock (Una Stubbs), who just happens to be a medium. Louisa explains the situation and suggests the women stay at a motel. Eventually, Theo is forced to take them in. Haddock tells Margo she can use her spiritual abilities to get rid of her spots. She also tells Louisa that her former husband loved the rain, but hated being alone. Louisa seems genuinely shocked by the revelation. After Hermione and Haddock depart, the Durrells and Donald have a get together.

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Louisa reveals that they’re going to be locked away for a few days. She suggests that the family find activities to keep themselves occupied. In the morning, the young Durrells complain about the leaky roof. Lawrence forces the others to look at his swollen testicles. Donald enters and expresses his interest in starting Gerald’s education. Then, Louisa arrives and learns about Lawrence’s bad behavior. Donald tells the family about his desire to read his poetry to them. They quickly stifle the idea. Louisa plans to head to Theo’s place, since she feels guilty about pushing Aunt Hermione off on him. Meanwhile, Theo offers to explain his experiments to Hermione and her friend. They have no interest and shift their focus to Haddock’s spiritual insights. The conversation is interrupted when Louisa arrives.

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Back at home, the others sit around aimlessly. Donald tries to find Gerry, so he can complete the assessment. Louisa subtly admits she has an interest in Haddock’s ability to speak with the deceased. Haddock reveals she knows about Louisa’s husband referring to her as his angel. Then, it is suggested that Haddock could perform a séance. Theo tries to shut down the idea, but Louisa seems interested. Theo is sent to get Spiros (Alexis Georgoulis). While he is away, Louisa invites the two women into her home. Back at home, Margo gives the guys a history lesson in fashion. She is heckled several times and eventually gives up. Then, Donald reads one of his horrible poems. The return of Louisa ends his humiliation. Louisa stares at her spouse’s photograph. Hermione continues to brag about Haddock’s ability to speak with the dead. Haddock performs a ritual for Margo.

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Margo is instructed to put cabbage on her face. Margo seeks help from Leslie (Callum Woodhouse), but he doesn’t want to touch her face. Donald offers help, but he gets weird and sends Margo rushing off. Unfortunately, the cabbage doesn’t help. Margo’s spots are just as bad as ever. Gerald gives her presentation to the family. He tells them about the otters and Leslie’s photographing hobby. Leslie shows off a painting and Lawrence reads a few lines from his novel. That night, Louisa has a dream about her former husband. In the morning, Leslie discovers that someone has defaced his painting. Louisa speaks with Haddock. She scolds Haddock for suggesting that her husband is suffering. Haddock instructs Louisa to smell of her hat. She does and it immediately reminds Louisa of her husband. Margo sneakily watches.

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That convinces Louisa to order the séance. Margo helps her set the stage for the event. Lawrence finds Donald trying once again to get Gerald to complete his assessment test. Leslie finally hits his breaking point. He heads out into the rain. Lawrence tries to convince his mother to look to the future and forget the past. Margo shows them Leslie’s new version of his painting. Then, they find him outside dancing in the rain. He flings himself into the mud, before seeking comfort inside. Lugaretzia returns and admits she can no longer stand her family. Lawrence lets Spiros and Theo inside. The two admit they’re worried about the séance. Everyone gathers in the kitchen and Haddock begins the ritual. A cooker moves across the table. Then, the windows are forced open. In the middle of the séance, Leslie pulls out his camera and snaps a picture.

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In doing so, he catches Haddock faking the events. Chaos ensues. Hermione insists Haddock has nothing to gain from scamming the family. However, it is revealed that almost everyone chipped in money for the séance. Theo shows off his book, which instructs everyone how to catch fake mediums. Spiros rushes to the door only to watch Haddock flee. Spiros and Theo go after her, while the others sulk. Louisa speaks with Hermione in private. Hermione finally admits she probably told Haddock a great deal about Louisa’s former husband during their trip to Corfu. She leaves moments later. Louisa interrupts the others and expresses her desire to read a poem about her husband. They agree to look to the future afterwards. Donald gets Gerald upstairs and once again tries to administer the test. Gerald flees outside when he hears the birds singing. The clouds have moved out and the sun has returned to Corfu.

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Hugh (Daniel Lapaine) arrives seconds later. He tells Louisa that he has missed her dearly, before revealing he has brought the family a present. He opens his bag and pulls out a puppy. Aunt Hermione arrives seconds later with a new friend, Anestis (Panos Koronis). It is obvious she has gotten over her previous sorrows. Donald chats with Margo, while Lawrence heads into town to see Vasilia, who now has the mumps. Louisa hugs Hugh, as it appears she is ready to look forward to the future.


The Durrells In Corfu Review

The 4th episode of The Durrells In Corfu’s second season was far different from the previous three. The characters remained inside for most of the episode. While it was hard not to miss the beautiful scenery, the dark and dreary atmosphere helped to set the mood. A visit from Hermione and her friend, Haddock, forced Louisa to reminisce about her former husband. This obsession became the focus of the episode. In the end, Louisa discovered that everything was a farce. While her feelings for her husband remained, Haddock was simply putting on a show.

Louisa seems to have taken Lawrence’s advice and will apparently move forward with Hugh. The episode was a little long-winded, but enjoyable nonetheless. A 7 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of The Durrells in Corfu now!

  1. Lisa pope says:

    What was the poem she read

  2. Lisa pope says:

    The poem Louisa read about her late husband I need to know the name of that or where it came from

    • ReelMockery says:

      Hey there Lisa. Sorry I am a little busy right now, but I will go back and see what I can find out shortly. If I am not mistaken, the series is based on books written by the youngest Durrell. Will look around and see what I can find.

  3. sherry Hilleboe says:

    I also want to know the poem that Louisa read to her family.

  4. ReelMockery says:

    Sorry for the wait. I have found the poem. It is by Ernest Dowson. Just search for “They are not long”.

  5. ReelMockery says:

    Not a problem. So glad the series has been renewed for a 3rd season. Thnx again for stopping by! 🙂

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