The Bastard Executioner Trailer

Are you a fan of Kurt Sutter? If you are, you should know that the Sons of Anarchy creator’s new series, The Bastard Executioner, is right around the corner! The series is set to debut on September 15 of 2015. It is a historical drama, which features horses and swords, instead of bikes and guns. Of course, Kurt Sutter and Katey Sagal will both be making appearances.


So, what’s it about? Well, the series is based in the 14th century. A king, who served in King Edward I’s army, is broken and depressed, due to the horrors he experienced, during the warm. He gives up his weapon and vows to never fight again. Unfortunately, he stumbles into violence and is required to take ownership of the executioner’s sword. Lee Jones plays the role of Wilkin Brattle, while Kurt Sutter will appear as The Dark Mute. His wife, Katey Sagal will appears, as Annora of the Alders.


According to IMDB, the series is scheduled for 10 episodes, which will conclude on November the 10th of 2015. From the videos currently available on YouTube, the series looks to be fairly interesting. The time period should definitely present something new from Sutter. For your consideration, the Bastard Executioner trailer has been embedded below.


Well, what do you think? Could it be the hit of Fall? Will you be watching? Be sure to let me know in the comments sections below!

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